World news – Australia’s politics are alive: NSW’s corruption watchdog recommends indicting ex-MP Daryl Maguire in a council investigation


Icac’s findings against the former Wagga MP indicate that he presented false evidence during his long-standing investigation. Scott Morrison denies misleading Parliament over Brittany Higgins’ investigation. Follow the latest news live

Mon 22 Mar 2021 07.49 GMT

First published on March 21, 2021 at 8:53 pm GMT

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That closes the politics blog for today. Amy Remeikis will be with you tomorrow.

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Treasury Secretary Simon Birmingham responded to a report in Australia and on Channel 10 alleging that a group of at least four coalition employees filmed themselves engaging in solo sex acts, including masturbating, in Parliament on female MPs’ desks.

I am disgusted and appalled at what I supposedly see about this story. It shows a total disregard for everything our parliamentary democracy stands for. It also shows a tremendous disrespect to the hiring member or senator of these employees and officers. It shows an utter disdain for the Australian taxpayers who paid the wages of these employees.

In my opinion, people involved in such activities should prepare to pack their bags and leave the building for good. You should also think hard about apologizing to your hiring member or senator, parliament, and the public. “

Birmingham noted that the government has asked Gender Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins to review Parliament’s working culture and help eradicate and prevent bullying, harassment and sexual assault.

He said the story was badly reflected in « others who do the right thing » and he wants « this type of behavior to be eradicated ».

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The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission has confirmed it has received an arrest warrant for access to a journalist’s telecommunications data – and was the only state or federal agency to do so in 2019-20.

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Prof Lyn Gilbert, an infectious disease expert, said Australia’s domestic production of the AstraZeneca vaccine « may remove bottlenecks » caused by delivery delays in the EU.

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In Environmental Assessments, Labor’s Jenny McAllister asked about this latest Guardian Australia investigation into environmental offsetting measures for the new airport in west Sydney.

We announced last month that the federal government already owns land and which has been promised to preserve for more than a decade, as primary compensation for the new airport. This is a practice known as « double-dipping, » where land that has already been committed to conservation is used as compensation.

The site in question is a large piece of scrubland at the Defense Institute at Orchard Hills in near the new airport area. 2007 governments promised to permanently protect the site and add it to the National Reserve Estate. Nobody delivered. Enter the Infrastructure Department that claimed the site as the main offset for West Sydney Airport in 2018.

Additionally, our history has shown that the approved offset does not permanently protect the site. Instead, management activities in the countryside are financed for 20 years as part of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Defense.

There is no plan to protect the country permanently, which goes against a compensation policy that provides for compensation payments over the long term .

McAllister is inquiring about this letter of intent and whether a 20 year letter of intent could expose the offset site to possible development in the future.

Unfortunately the officers respond to their question with a letter they prepared in anticipation of questions about another story from Guardian Australia about offsets for the M7.

As soon as the officers discover they are about the wrong one Speaking misalignment, they don’t have much to say anymore. They confirm that there is no permanent maintenance agreement, but say that the 20-year agreement is « comparable to other compensation agreements » under NSW laws.

It is unclear what aspects of NSW system officials are being referred to. The state system for managing biodiversity for compensation agreements provides for agreements on land in order to protect it in the long term.

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Labor’s Penny Wong compares Simon Birmingham to Mathias Cormann’s campaign literature to demonstrate his environmental credentials – including his support for green recovery.

Birmingham said he will let Cormann’s words speak for themselves – but agrees that the Australian government wants to see the introduction of low-emission technologies as much as possible.

When asked about net zero by 2050, Birmingham said the federal government wanted net zero « as soon as possible, preferably by 2050 » reach.

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Hello everyone, Naaman Zhou here who picks up the blog. As always, many thanks to Amy Remeikis for her great work today.

Labor’s Tanya Plibersek is on the ABC, saying the Prime Minister is « lighting the public with gas » after it was revealed today that the Gaetjens report has been on hold for weeks.

The AFP commissioner said that Investigation of Gaetjens may have hampered the investigation. What would Labor have done if the police had given you this advice?

It’s difficult to hypothesize here. We have a prime minister who was informed some time ago that this investigation was not ongoing, and he has been pretending for the whole of last week in the Bundestag that the investigation is still ongoing. He misled Parliament in investigating Gaetjens.

… There are too many rapists on the streets and instead of really trying to come to terms with it, we have a prime minister who has his head in the sand stuck and tried to skate properly in parliament for the next few days. « 

Karvelas says Morrison has said other work is ongoing in the investigation, although Gaetjens’ investigation has been paused.

Black is white, white is back. You can’t tell the work is still going on If you have been informed that the question has been on hold, then you say, « Oh no, that’s what I wanted to say ».

It is an insult to Parliament, but which is much worse than an insult to parliament is that it is an insult to any woman who has experienced sexual assault or who has a loved one who has experienced sexual assault and knows these tactics are used.

There is gas light, there there, you know, « oh, no, technically that’s not exactly the case » – it’s exactly the kind of treatment women all over Australia are getting. « 

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I will hand you over to beautiful Naaman Zhou for the rest of the evening. He will guide you through the next few hours.

Thank you again for coming to see us – especially when there is still so much going on outside of the building. I hope you are all as safe as possible. I’ve been through a few floods, I know the fear and my eyes are on the sky along with you. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

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Labor Senators have found that the $ 1.5 million PMC is paying to Burdeshaw Associates is to hire former US Secretary of the Navy, Don Winter, as special advisor to the Prime Minister on naval shipbuilding.

Winter previously served as chairman of the Shipbuilding Advisory Board – and officials say his half a million dollars a year wage for part-time work equals his previous wage.

After talks between the Prime Minister and the Defense Department, the government decided that Developing oversight mechanisms for shipbuilding by engaging them through PMC.

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You recently wrote an article in which you did not experience sexism in Parliament, but did experience elitism. What do you mean?

For me, I went to a public school, I went through public housing, for me, I think the elitism, there are a lot of people up here who think they are better than you just because of my background.

And the men are actually worse. The men and their elitism up here just never stop killing me. I am telling you now. I don’t get that from the Labor Party.

That comes from the liberal party. Go find out. I am telling you now that I have also seen this elitism that emerges from this liberal party in the military. I don’t know – I’ve seen these journalists cover the week on whether this has a lot to do with these boys attending all boys’ schools.

These boys’ colleges have a lot to answer for in teaching these men how to treat women and how to treat society. Teach them emotional intelligence.

PK: What did people say to you that made you feel like there is classicism there?

You can feel their aura. They look at you with their noses. I had a minister – who comes into your office and checks the floor of the carpet and sees if it’s pure wool or not? For God’s sake, get yourself a life.

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We have some updated figures on the progress of refugee resettlement with the US.

Marc Ablong, assistant secretary at the Home Office, said people from Nauru, Papua New Guinea and Australia continued to move to the US after getting positive approval from the American government. « This continues. »

« As of March 14th, 929 transferees – 419 from PNG, 391 from Nauru and 119 from Australia – have relocated to the US. »

(This is an increase of 870 in total People back in October last year when Ablong last updated Senate estimates.) When asked today how many people had received the provisional clearance and were waiting to leave, Ablong said about 265 people – about 10 in PNG, about 15 in Nauru and about 240 in Australia – « provisional resettlement ».

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