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There’s no question that Tesla is leading the charge when it comes to the global transition from internal combustion cars to electric vehicles, but there are other options, and some are quite good.

YouTube channel E For Electric recently reviewed « Tesla vs the competition » and analyzed the comparison based on safety, price, technology, range, long-distance driving and service While we may have preferred more specific details on some of the competing brand’s EVs, the host looked at the topic from a ‘Tesla vs the field’ approach

Host Alex Guberman starts off by talking about safety and rightly explains that Tesla makes some of the safest cars available today He also notes that most electric cars are also very safe, for the most part because manufacturers can design longer crumple zones because there is no ICE motor in the front of the vehicle

Guberman then moves on to pricing While there is a Model 3 Standard Range Plus available for $ 39,190, there are other EVs that are cheaper, especially considering most of them are still eligible for the federal tax credit of $ 7,500 Tesla’s tax credit expired in 2019, followed by the loss of its electric vehicle tax credit by General Motors in the second quarter of 2020 Electric vehicles from all other automakers are still eligible for the tax credit , which gives them the possibility of having a price advantage over Tesla

When it comes to technology, Guberman gives Tesla a clear advantage, and we can’t really argue with that

The next step is autonomy, and it’s quite easy because Tesla is currently the king of long-range electric vehicles However, that will change soon In 2021 we will receive new electric vehicles from car manufacturers other than Tesla with a range of 300 miles, and some will even go over 500 miles on a charge This is something we’ve never seen before

Guberman is moving from range to long distance driving, which is kind of the same subject, but then you have to consider the fast charging networks currently available while some of the DC Fast charging networks like Electrify America in the USA and Ionity and Fastned in Europe have made huge strides in recent times, Tesla’s supercharging grid is still the gold standard for high speed charging Therefore, Tesla has a decisive advantage in this category

Finally, Guberman talks a bit about Tesla’s lack of service Tesla is growing so quickly that it struggles to keep up with customer service Tesla’s build quality has been heavily criticized and often for good reason In many areas, Tesla does not have enough or in some cases no service centers, unlike traditional brands which have a mature network of dealers

It looks like Tesla is set to improve its after-sales service, and reports say Tesla will open an average of one service center per week in 2021, adding more than 50 new centers to help customers. materialize, this should certainly help improve the level of service available to the brand


E for electric

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World News – AU – Watch This: Tesla vs Everyone Analyzed
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Watch this: Tesla vs Everybody Else Analyzed
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