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LONDON >> The UK on Wednesday approved the emergency use of a second COVID-19 vaccine, making it the first country to give the go-ahead for an easy-to-handle shot that developers hope will it becomes the “vaccine for the world”. ”

The Department of Health said it had accepted a recommendation from the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority to approve the vaccine developed by Oxford University and U.. K. . -based drug maker AstraZeneca.

The UK has purchased 100 million doses of the vaccine and plans to start injections within a few days. Hundreds of thousands of people in the U. . K. . have already received another vaccine from U.. S.. . Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer and the German company BioNTech.

Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, said it was “an important day for millions of people in the US. K. . Who will get access to this new vaccine. It has been shown to be effective, well tolerated, easy to manage and is supplied by AstraZeneca at no profit. ”

Partial results of studies on almost 24. 000 people in the UK, Brazil and South Africa suggest the recordings are safe and about 70% effective in preventing diseases caused by coronavirus infections.

This is not as good as some of the other vaccine candidates, but Soriot recently told the Sunday Times newspaper that he was confident the vaccine would prove to be as effective as its competitors.

Coronavirus vaccines were typically given in two doses, with an initial shot followed by a booster about three weeks later.

However, in changing the approach, the UK government stated that the AstraZeneca vaccine is intended to give as many people as possible a single dose, which is believed to provide a high level of protection against the virus. It said people at the highest risk would be given priority and everyone would receive a second shock within 12 weeks of the first.

Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine is expected to be used in many countries due to its low cost, availability and ease of use. It can be kept in refrigerators rather than the ultra-cold storage that other vaccines require. The company has announced it will sell it for $ 2. 50 per dose and plans to deliver up to 3 billion doses by the end of 2021.

Researchers claim that 62% of patients who were given two full doses and 90% of patients who were originally given half a dose have the vaccine protected against disease due to a manufacturing defect. However, the second group only included 2. 741 people – too few to be conclusive.

Questions also remain about how well the vaccine protects the elderly. Only 12% of the study participants were over 55 years old and enrolled later. As a result, there was not enough time to determine if they developed infections at a slower rate than those who were not given the vaccine.

Researchers were also criticized for lack of information in September when studies were suspended because a participant was suffering from a serious illness. AstraZeneca initially declined to provide further details due to patient confidentiality.

Ultimately, the trials resumed after regulators reviewed the safety data and decided it was safe to continue. Published results show no hospitalization or serious illness in those who received the vaccine.

The results published so far are only partial as studies continue. A separate study testing the AstraZeneca vaccine in the US. S.. . is also on the way.

The vaccine will now be the second COVID-19 vaccine used in the UK. On Dec. . 2, regulators issued similar emergency clearance for the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

If a different vaccine is available, more people can be protected, said Sarah Gilbert, an Oxford scientist involved in the AstraZeneca project. It takes a different approach than the Pfizer BioNTech, which is developed in the USA by Moderna Inc. Was developed.

The ultra-cold storage that these other vaccines require is « very impractical, » said Dr. . Gillies O’Bryan-Tear, President of Policy and Communications at the UK Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. This means the AstraZeneca « can reach more parts of the world than the Pfizer, » he said.

Britain’s actions likely mean that the World Health Organization will soon release the AstraZeneca vaccine for worldwide use in support of poor countries called COVAX. The initiative, led by WHO and the GAVI vaccine alliance, has secured access to at least 100 million doses of the vaccine, with options and other offers to buy more. But none can be distributed until the WHO gives the green light.

The U. . N. . The health authority does not license or regulate vaccines itself, but it usually evaluates vaccines once they have been approved by an authority like the U.. K. . Regulatory Authority or the European Medicines Agency. WHO experts themselves assess whether or not the risks of a vaccine outweigh the benefits, and then recommend that the vaccines be « pre-qualified » so that donors can buy them for developing countries.

Most of the coronavirus vaccines to be used in poorer countries are likely made by the Serum Institute of India, which AstraZeneca has contracted to make 1 billion doses. In June, the pharmaceutical company announced that the Serum Institute would produce 400 million doses by the end of 2020. By the beginning of December, however, after production had been stopped several times, only around 50 million cans had been produced.

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World news – AU – U. . K. . approves the use of the second COVID-19 vaccine, which is simpler
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UK Approves Use of Dec. 2. COVID-19 Vaccine That Is Easier
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