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Winners and Losers in Early Trade: Take the Bow, Bulldogs – but this is a disaster of pies

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I got a compensation choice at the end of the second round – Rory Atkins gave the Gold Coast Suns a free, unrestricted agent

She got a compensation selection from the second round – she gave Brad Crouch to St. Kilda as a tied free agent

Summary: The Crows wanted to pick a compensation from Crouch’s first round, which would have earned them Choice 2 but his contract offer didn’t come off enough, and the NFL had turned down a potential side deal involving Luke Dunstan, which would help bolster Crouch Show Atkins and Hartigan were on the sidelines of the top 22 teams, so the crows were happy to get some compensation for their loss We still have to find a way to get Jackson Hatley out of the giants

Chosen No. 53 and Melbourne in the future third round – GAVE AWAY 43 selected and future fourth round chosen

I got a pick 63 from North Melbourne – Stefan Martin left away for Western Bulldogs in a triple trade

Number 58 selected and the third round selected for 2021 – Alex Weatherden awarded and 86

25, Pick 68, Pick 69, and Melbourne Selection in the Future First Round – GAVE AWAY Pick 18, Pick 19 and Future Pick for Second Round – GAVE AWAY

Summary: Dannihir is a potential match winner if he’s healthy and doesn’t have to give up a draft pick for him, it was a big win for Chris Fagan FC He fills a much-needed key gap ahead let down the parrot’s body in Geelong, but if he’s gone To Brisbane, it might be one of the biggest bargains in this trade period they would have been disappointed with Martin’s loss, but the uncertainty about list sizes meant they could not guarantee the future of the veteran would leave Weatherderin for more chances at the Eagles traded their picks in the first round on the Dees but got back 2021 First Class

Got Adam Saad, choose 48 and choose 78 from Essendon – make your picks 8 and 87

Summary: Saad and Williams’ new blues competitions in the same team unleashed an exciting opportunity for Carleton supporters. For their sake, we hope that Saad will be able to transfer his level in recent years to the Blues defense line, while Williams can make more offers such as his heroic final match in Finalists for the year 2019 Ideally, they would have liked the return of a second Essendon player in Saad Fogarty’s deal as a promising ball and interference player. Can the Blues unleash their potential after being stuck in Geelong?

Picks 26, 33, and 70 – Jaidyn gave Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi and Pick 39

Summary: Leave an insight on Collingwood’s social media manager tonight, because pies fans are outraged Treloar’s trade to Bulldogs has been hit in the last minutes before the deadline they’ve finally offloaded some paychecks with Jaidyn Stephenson heading to North Melbourne, along with Joffa Bosenavulagi’s nephew didn’t get much for the 2018 Rising Star winner which shows just how much they need to save space in the hat Phillips foot away from Pick 65 – no typo – looms on the horizon as a real bargain for Hawks to choose terminated the trade with selections 14 and 16

I got selections 8 and 87 from Carlton – She gave Adam Saad, choose 48 and choose 78

Number 29 selected and future round three selected from Port Adelaide – Orazio Fantasia Awarded and 73 picked

Get Jye Caldwell, Pick 44 and Pick 74 from Essendon – GAVE AWAY Pick 29 and a future pick for Round Two

GOT Nick Hind, choose 77 from St Kilda – GAVE AWAY, selections 67 and 74

Summary: Landide Caldwell and Hende, but didn’t get Josh Dunkley, who they didn’t want to play in two choices in Round One, Danehir suffered from a few tough final seasons at Boomers – and he’d hurt Esendon fans if he got back to that consistent, match-winning level that we know is Capable of him in Brisbane They managed to seize the opportunity to choose the second and third round for Fantasia, which is not a bad result for a player who suffered an injury – he stopped in the past two seasons Saad is the most painful, hence the protracted negotiations between the bombers and the Blues, however, they will be happy to acquire the Wright deal, That fills a major gap in the game

Summary: Ultimately they gave up Hogan – the player who gave up his pick for the first and second rounds two years ago – to pick 55.This is the same West Coast pick traded for Zach Langdon, who doesn’t have a track record for Hogan, even if Hogan had lived A few years in purple

Got Jeremy Cameron and future second-round pick from GWS Giants – GAVE AWAY Picks 13, 15, 20

Summary: Busy as usual above all, they got their man on, even though they had to give up three prime rounds for Cameron, who basically traded with Tim Kelly when you think about this trade 12 months ago at the same time, they save a lot of Stress, pre-season stress will definitely not reach that? Smith and Higgins bring much-needed experience and drive to the club. Lee Montana, the greats of St. Kilda, believe that Higgins could replace retired Gary Applet – and it could even be a « promotion », as you might argue that Higgins’ latest form was more influential than Applet They will be disappointed by the loss of Fogarty and Cococato – two players who invested heavily in the draft but did not see the results on the field due to various reasons

Summary: They closed their deals early, and welcomed Atkins and Markov within the first few days.Allocating one of Wright’s top 10 recruiters to a future fourth position in the payroll trade has the potential to make a big impact on the bombers

I got a compensation pick from the first round – Zac Williams gave Carlton as a free tied agent

I got a compensation choice from the second round – gave Aidan Kaur to North Melbourne as a tied free agent

I got a pick of 29 and a future pick for the second round from Essendon – GAVE AWAY Jye Caldwell, Pick 44 and Pick 74

GOT Picks 13, 15 and 20 from Geelong – gave Jeremy Cameron and future second round selection

Summary: All but one of the deals got done after losing Williams and Core early, it took until the last minute to knock Cameron out of the giants and full credit to Jason McCartney, who was able to get three first-round picks versus Cameron Caldwell also found his way into Bombers vents have always outgrown bugs after saying that, they’ve done a really good job of making the most of the bad situation they’ve basically turned Langdon into Hogan and Core into Prius – the latter is probably their most pressing need because he’s going to take on the No1 Rackman and if Hogan gets started, watch out – But that’s important. The disappointing finding, though, is that Jackson Hatley, who was among the top ten in the draft 10 years ago, will march into Adelaide via the pre-season draft.

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I got a compensation choice from the third round – Isaac Smith awarded Geelong as an unrestricted free agent

Summary: Typically the big players at this time of year, the Falcons haven’t fired a lot of commercial bullets this year however, Hartigan is filling a need to return after a few key defenders retire.Smith is one of the few veterans who have chosen to leave The club in its later years, instead of « cheering them on » and then minutes before the deadline, hunted hawkish Tom Phillips for Pick 65 – a real bargain

Picking 43 and selecting a future fourth round for Brisbane – selecting GAVE AWAY 53 and selecting a future third round

33 and 50 selected for Adelaide – leaving the opportunity to pick a second round in the future and a fourth round in the future

Ben Brown, Pick 28, and North Melbourne picked in the future fourth round – GAVE AWAY 26 picked, 33 picked, Brisbane picked in the future fourth round

18 Selected, 19 Selected, and Second Round Selection for Brisbane in 2021 – GAVE AWAY Pick 25, Pick 68, Pick 69 and Future Pick for Round One

Summary: I made it to Ben Brown on one of the opening trades on Deadline Day Brown’s arrival may be the best thing for Sam Weidman. He helped Prius and Hanan find new homes while returning to Draft this year, albeit primarily in the two rounds. The second and the third

I got Lachie Young from Western Bulldogs and Pick 70 from Brisbane – AWAY Pick 63 gave Brisbane in a triple trade

Choose 26, choose 33, and future Brisbane pick for the fourth round – GAVE AWAY Ben Brown, Pick 28 and future North Melbourne pick for the fourth round

Got Jaidyn Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi, Pick 39 – GAVE AWAY Picks 26, 33, and 70

Summary: They enhanced their defensive depth by acquiring Core and Young while maintaining ample choices from the first round. They didn’t get much from Ben Brown due to his pedigree, but they basically replaced him with the 2018 rising star winner Gideen Stevenson, as well as the young Otto Busnavolage they needed. To fill in the menu sites, Stephenson feels like the real deal.

Got Orazio Fantasia and Pick 73 Essendon – GAVE AWAY Pick 29 and a future pick for Round Three

Summary: David King thinks we’ll see the « real Aller Allier » in the center of strength, as the team’s aggressive defensive tactics would fit him perfectly if Port were to flag down again in 2021, that means they could have got Aliir to pick in late The 1930s or early 1940s eventually landed Fantasia but had to forgo a third round in the future to make it happen.

17 St Kilda picked and future second round pick – Jack Higgins awarded 21 and future fourth round pick

Summary: Tigers fans loved Markov’s position on the field, so they would be disappointed to see him go get a good crack on the Gold Coast They may be more sad to see Jack Higgins join the Saints, with a deal sealed shortly after the trade embargo

Jack Higgins has a 21 and a future pick for the fourth round – 17 pick from St Kilda and a future second round pick

Summary: They got their man in Crouch – and got him an offer not equal to the choice of first-round compensation for crows Jack Higgins of Richmond will give them more sophistication and footing through a half forwards.

Get Tom Hickey, Pick 34, Pick 60 West Coast – GAVE AWAY Pick 58, Pick 62, Future Third Floor Pick and Port Adelaide Pick for Second Round to West Coast

Summary: I felt as if Alier left, Hickey would arrive – and this is what happened. Given the poor stock of pelicans, the reliable Hickey is a wonderful acquisition for the young developing side but Alier’s departure with a year left on his contract affected the pelicans crowd

I got a choice of 58, a choice of 62, a choice of Sydney for the third round in the future and a choice of Port Adelaide in the second round – awarded Tom Hickey, Peck 34 and picking 60 to Sydney

Got Alex Witherden and Pick 86 – Pick 58 and 2021 for the third round of GAVE AWAY

Summary: He wasn’t expected to be a big player, but he added Langdon as a small forward depth and also took off Alex Weatherden from the Lions Some have questioned whether Hickey’s departure leaves them with a shortage of depth, but with Nick Nightani, Nathan Vardy, Billy Williams and Callum Jamieson is on the list, they should be fine

GOT Stefan Martin from Brisbane – gave Lachie Young to North Melbourne in a trilateral trade

GOT Adam Treloar, Pick 26, Pick 33 and Pick 42 of Western Bulldogs – GAVE AWAY 14, 2021 in Round Two

Summary: Sam Bauer, not only did the dogs keep Josh Dunkley, but they also made it to the Trailwar of Pancakes, loaded up in second-round selections to match a potential academic offer by Gamara Ogil Hagan and they dropped out of the first round of this year’s draft if Martin’s seasoned mega frame is the perfect takeover to give Tim English some support Hanan, who has played a key role in the 2018 Dash of Demons, will also be helpful in the half-striker is clearly the biggest winners in the trade period

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World News – CAF – What has your club done in this AFL trade period: Every player, picks and deals


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