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Tue 23 Mar 2021 12:25 GMT

First published on Monday, March 22nd, 2021 at 8:51 pm GMT

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This is the way it was used as a « caution » warning. And why a complaint heard by Scott Morrison was made on the national stage. Did he get the complainant’s permission? Why was he informed about this, but not about an alleged rape that took place meters from his office?

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The Australia Post is now at estimates. The focus is likely to be on the shaking of the organization resulting from the forced departure of former CEO Christine Holgate over the gifts of expensive watches to executives had to deal with the floods. He said Covid-19 was a key challenge for Australia Post’s work. Boys came with an « everything is fine » message. « Despite all of this, Australia Post has achieved very strong results. »

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We are on standby for the Australian Post according to estimates. The work warms up by asking about the timing of the recent reappointment of the liberal character Tony Nutt. Department officials take note of some questions.

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To be very clear, this was a 30 minute press conference where the Prime Minister said that after a month of reports he now understands why people are so angry that he listens and always listens and acknowledges that people feel like it – he didn’t get it, but he does.

I accept the fact that many people did not like or did not appreciate some of my personal answers over the past month.

Whether or not it was open about how I try to deal with such dramatic events, people may not like me discussing these with my family. They are the closest people to me. But that’s how I deal with things that I always have. I grew up in a loving and supportive family and have spoken about this being my family and those who are closest to me. I did not intend to insult by saying that I will discuss these issues with my wife. Nor does it mean that these events had already affected me dramatically at this point.

Without acknowledging that the criticism came from his testimony about his wife, Jenny « clarified » the problem of a rape allegation by asking him what he would like to do if it were his daughters. Previously the answer was (incorrectly) « We cannot speak about it for legal reasons » (it has not yet been the subject of a police complaint).

No answers were offered – no solutions (beyond those already published) because « today not the day for it ”.

The Prime Minister has been defensive about the semantics he used to not post that a report of what his office knew about a rape allegation had been paused before being released He made allegations of sexual assault with a media organization, which we do not know whether the complainant wanted to make public, or gave permission to be discussed at the national level when asked if the people the work culture in parliament would or would not think was shocking as hell.

He literally said the media had to be « careful » about the « glass houses » which he a uch said when the opposition asked questions.

Nobody says that there are no problems in other workplaces / political parties. That is the point. It’s everywhere, it always has been, and people have been yelling about it for decades. Don’t let me know what First Nations and women in color have been through. I am very aware that they have been shouting about it from every roof for a very long time and can only imagine how angry and frustrated we are just talking about it now.

However, the warning « Be careful » seems to be particularly insidious as it suggests that people should not raise legitimate questions or concerns if rejected. So what? Everyone should be silent, because there are problems in all workplaces, in all areas of society? Or are only the « purest » – I am assuming newborns – able to ask questions or raise legitimate problems because there is no chance that there will be problems in their own work / life?

« Be careful « is not far from » be quiet « . And that’s how we got here.

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There were no solutions there – today is « not the day », says Scott Morrison.

But the interesting thing seems to be that the Prime Minister is now seeking advice, like the advice he is getting from the Attorney General Christian Porter received (what we were told was what parts of his portfolio he was able to oversee in light of his legal action against the Attorney General ABC) fits “ministerial standards”.

Previously, any attempts at an independent suitability investigation were made by Porter To sit in the cabinet was immediately dismissed as constitutional.

When asked at this press conference whether he had reconsidered his response to the Porter allegations, Morrison said:

As mentioned earlier, I spoke to the Attorney General seek advice. I have received this advice and I will now be advised by the department on how to do this in line with ministerial standards and I will make further decisions on this matter. I will draw your attention to these when they are done.

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Q: What would you tell them about life in public service, what pitch would you give a young girl in Australia, why would you want to be in federal politics?

Because you want things to get better , and they have something that can help. I believe in my girls, I believe in all women in Australia, thank you very much.

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Q: Admit that you misled Parliament by omission when you said you did not receive an update when … you personally received an email to the PMO that it was his request put on hold?

On the one hand, two things misrepresented what I said in the house, and therefore you disagree with the assessment. I said that I had not been informed if I had received the report and that I had not been informed of when I received the report and I then said no, I did not.

There was no deadline they gave me from the secretary because he couldn’t give me one. I was asked at the house when I would receive it and I replied to that. I also made it clear that it was the secretary who did this on market terms, it is the secretary who did this on market terms, and I know that further interviews were already being conducted at this point.

He was referring to the fact that he was unable to complete the report and gave me based on the advice he had received from the Federal Police Commissioner, which was also clarified yesterday.

What I would ask is that these statements are not mischaracterized. I expect my political opponents to do that, that is politics, that is an essential part of this process. I would deal with these matters as I have appropriately done in the House, but I do not accept this: this is a miscarriage of characterization of what happened and I do not accept that.

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Q: How is it that you did not know about the rape of Ms. Higgins in the minister’s office and yet you are aware of something that is going on in the media among journalists and you have publicly added it when the media is against was the will of the victim you don’t know?

I was told that late at night and the Brittany Higgins issue was brought to my attention on February 15th, as I said earlier.

A member of the press gallery suggested that things like that don’t happen in the media, and I think that would be … I think I would be unfair.

Journalists reply « this is not true » – as in , that wasn’t true, that someone said it didn’t happen in the media. Morrison goes on.

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Q: The statements you made today, is this the speech you should give to the women who gathered in front of Parliament last Monday?

No, I think I had the opportunity to meet with those who came that day. I applaud how I said that day that it was right to do so and I was right to offer the opportunity to meet. As you know, it is not my habit to go to Parliament for rallies and things like that.

During the course of my program, I am very happy to give people the opportunity to come and meet me in this way. I’ve met with numerous groups.

From that day on, I started meeting people from the entertainment industry who were happy to meet and talk about the topics with me.

I’m very, very open to things like that. What I say, and I will say it again today, I admit that there have been people who have not been satisfied with how I have reacted in every single way to this process over the past week. I absolutely acknowledge that. I’m going to get this right.

These issues that people were concerned about occurred in good faith and in good faith. You learn a lot.

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On the other hand, we will of course try to get as much information as possible from those who know as much about it as possible.

I would ask given the sensitivity of this subject and I know you understand, Peter, this is a very traumatic event and we have people right now who are very careful about their personal safety and so I just would therefore ask people to be aware of this.

You all have your normal logs for how to report these things and how to include the appropriate phone numbers and things like that in your stories. I’m not criticizing, I want to be clear, but I just want to ask people that it’s a very delicate time here in this building.

This place has seen events, before my time, under pressure, you will remember them as well as others experienced in the gallery: Michelle, Mark, Chris. Let’s just be careful in the coming weeks. We’ll take care of it, but we want to make sure we do things as carefully and sensitively as possible.

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My colleagues know very well that I am very open to these questions. I was frustrated that I was trying to pre-select women and run for the Liberal Party to get to this place.

I have had these frustrations for many years while I was still a state director actively searching for female candidates .

… I have no other reservations [other] when it comes to this issue. Why? I think other liberals will come to this point in time. We tried the other way around and it doesn’t bring us the results, so I would like to see us do better in this regard.

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Q: In your opening address on this subject, you spoke about the forces that have worked here with women in Australia over the last month and all of the questions that have been raised by them. Does it change your thinking on how to deal with the allegations against Mr Porter with a view to investigating and investigating his suitability to remain at the Ministry? Or do you still see that you handled it well?

As mentioned, I took advice from the Attorney General. I have received this advice and I will now be advised by the department on how to do this in line with ministerial standards and I will make further decisions on this matter and alert you to them as they are made.

As far as I know , was the attorney general’s advice on what parts of his portfolio Christian Porter could execute in the face of his libel suit against the ABC. Not according to ministerial standards.

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Q: If you’re the head of a company and there was an alleged rape on your watch and that incident heard from us directly on your watch, your job would likely be in jeopardy, right? Doesn’t it look like you’ve lost control of your ministerial staff?

I’ll let you edit whatever you want, but if anyone in this room wanted to offer the standards in their own workplaces for comparison, I would Invite you to do so.

Let me take that up. Right now, you know that there is one person in your own organization who has been lodged a complaint about molesting a woman in a women’s bathroom. And this matter is being followed up by your own human resources department.

You are not aware of this. So let’s not start with everyone sitting in glasshouses here.

What I am suggesting is that there are serious problems here that no one can see every second of the day in every inch of this place.

I don’t think an Australian would have that reasonable expectation. As far as I know, the incident reported last night happened long before I was the prime minister of that place.

So it’s not a thing that happened when I was prime minister. That goes to a long standing culture of despicable behavior in this place.

This is not something I can be held directly accountable for, even if I wasn’t in the role. If I am held accountable, I will do what I am sketching for you today. You are free to voice your criticism and stand on this pedestal, but be careful.


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