World News – CA – 2 men punished after killing grizzlies and threatening witnesses at Alberta hunting camp


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According to Alberta Fish and Wildlife, two men were fined 22. $ 000 for illegally killing a grizzly bear, which also led to an attack.

Officers said in a statement that they received a report of the bear’s death in November. 5, 2018.

Officers say it all took place at a random hunting camp in the Indian Graves area of ​​southern Alberta.

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An investigation found that two days earlier the grizzly bear had been feeding from a meat pole that the two men had been hanging from deer carcasses they had hunted.

The investigation found that the men decided to shoot the grizzly when it returned later that evening.

« When the other campers asked why the shot was fired, the suspects told them it was just a warning shot, » said the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Facebook page.

« The next morning, the witness who reported the incident to the fish and wildlife officials found a dead grizzly near the meat pole location. ”

The witness gathered evidence from a rear-view camera and took photos of bears and vehicles in the camp.

Officials said the men attacked the witness when they saw him take the photos and tried to force him to give up his cell phone password by threatening him with an ax.

« The other campers intervened and convinced the suspects to return his cell phone and let the witness go, » the statement said. “Other campers from nearby camps also witnessed the attack. ”

Officers went to the scene and interviewed the suspects – one of whom confessed his involvement in the killing of the grizzly and showed the officers where the carcass had been dumped.

The officers gathered evidence at the scene and said they had found no reason to defend themselves.

Jeffrey Edison Hambrook pleaded guilty in January of hunting, assaulting and threatening out of season. Gary Edgar Gilson pleaded guilty to illegally possessing wildlife under 5. Stealing $ 000 and making threats.

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You were fined a total of 22. $ 000 for killing the bear and illegally owning wildlife.

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World News – CA – 2 men fined after killing grizzly bears and threatening witnesses at Alberta hunting camp
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