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CNN reporter Daniel Dale, who meticulously reviewed Donald Trump’s rallies in real time on Twitter throughout his presidency, has decided not to report on the President’s current rally in Georgia.

« I’m not going to tweet this live, » said Dale, largely sticking to his word about 30 minutes into the rally started.

Donald Trump has made a series of claims « exactly what the radical left will do » if supporters gathered at his rally in Dalton, Georgia, fail to win the Republican candidates Pushing for runoff elections in the Senate on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally in support of Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. AP

« The US military will be gutted, military families across the state . . . Your chances and benefits will be reduced.

« The Democrats are going to hand over the entire US manufacturing industry to China! They notice they never mention China, it’s always Russia, Russia, Russia.

« They are going to open the American borders and let tens of millions of illegal immigrants pour into our country. The caravans [from Mexico] are forming, they are beginning to come. « 

He also claimed Democrats would take away health care, allow gangs in schools, ban voter ID cards and, among other things, allow heroin and cocaine to be freely available.

Depending on retail investor demand for the latest fundraising, the Magellan Global Fund will most likely grow to around $ 16 billion, the size of its 20th century. the largest company listed on the ASX.

Donald Trump appears at a rally in Georgia on the eve of the runoff elections, with the Democrats marginally ahead in the race for control of the U.S. Senate. Follow the developments here.

The ASX rebounded from an opening loss and traded only slightly lower over the course of the afternoon. Britain announced a return to strict national lockdown. Nick Scali doubles profit in the first half of the year. Bitcoin is pulling back from the record high. Follow the updates here.

President Donald Trump has just started a rally in Dalton, Georgia. He repeated unsubstantiated claims that he had won the US presidential election and urged supporters to vote in the Georgia runoff election on Wednesday.

In front of a large crowd, the president stated that President-elect Joe Biden had also appeared in Georgia today – « You had 14 people watching in three cars » – and that he had won both of the two elections he had had performed in and « actually much better in the second ».

Trump told the supporters gathering that the election was a « biggie » and that Republicans would have to vote so that the country does not fall into the hands of « left socialists, communists, Marxists » – we don’t like to use those words , but there it goes « .

« Everyone you know is going to show up in record numbers. You have to flood them.

« We won the presidential election, we won it big. And we’re going to win it big in Georgia. We must. « 

Pollster FiveThirtyEight has been pondering what might happen in tomorrow’s battle for control of the U.S. Senate. The bottom line is: it’s too close to call. Here’s what they just had to say:

According to the company’s poll averages, Democrat Jon Ossoff leads Republican David Perdue 49. 2 percent to 47. 4 percent in the regular Senate elections.

And Democrat Raphael Warnock leads Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler 49. 5 percent to 47. 2 percent in the special elections to the Senate.

And the two races have been since the first round of voting on Jan.. November consistently so tight. So at this point we don’t need any more polls to tell us what we already know: these races could go either way.

In fact, between the polls, fundraising numbers, early voting data and November results, both parties can find reasons to be optimistic about election day tomorrow.

Republican lawmakers in Washington break out on President Donald Trump’s futile efforts to convince Congress to overturn his re-election defeat as his allies grapple with conservatives who say the Constitution does not give them power to override voters to put.

Trump further undermined his case after asking the Georgian foreign minister on Saturday to approve the nearly Jan.. To « find » the 000 votes he would need to overcome President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state – a call some Democrats would say would be another criminal offense of the outgoing president.

The drama takes place on the eve of the runoff elections to the Senate in Georgia, which will determine control of the chamber for the next two years. Trump and Biden will each meet in the state on Mondays.

Biden’s victory will be confirmed in a joint congressional session on Wednesday where lawmakers will count the votes of the electoral college for the two presidential candidates, officially ending the 2020 election. But the event – usually a brief, ceremonial affair with few theaters – is expected to become another focal point in the nation’s division politics, as at least 12 Republican senators say they will join dozens of fellow Members in the House to object to votes from Raise several highly competitive states in which Trump has unfounded claims that this fraud cost him the election.

The objections mean a vote by both chambers of Congress to approve the results of electoral college from each disputed state, forcing Republican lawmakers to either support Trump’s claims or oppose the outgoing president.

The consequences could extend into the future as the internecine GOP debate has pitted potential candidates for the party’s presidential candidacy in 2024 against each other.

There is little doubt that Biden’s victory will be confirmed as the Democrats control the House and several Republican Senators have already stated that they will not support the objections.

Outside the Capitol, thousands of Trump supporters are expected to be on the streets of Washington in protest. You are likely to be hit by counter-demonstrators, increasing the prospect of inter-site violence. « I’ll be there, » Trump said in a tweet on Sunday.

His call on Saturday to Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger – a Republican whose office administers the state’s elections – fueled the simmering feud among Republicans to object during the electoral college vote.

« This is absolutely horrific, » Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger, a Republican who is a vocal Trump critic, said of the call in a tweet. « For any member of Congress who is considering objecting to the election results, one cannot do so with a clear conscience. « 

Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, a top House Republican who has occasionally criticized Trump, said the call was « deeply worrying » and Americans should listen to it in its entirety.

Even one of Trump’s ally, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, was critical. « That call wasn’t a helpful call, » she said on Fox News Monday morning. She said she would support objections to the results of the electoral college.

Trump himself has warned that the November vote stalemate could damage the election campaigns of the two Republicans in Tuesday’s election, Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. He attacked members of his party who acknowledged that Biden won.

His call to Raffensperger could also affect the race, said Georgia’s lieutenant governor, Republican Geoff Duncan.

« I was disappointed with the tone, the intention, the interview. I continued to encourage everyone, including the president, to focus on tomorrow, « he said in a CNN interview on Monday. « That call did absolutely nothing to increase the turnout of Republicans here in Georgia. « 

Raffensperger and his staff told the president there was no evidence to support his claims. The foreign minister said on Monday he did not want the call, also because of the ongoing litigation between Trump’s election campaign and his allies.

« I never thought it was appropriate to speak to the president, » he told Good Morning America. « We fought the rumor. And it was obvious pretty early on that we had debunked each of these theories, but President Trump continues to believe them. « 

Gabriel Sterling, an implementation manager for the Republican and Georgia electoral system, on Monday disproved the conspiracy theories about fraud that Trump brought up in the appeal. The surveillance video clearly shows that there were no secret voting suitcases, and Trump and his allies are deliberately misleading the country, Sterling said.

No ballot papers were scanned or destroyed multiple times. There weren’t thousands of underage, extra-state, dead voters or felons. « It’s all easily proven wrong, but the president remains, » Sterling said at a press conference in Atlanta.

Trump’s claim that an election he lost to millions of votes was somehow rigged against him will be decisively settled on Wednesday, but not without uproar for the party he leads.

Dozens of Republicans in the House are expected to object to the certification of electoral college results. The process will place an emphasis on Vice President Mike Pence, who will lead the vote.

Some party activists have even claimed that Pence could single-handedly change the election result by refusing to count votes from disputed states.

During a campaign rally in Georgia Monday, Pence promoted the Trump administration’s achievements and nodded at the opportunity to hear evidence of electoral irregularities during Wednesday’s event.

But the vice president barely mentioned Trump’s allegations of widespread fraud and only giggled after his audience chanted « four more years ». « 

Other Republicans say Congress is unable to override states and the efforts contradict conservative values ​​and the constitution. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his senior MPs opposed efforts to object to the electoral college census, while House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, a leading ally of Trump, has remained silent on whether he supports it.

Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, is one of the newest members of Congress and started the session with a viral digital display proclaiming her right to wear a Glock around the US Capitol grounds and on the streets of Washington.

Boebert, the gun owner of a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, released the video Sunday when some Democrats tried to ban members of Congress from carrying guns on the Capitol grounds. On Monday, these efforts seemed to have failed.

« Although I now work in one of America’s most liberal cities, I have refused to give up my rights, especially my rights under the Second Amendment, » said Boebert, who defeated Scott R.. Tipton in Republican Elementary School says in the ad. « I’ll be carrying my gun in D.. C.. . and in Congress. « 

The ad begins with Boebert strapping a Glock to her waist before appearing to be taking a stroll down Capitol Hill near federal buildings and alleyways.

Although the neighborhood is one of the safest in town, she cites increasing violent crime as one of the reasons she wants to be armed.

« I go to my office alone every morning, » says Boebert. « As a five-foot, 100-pound woman, I choose to protect myself legally because I am my best security. « 

Boebert also accuses DC residents of failing to understand « how we live in the real America » ​​- reflecting Republican rhetoric against statehood, who have suggested that people who live in the nation’s capital city somehow separated from the rest of the United States.

A spokesman for Boebert said she did not carry the gun during the entire video recording, despite the opening scene. The DC gun laws do not recognize undercover carry licenses from other states, and non-residents are prohibited from carrying firearms unless they register them with the DC police.

DC police chief Robert Contee said he wanted to speak to Boebert to make sure she « is informed about the laws of the District of Columbia ». .

Washington city officials on Monday warned Donald Trump supporters not to bring arms to protest against Congress confirming his election defeat this week, and hired hundreds of National Guard troops to help maintain order.

« We have received some information that there are people who intend to bring firearms into our town and who are simply not being tolerated, » Police Chief Robert Contee said at a news conference at City Hall, adding that everyone is doing so or provoke violence would be arrested.

More than 300 troops will be available to assist the city government, crowd control, and support fire and rescue services, the DC National Guard said in a statement Monday.

The district has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, prohibiting the open carrying of guns or the possession of a pistol without a local license.

Thousands of Trump supporters, including some far-right nationalist groups who openly bear arms during protests elsewhere, are expected to gather in the U.S. capital starting Tuesday to seek Congressional certification the next day the Republican lost the election President on 3. November oppose to the Democrat Joe Biden.

Contee said the protests could be larger than the November and December rallies, which were marred by knife wounds and brawls as hundreds of Proud Boys, a group of self-described « Western chauvinists » and other Trump loyalists clashed with counter-protesters and Fights sought with antifa or antifascists and activists of the Black Lives Matter.

Trump called supporters for this week’s rallies and said on Twitter on Sunday that « I’ll be there » and on Friday that « it will be wild ». « 

Several rallies are planned for Wednesday, including one outside of the US Congress. The White House has given no indication of when or where Trump might appear.

President-elect Joe Biden for the most part eschews the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s final days in office and aims to project the different approaches to the American government that he can expect when he arrives on Aug.. January moves into the White House.

Biden and his team have given a muted response to Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, which reached a new level last weekend when he pressured Georgia’s Republican foreign minister to find enough votes to pull the state in his favor to turn around.

While some Democrats say Trump’s actions deserve a new impeachment trial, Biden has been more prudent. He did not bring the matter up on Monday (Tuesday AEDT) on his way to Georgia, where he will be campaigning for two Democratic Senate candidates.

His senior advisor and campaign attorney, Bob Bauer, made only one brief written statement deciphering Trump’s « attack on American democracy ». .

The cautious approach is in line with Biden’s overall strategy of focusing on preparing to take over the presidency, even as Trump makes increasing efforts to cast doubt on the election results.

The relatively subdued response reflects efforts to reassure Americans that at a time of historic turmoil over the coronavirus pandemic and the economy, Biden will take an entirely different approach.

« The country is ready to move forward and President-elect Biden will continue to focus on the work that lies ahead of us to complete a successful transition and put together an administration that will bring this virus under control and rebuild our economy better, ”said Biden consultant Kate Bedingfield.

In an editorial, « The Election Rejectionists, » the Wall Street Journal said that too many Republicans will not accept that Donald Trump lost the election, and that is not good for the country or the party.

« The main culprit here is Mr. Trump, who, as always, refuses to accept responsibility for the defeat. Recall that he also claimed the Iowa caucus result was stolen in 2016 when he lost to Ted Cruz. He currently spins conspiracy theories and voting gaps on Twitter on a daily basis. He doesn’t seem to care what harm he does in promoting the myth of his victory. « 

The WSJ pointed to evidence from Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey: « . . . Mr Trump lost fair and honest. The Republicans have done well. Mr Trump did relatively better in Philadelphia in 2020 than in 2016, but lost ground in the suburbs and his wiggle room even shrank in some of the rural counties he won. Mr Trump’s narrow loss was personal when voters decided they didn’t want another four years of his rough governance. « .

Depending on retail investor demand for the latest fundraising, the Magellan Global Fund will most likely grow to around $ 16 billion, the size of its 20th century. the largest company listed on the ASX.

Donald Trump appears at a rally in Georgia on the eve of the runoff elections, with the Democrats marginally ahead in the race for control of the U.S. Senate. Follow the developments here.

The ASX rebounded from an opening loss and traded only slightly lower over the course of the afternoon. Britain announced a return to strict national lockdown. Nick Scali doubles profit in the first half of the year. Bitcoin is pulling back from the record high. Follow the updates here.

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World News – AU – US Elections UPDATES LIVE: Trump breaks Republican Party
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