World news – Beijing’s mobile execution vehicles are exposed


China has been named the world’s worst executioner as the state kills thousands of people every year with firing squads, lethal injections, and mobile death vehicles.

The true number of those killed by the Communist Party is believed to be astonishingly high . but the regime is keeping them tightly hidden as state secrets.

Human rights experts said the hideous system moved back into the spotlight after the murder of Chinese tycoon Lai Xiaomin.

He was executed for corruption last month. As in China, even economic crimes and drug charges can put a person on death row.

And should you end up in the dock, be careful, as Chinese prosecutors have a conviction rate of around 99 percent as they sentence thousands to execution. </ Killer strikes were legalized by the regime in the 1990s and are sometimes administered in one of the state's mobile "execution vehicles".

Convicts are said to be loaded into a van and strapped to a table where they are given the lethal injection .

Organs are believed to have been harvested from executed prisoners without permission for use in medicine and for scientific experiments.

Amnesty International has named China by a wide margin the worst enforcer in the world. with his body number believed to be greater than the rest of the world totaled 657.

While other nations had totals, China’s shadowy death penalty system left the human rights group only a grim estimate of « thousands » / p> Amnesty’s China researcher Kai Ong said China often holds mass rallies to announce people who have been sentenced to death in medieval-style public trials.

Ms. Ong said, « The Chinese government always sees the use of the death penalty as an effective deterrent against crime.

« Every year in June, local governments often hold mass rallies inviting students, teachers, and the public to see the court that awards the death penalty to those convicted of drug-related crimes. »

Executions by execution squads should have ceased in 2010, but there are many examples of this practice continuing.

In the People’s Republic, lethal injections have become the main form of execution because of their cheaper cost and secretive nature.

Mobile death vehicles now allow prisoners to be executed without having to take them to prison.

These vehicles were introduced in 2003 and although it was reported that they are no longer in use, Amnesty has stated that they are not the case is.

Due to the secrecy of the Chinese death wagons, victims are not mentioned often due to the speed with which they are tried and executed.

One of the few victims cited as an example was Mafia Kingpin Liu Yong, who received a fatal syringe after being tried for deliberately harming others, despite allegations of his confession was coerced under torture.

Ms. Ong told The Sun Online even though the Chinese government claims fewer people are being executed? This is unlikely to be the case.

The expert added: « Although the Chinese government has a policy of killing less and killing carefully, it also sees the use of the death penalty as an effective deterrent against serious crimes, particularly drug-related crimes .  »

« The Chinese authorities continue to impose death sentences and carry out executions for a variety of crimes, including drug-related offenses that do not reach the » most serious crimes « threshold, to which the death penalty must be limited under international human rights law.

« The number of new death sentences and executions is unlikely to drop significantly in the near future. »

And the lack of public outcry about the death penalty in China may not even be due to state secrecy.

Prof. William Schabas, author of Amnesty’s Death Penalty Report, told The Sun Online that the public in China is simply not so bothered and even advocating it.

« If you do a poll, you will find there is one there are significant majority of the people in favor of the death penalty. « 

Mr. Xiaomin, a delegate of the People’s Congress, is far away reaps from the first high-ranking Chinese official recently executed in China.

Former head of the communist party of a Chinese village, Cai Dongjia, was executed in 2019 after he was branded « the Chinese godfather of crystal methane ».

Chinese politician and senior lawyer Duan Yihe was executed after killing his mistress in a car bomb.

Last year, Ma Jinguo was executed after two government officials were killed at a coronavirus checkpoint.

Canadian citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg remains on death row after being sentenced to death for drug smuggling.

Canada is fighting his execution when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Communist Party of « arbitrary » charges. Application of the death penalty.


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