World News – AU – Weather Warning: Queensland and NSW are exposed to storm winds and high tides


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Highest flood of the year and up to 200 mm rain forecast in South Queensland and North NSW

A combination of storm winds, « unusual » high tide, and heavy rainfall on parts of the Queensland coast will create a weekend of wild, wet weather in the sunshine.

On the coasts of southeast Queensland and north New South Wales, there is significant beach erosion and potential flooding, as large waves and storm winds coincide with the year’s high tide forecast by meteorologists.

« Because of the weather, we expect water levels to be higher than the highest tide of the year, » said Lauren Pattie, forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology.

« This can lead to problems on many of the beaches in Southeast Queensland, such as significant beach erosion and local flooding in some of these lower-lying areas. It’s a significant swelling. ”

Precipitation of up to 200mm is forecast for some parts of southern Queensland, with most of the downpour expected on Sunday afternoon and through Monday morning.

At the same time, an average wind speed over waters off the Gold Coast between 60 and 70 kilometers per hour is expected, with gusts going beyond that.

“Because of this, we also expect some really significant surfing conditions. We’re expecting some very big tides, unusually big tides, so surfing conditions along the southeast coast roughly south of Fraser Island will be dangerous, ”Pattie said.

There will also be some rainfall in other parts of the state, although forecasters expect it to be significantly lower.

« Most of the significant sums are near the southeast and not towards the mountain ranges. So it will rain in places like Toowoomba, but not the significant amount of money we expect on the coast, « said Pattie.

The office has also set up a severe weather alert and flood watch for parts of NSW, with the situation expected to develop in the coming days. The office warns of a « developing rain and possible flood situation » in parts of the north of the state.

“The timing is a little different. In southeast Queensland, the system will develop from Saturday through Sunday through Monday. There’s a little delay in the impact for NSW, but not by much. ”

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World News – AU – Weather Warning: Queensland and NSW are exposed to storm winds and high tides


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