World News – AU – Who is the controversial $ 12 million mega-buyer of The Block?


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He was labeled « annoying ». But one man dominated The Block auction day, spending nearly $ 12 million in the process.

One man dominated auction day at The Block this year, bidding heavily on every single house and buying three.

So who is Danny Wallis, the mysterious deep-pocketed man who splashed nearly $ 12 million on The Block in one day?

The super-rich IT entrepreneur will be a familiar face to Block fans – he bought Mitch and Mark’s property for a whopping $ 3 last season. 374 million who have bid on all five properties.

That year he bought Sarah and George’s house for $ 4 million and $ 2,000, to be precise (unusual bids are a hallmark of Wallis), Daniel and Jades for $ 3. 8 million and Harry and Tash for $ 4 million.

While losing the other two houses for sale that year, he had a good fight – in one breathtaking moment, he raised the bid on Jimmy and Tam’s house by nearly 1 million in a single bid. USD.

Block viewers with longer memories may recall Wallis’ flamboyant antics during the South Melbourne 2012 season when he bought one of the items for $ 1. 4 million, flanked by women in T-shirts with his company’s logo.

It was this stunt and his penchant for bizarre, confusing bids that called him « a bit of a nuisance » at last year’s auctions from Frank Valentic, the block buyer’s lawyer.

But Wallis had a few words of his own: he insisted he had never seen The Block and complained that the auction was « slow » and « stupid ». ”

« Danny is a local businessman here in Melbourne … we’ve seen him at a block auction before and he has a tactic of confusing everyone in the crowd, » explained block host Shelley Craft at last year’s finale after Wallis offered A Bid that amazed the auctioneer: 3. 308. 050 USD. The auctioneer quipped that it was “3. 308. 000 USD and a pint of gasoline. ”

But he’s not all flashy stunts: He reportedly let Ronald McDonald’s charities use his 2012 log home for free for several years after purchasing it.

Wallis started his career at ANZ and then founded I.. . T. . Service management company DWS in 1991 which has since grown to offices in Australia and New Zealand. Wallis is the CEO and Managing Director.

And this could explain why Wallis was so eager to flash the money on The Block this year: In September, DWS was bought by Indian tech giant HCL Technologies for $ 126 million in cash.

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World News – AU – Who is the controversial $ 12 million mega-buyer of The Block?


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