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Stanford University economists estimate that the president of Donald Trump’s campaign meetings resulted in 30000 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, and likely led to more than 700 deaths overall, according to an article published online this weekend

The research, led by Stanford University Chair in Economics B Douglas Bernheim, analyzed data following 18 Trump rallies held between June 20 and September 22, including three in inside

Bernheim said in an email the work relies on statistical methods to infer causation after an event has taken place

Infectious disease specialists have long suspected that ahead of the November 3 elections the president’s rallies could be so-called superdisseminator events But so far scientists have not been able to get a good read on their impact , in part due to a lack of solid contact tracing in many states

In recent months, Trump has held dozens of rallies in states such as Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin, where coronavirus infection rates were already on the rise

For each event, it is estimated that several thousand people attended While most rallies were held outside, video sequences show that the participants gathered nearby and many were not wearing masks , creating a risk of spreading the virus by applauding their candidate

« This is not a great exaggeration » to say that the great unmasked rallies are likely to spread the virus, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, infectious disease specialist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Adalja said the Stanford document was « suggesting » a dissemination of the events, but not definitive because it was not based on an investigation of actual cases. It would help confirm whether participants were exposed to the virus during of the event, rather than at other places where transmission is endemic

Minnesota public health officials attributed four outbreaks of Covid-19 and more than 25 cases to Trump rallies held across the state in September and October

An additional 11 state health departments contacted by Reuters said they had not been able to trace infections at the rallies, although some, including Michigan and Wisconsin, have determined that individual people who later tested positive for Covid-19 were present at Trump campaign events

Disease experts say rigorous contact tracing from such a significant event could help accurately predict just how contagious these gatherings can be

But the United States has lagged behind other developed countries in this regard, due to a lack of funding and coordination for contact tracing by the Trump administration

« The problem is, we haven’t done anything to get the real numbers, » said Dr. Eric Topol, genomics expert and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, Calif. Instead, it is subjected to guesswork and mathematical models

For years you have had a president who apologized for America – now you have a president who defends America! Get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and GET YOUR &! On 11/3, we must finish the job and drain the swamp once and for all! imageTwittercom / RZzSuwLUSP

For example, scientists can use gene sequencing to trace minute changes in the virus’s genetic code as it passes from person to person, allowing them to develop a map of how the virus travels This work has been used outside the United States, notably in Australia and Hong Kong, to track Covid-19 outbreaks

« If we even had a rally where there was a final route, then you might extrapolate But we had no Our country has played as if the contact tracing does not exist », Dr. Topol says

Biden has already made campaign stops at home in July this year, and with Hillary Clinton in August 2016

The Biden campaign remains optimistic about his chances, saying « we have so many paths to victory »

In a fan briefing posted on Biden’s Twitter account, his campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said he could afford to lose major swing states of Pennsylvania, Florida, ‘Ohio and Texas

After saying that Trump will have to do ‘better than polling day in 2016’ to win them, she added: ‘We think we can win all four of them and are doing everything in our power to do, we does not need the win – and it’s a real luxury « 

O’Malley Dillon said the campaign is confident of winning safe states representing 232 Electoral College votes – with 270 needed to win the presidency « We have so many paths to victory that allows us to do this even without these four states « 

Weird blue dots were spotted tagged outside the homes of Biden supporters in California Homes with Biden-Harris signs outside of them had blue circles painted on the road in front of their homes Local police are investigating the dots after receiving several calls about them on the weekend, just two days before the presidential election américaineLes items have been located in a neighborhood and have since been deleted, but people are worried about what they mean

First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center in Palm Beach, Florida, today to vote in personneL’ancienne Slovenian model will be the first American lady for another four years when her husband succeeded his campaign présidentielleElle previously criticized her husband’s rival Joe Biden for putting politics before the welfare of the American people during the global coronavirus pandemic

Americans who have COVID-19 or are in quarantine can vote in person today, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said

Its website makes it clear that voters « have the right to vote » even if they are potentially infectious with the coronavirus

advice includes six feet stay outside, wear a mask, wash your hands and let the poll workers know that you are infected with the arrival

Donald Trump said he could « go with our lawyers, » as he criticized the court decisions allowing voting by mail arriving late, but were postmarked before Election Day as

The Supreme Court allowed the Pennsylvania and North Carolina, which are the two battleground states, counting votes

postal voting ballots have been more widely used this year, more people are afraid of queuing at polling stations during a pandemic

« I think a lot of frauds and misuse can take place I think it’s a terrible Supreme Court decision A terrible decision, » Trump said

Kanye West tweeted that he voted for himself today in the US presidential election, rather the two front-coureursWest previously approved President Trump and even interrupted a music concert in which he performed in 2016 to express his support to the Republican politician, and vowed to run against him in elections this yearAlthough West missed his chance to be on the majority of ballots in the United States this year, he nevertheless promised to stand for election in 2024 andthe rapper said in his tweet: « Today, I vote for the first time in my life for the president of the United States, and that is someone I really trust me « 

God is so good 😊 Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and he is for someone I really trust me 🇺🇸 🕊

The wife of Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, said the next few hours will allow the Americans to « decide our future » in a Twitter video urging people to vote

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said of Biden: « He has lived his life guided by values ​​and principles that mirror those most Americans can recognize »

is it In the next few hours we will decide our future It depends on us If you haven’t voted it yet, go to https: // tco / z26WaqpGLB to find your polling station and polling hours imageTwittercom / DLshcM7JPR

I know Joe He lived his life guided by the values ​​and principles that reflect those that most Americans can recognize include the struggles of people of all days today Vote for the future you want see for our country Vote for @JoeBiden imageTwittercom / aezyMxuBQv

The victory of Donald Trump in 2016 has renewed focus on the oddities created by the US Electoral College

He won the presidency despite a poll behind Hillary Clinton in the election, winning key states and emerging with a majority in college

Trump is behind Biden in many national polls, but the contest is closer in critical condition Here is how past presidents have managed to win the popular vote without

Donald Trump told Fox News his tenure as president was « nasty » and that he had to deal with « horrible people »

Commenting on the news channel while voting began, Trump also attacked its coverage of the election

« It was – you are dealing with horrible people like Shifty Crazy Schiff and Nancy and Chuck Schumer Crying »

The president also denounced the airtime he said Fox gave Biden, saying, « Someone said what’s the difference between that and four years ago, and I say Fox « 

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World News – AU – US Election: Are Trump rallies spread coronavirus?


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