World News – AU – Tyreek Hill can feel the maturation in his skills


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As easily as catches go by now, it’s worth remembering that it was only four years ago that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was a rookie who had played as a runner. ball in college – and who was intrigued by the Chiefs in great playing opportunities head coach Andy Reid

Now he’s one of the elite receivers in the NFL The transition from gadget player to dominant wide receiver during this time has grown very rapidly In 2017, he gained 1,183 receiving yards on reception. of his first full season as an attacking starter The following year he had 12 receiving touchdowns

He set the stats up and he starred in the lead – but now the 26-year-old playmaker is focusing on every detail of his game

“I just feel more mature on the pitch now,” Hill told reporters at his Friday press conference, “I wouldn’t say I’m full, but the game slowed down tremendously for me When I arrived in the league I was just happy to be in the league I wanted to make the big play Now it’s about running the tilts, the hitches, throwing a Z-in, getting back to the ball, the grab it with my hands and get on the field I feel more mature in my game « 

In some ways, Hill was forced to mature due to the way the opposing defenses chose to cover the Chiefs passing attack All of his players recognized the light boxes and deep blankets that opposing defenses have used to prevent some of the Chiefs’ big plays this year. Now it takes discipline and selflessness to make a difference – and Hill has that mindset

“Football is a game of chess,” Hill remarked “I feel like if we keep doing what we’re doing – which is nickel and dime all the way down the pitch – the teams will start to go up, play more man It just takes time We just have to be patient Everyone knows us for the big game I want to make the big game Patrick Mahomes wants to make the big game Everyone wants the big game, but we have to just playing chess Our running game is amazing and it might help I can’t wait to be « 

The way the defenses started playing against the Chiefs has impacted Hill has been targeted on passing 20 yards or more on the field 14 times this season In 2019, he has seen 19 such targets But Hill only caught four of those 14 attempts – a far worse rate than the 10 of 19 assists captured last year

To counter this, Hill had to work on the other aspects of his game It takes preparation – which starts in the movie theater

« When I watch a movie against opposite corners, I look for what hands they rim with, are they stuck, do they reflect, do they break balls well, are they tackled well – things like that », explained Hill « Most teams don’t rush us Right now I’m just watching the Jets, they perform a lot of Cover 2 Will this corner push me outside? Will it pluck me out? inside? Just things like that For safeties, I’m trying to see if they’re physical, do they want to tackle, can they cover – things like that « 

It’s fun to watch Hill mature. Three or four years ago, he probably wouldn’t have been able to share those kinds of details, but now he’s confident in his intelligence – and his abilities on the football field

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It doesn’t hurt that he has the best quarterback in the game to throw at him Mahomes and Hill aren’t yet connected for a 100-yard receiving game this year, but it’s only a matter of time before seeing the duo have a great day

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World News – AU – Tyreek Hill can feel the maturation in his skills


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