World News – AU – X-Men: X of Swords teases return of Marvel’s major romance


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Fans enjoyed the events of « X of Swords, » a line-wide event that took a broad approach to both decades of Marvel Comics canon and the new X-Men status quo. The event certainly won’t slow down anytime soon – and a recently released Marvel preview adds an interesting wrinkle to upcoming events.The preview, which you can check out below, comes from Wolverine # 7, which will be Chapter 16 of the game. ‘X of Swords’ general event Image shows Wolverine and Storm sitting across from each other, with teasing text that an ‘old spark’ might reignite

This, of course, is a reference to Wolverine and Storm’s romantic relationship, something that has been an ever-evolving element of the X-Men canon.The couple have flirted occasionally on various stories over the years, but haven’t officially reunited only in 2013 in the pages of Wolverine and the X-Men Their romantic relationship briefly sparked a breakup with Storm’s ex-husband T’Challa, who didn’t think Storm should continue a relationship with Logan.Nevertheless, the couple reunited and had a romance to some extent. leading to Logan’s death

Granted, there’s a chance that this tease is just a way to grab readers, and that Logan and Storm’s dynamic in the issue will take a much more complicated form.But in any case, the potential of the duo coming together – especially in Krakoa’s new status quo – will certainly intrigue some fans

“He’s surrounded by his family, and I’m not just talking about Laura, Daken and Scout,” Wolverine and X-Force writer Benjamin Percy told ComicBookcom earlier this year. “I’m talking about the Summers, and I’m talking about his father figure, Xavier, and I’m talking about his mutant comrades in this nation of Krakoa If Wolverine ever had a chance at happiness, it’s now « 

« Written by BENJAMIN PERCY & GERRY DUGGAN Art by JOSHUA CASSARACover by ADAM KUBERTX from Sword, Chapter 16 Endurance Survival The real lesson of pain »

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World News – AU – X-Men: X of Swords Teases Return of Marvel’s Major Romance


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