World News – AU – Why Michael Clarke’s Girlfriend Didn’t Like This Portrait


The staff of socialite Pip Edwards attempted to prevent an artist from participating in the Archibald Prize because the work made her appear – also oldâ ????

Pip Edwards, founder of PE Nation, sat down for a portrait of emerging artist Lauren Ferrier, but her PR manager said the portrait should have been youngerSource: Supplied

Emerging artist as left – heartbroken – after Sydney socialite Pip Edwards fails to support her portrayal of her

Lauren Ferrier asked the founder of sportswear brand PE Nation, who is dating former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, to sit down for the portrait she plans to present at the prestigious Archibald Award, only to be told that she had made the 40-year-old look « older beyond her years »

The artist from Melbourne, 25, previously shared a photo from the portrait shoot and stories on her Instagram page, which Ms Edwards replied to or shared in her own stories

She forgot to get the signature of the famous fitness influencer when she met her, which the competition needed as proof the couple had met

When Ferrier sued Ms Edwards and her Global Public Relations Manager Louise Gaffikin, she was shocked at the response she received

« Pip just needs visibility in the image first, » Ms Gaffikin had told him, copying Ms Edwards into the email.

Ferrier then clarified that the signing was not for the approval of the painting, but after sending it anyway, she said she had another « disappointing » response

Michael Clarke’s girlfriend had sat down to have the portrait entered for the Archibald Prize Image: Flavio Brancaleone Source: News Corp Australia

Ms Gaffikin told her that she would not be able to sign the consent form because Ms Edwards would not « line up with the pictures »

« I have to be honest and say she looks a lot older than her years in this photo, » she wrote

« I don’t think she could resonate with this painting and have it released to the public »

Ms Gaffikin claimed Ms Edwards hadn’t seen the image because she had her laptop, and asked Ferrier for a solution that would make her « feel younger » before showing her boss

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Ferrier replied to Ms. Gaffikin that she had put her life and soul in the picture for 10 months

« He was also seen by a few Melbourne art figures who complimented him, » she writes « I’m sure Pip wouldn’t want to be seen as a woman who would stop a young artist from chasing her dreams »

While the form was signed and Ferrier was able to submit her painting for the competition, she told newscomau it was unlikely the piece had been on display

« 2000 people are coming in, it was very unlikely that it would come in, I just wanted to go », she said

« Pip never said anything, but during the production of the painting I shared a few stories and she was excited and responded

« Honestly, I don’t care if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t need to like it and she’s entitled to her opinion

« But (the response) was really heartbreaking I wanted to paint her because she is an amazing woman, she always talks about uplifting women It was shocking »

Ferrier said she was so proud of the painting and no longer saw Ms Edwards in the same light

She had previously told the Herald Sun: « I always thought she was at her peak in terms of fashion, being a single mom and a chef daughter »

Ms Edwards never responded on the end result of her portrait Image: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia

But in another shocking turn of events, Ferrier encountered another problem when she tried to sell the painting

She was contacted by a woman on Instagram who said she was a fan of Ms Edwards and arranged for the painting to be sent to her and receive the $ 400 afterwards

Ferrier then received a message explaining how the woman had shown it to her roommate, who excitedly sent it to Ms Gaffikin, and was greeted with a phone call from PE Nation saying it was illegal to she bought it and the business involved her legal team

Once they realized that Ferrier in fact had the power to sell the painting, the buyer proceeded with the purchase and told him that Mrs. Edwards was « comforted that the painting had been sold to someone. » a loyal one who really loves the brand »

Ferrier said she believed something more was at stake because Ms Gaffikin followed her on Instagram after posting the painting

« I think they just thought they could bully me, I would delete it, I wouldn’t sell it or I wouldn’t enter the contest because they’re a little scary, » she said. declared

« This is the most embarrassing thing for them, it was such a big deal they did but nothing was ever going to happen to them »

Ms Gaffikin announced the newcomau that Ms Edwards did not prevent the painting from being shown to the Archibald

“The understanding was that the painting was submitted but not chosen for final selection,” she wrote “Pip is a creative individual She has a wealth of ideas, thoughts and openness

« There is always room for broad interpretation and personal subjectivity when it comes to artistic expression and it is often subjective. She appreciates the artist’s point of view on her, hence the reason the portrait was submitted for review

« The sale of the portrait was questioned, not its entry into the Archibald The artist indicated that she had all legal property rights and the painting was sold »

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News from the world – AU – Why Michael Clarke’s girlfriend didn’t like this portrait
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