World news – Australian star Claire Holt calls Emily Ratajkowski about « annoying » pregnancy pictures


Australian actress Claire Holt has problems with recent photos of model Emily Ratajkowski after giving birth to her first child, Sylvester Apollo Bear, almost two weeks ago.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old Ratajkowski shared an Instagram photo of her incredibly flat stomach just 11 days after giving birth.

The Vampire Diaries star, who gave birth to her second child last September, shared a video on her Instagram story in called the feminist model.

« I’m not trying to be the Grinch here, but I really want to say something because it annoys me, » she said. « If you post a picture of your completely flat stomach 10 days after having a baby and call this body positivity, it is the same to me as posting a picture of the millions of dollars in your bank account and calling this success positivity.

« It may be true, but it makes other people shitty about themselves and it’s not normal and you’re an outlier and you’re in luck. Perhaps you are not showing this part? Can we just use Instagram to give it a try and make people feel included and not feel towards themselves? « 

 » Sylvester Apollo Bear joined us on Earth. Sly arrived on March 8th, 21st on the most surreal, most beautiful and loving morning of my life, « she wrote her post.

Ratajkowski has since shared several post-pregnancy photos on Instagram, but has not yet responded to Holt’s comments. </ Sign up for a daily dose of 9Honey here to receive our top stories straight to your inbox

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