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The cannabis industry is currently expanding rapidly with legalization and medicinal uses. As more and more countries move towards legalizing new job opportunities are opening up. Interestingly, a lot of celebs over the years have had drug connections but the industry itself is something new. The number of celebrities in the hemp industry is much less than you would expect.

While it takes a lot of financial investment for a celebrity, it also takes a lot of public honesty. Hemp was previously illegal in most states and that is why not many people invested in it. However, the hemp industry is slowly moving towards acceptance. As stocks rise, we can see more and more people pooling their resources. The new wave of legalization has also encouraged a lot of celebrities to come forward.

Lots of people in the entertainment business talk about cannabis and other related products. They are using their followers and influence to educate and inform people about this new field. Here we have a list of some of the people who recently talked about cannabis on their social media accounts.

The first hemp celebrity right now is Gwyneth Paltrow. She is an Emmy Award winning actress who has invested in Cann. Cann is a THC-infused beverage company

She has a huge health-conscious following with her and we’ll see how that turns out.

Next is The Game American rapper and actor. He has his own brand called Trees By Game that makes flowers and shows focused.

This brand depicts the deep connection this artist has with hip-hop. The California-based brand is getting more and more popular every day.

Next is a Hemp and CBD brand called Lentiv. It is owned by Montel Williams, an American radio talk show host, television personality, and actor.

Branding is Montiel’s way of giving back to the community. He wants to help people better access CBD and THC based medicinal products.

We’ve all seen Seth Rogen consuming marijuana in his favorite movies. However, the actor also has a good weed interest outside of his screen appearances. He has a big name in terms of celebrities in the hemp industry.

Seth Rogen owns a brand called Houseplant, which is very popular in Canada. His brand is introducing some interesting new offers. This company now offers different drinks and strains.

American comedian, actress, fashion designer, author, singer-songwriter Margaret Choo is also in the cannabis business. Her entrepreneurial project involving hemp is called Margaret Cho-G. This brand also has some interesting offerings like sweet lemon, woody pine nuts, and sour diesel flavors on their menu..

Dick Wolf, author of acclaimed drama series Law and Order, has investments of over $ 1 million in Nevada-based DigiPath. Digipath is testing and teaching hemp for daily use. As more and more research is being done into the medicinal uses of cannabis, it appears that Wolf is on the right path.

These are some of the famous people who have spoken publicly about their cannabis-related businesses. As we progress further in regulating cannabis, we can expect more people to join the business given the size of this area.

UK Medical Cannabis Awareness Week took place from 1 to 8 November. During this time, Sapphire Medical Foundation raised as many funds as possible for financial assistance for patients. This money will reduce the financial barriers to the arrival of medical cannabis in the UK.

Although medical cannabis was declared legal in the UK as of November 2018. NHS practitioners still never describe it, thus. Many patients who seek this treatment have to resort to special options. Sapphire Medical Foundation has worked to reduce this problem this year. They have raised awareness about financial barriers and have also raised funds to help those who are entitled to it. To do this, industry teams walk, run, and swim a 550 km journey from London to the Netherlands.

This trip has great significance in the history of cannabis. Before the UK legalization. Most of the families had to travel from London to the Netherlands in order to access medication. Yet after legalization, British families are still spending hundreds of pounds to get treatment every month. A recent survey showed that around 1. 4 million people in the United Kingdom get cannabis medicine on the black market.

Due to the financial barriers and residual stigma associated with hemp products. People are forced to treat chronic health conditions in this way. Dr. Michael Platt, co-founder of the Sapphire Medical Foundation and consultant pain physician at Sapphire Medical Clinics, explained the effort. “Our teams across the industry are facing the challenge to help raise awareness and funds for the Sapphire Medical Foundation,” he said..

Moreover, he said his organization is committed to reducing financial barriers in cannabis treatment in order to help patients. However, the ongoing pandemic has made fundraising difficult this year.

Although organizations like the Sapphire Medical Foundation are trying to bring down the cost. There is a limit to what they can achieve. The cost of cannabis remains a barrier to access for many patients. These patients miss out on treatment that could be life-changing. Conditions will likely remain that way until the NHS can fully confirm the hemp medication. Although they work on new research topics, several private organizations are also working to educate clinicians with this treatment.

In addition, the government has promised to conduct trials of epilepsy drugs using cannabis. That will likely start next year after we get rid of this pandemic. As for how to help you, you can contribute money to these dedicated NGOs working on cannabis medicine. You can make a donation to the Sapphire Medical Foundation via their website.

Not only will this money help patients in need, it will also help these institutions keep their voices alive. The clinic recently announced a new batch of medicinal cannabis at a lower cost to help reduce financial barriers to access.. This will likely be available to patients soon.

Finally, medical cannabis is a new chapter in medical history. While governments are justified in handling changes and decisions with caution. Slow speed deprives many people of the treatment they deserve. The UK has many medical issues that can be solved by improving access to medical cannabis. Moreover, many people spend their fortunes on private treatments. The government has promised these people high-quality healthcare for free and they should provide it.

Although recent years have been historic in terms of cannabis laws and acceptance. The plant has been around for centuries and has been used by humans for various things. We are just starting to discover the medicinal side of cannabis, however, they have been there for a long time. The plant has a rich history that is closely related to human beings and civilization. Here we have a list of five things about cannabis history that will surprise you.

Although we just discovered the medicinal uses of cannabis, it has been used to treat various things throughout history. Recent studies show evidence of marijuana being used to treat various ailments about 5,000 years ago in Romania. We also see references to medicinal cannabis in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia dating back to 1500 BC. Indians have also used hashish in the form of Bhang.

Surprisingly, people in ancient history smoked marijuana as a treatment for respiratory problems. Historians have shown evidence that doctors in the past recommended smoking cannabis as a treatment for asthma. People in southern Asian parts of the world in the twentieth century used cannabis to treat bronchitis and asthma. Contrary to popular belief, smoking marijuana widens the air passages in the lungs, thus relieving asthma problems..

The US Department of Health and Human Services patents the CBD as a nerve protection agent. The patent, US6630507B1, filed on April 21, 1998, reads that “Hemp contains antioxidant properties unrelated to the NMDA receptor antagonism.. This new discovered property makes hemp useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases related to oxidative stress.

Despite the fact that the United States government recognized the medicinal uses of cannabis more than 22 years ago, the plant is still a controlled substance in the United States. However, the recent wave of legalization has opened up new chapters in the history of cannabis.

While smoking a joint might make you downright, scientists really had to test it. In the 1940s during World War II, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) decided to explore several controlled substances as a potential « truth serum ».. Hemp was also a controlled substance on the list.

Extensive testing was conducted on war criminals and prisoners during this period. They discovered THC was great for relaxing but didn’t work very well as a truth serum. Later, LSD was discovered by intelligence agencies as the best truth medicine during investigations.

The first study of cannabis was conducted as a medicinal drug in patients with epilepsy. During this trial, each patient received a daily dose of CBD. The results of this study are also very interesting. After four months of treatment, all patients had fewer seizures. Additionally, about half of patients stop having seizures at all.

However, at the time this study did not receive much appreciation. This is mainly due to the negative stigma attached to the hemp plant. However, recent research has proven once again that the plant is beneficial to health.

The famous English author loved hemp despite being a creative wizard. While we don’t know if his Creative Wonderland is due to smoking marijuana. We know he did it for the sake of enjoying cannabis every now and then. There is concrete evidence that Shakespeare smoked marijuana from studying the remains in his pipe. Shakespeare used these tubes throughout his life.

Although cannabis has a very scandalous past, it is mainly due to the wrong values ​​people hold. One of the things that the recent elections in the United States have proven is that people are more aware of cannabis now than ever before.

Among the many users of CBD, athletes and athletes are an expanding market of interest to companies. The popularity was so high that in September of 2019, a group of athletes joined together to launch MotiveCBD, a brand dedicated to the needs of the profession..

MotiveCBD introduced products aimed at helping athletes improve their performance and recover from strenuous physical activity. According to Corey Poches, Founder and CEO of MotiveCBD, “We offer a line of constantly tested CBD products, designed to fit any routine, that help athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes recover from sports-related conditions..

Having a full range of CBD products entirely dedicated to athletes and athletes shows that there is great demand for them. For those who still doubt its therapeutic benefits, here are some accounts by professional sports figures who believe in its effectiveness:

Tale Stetson Lee is considered to be the first professional athlete to support hemp in the state of Nevada, and he is not only a user of CBD, but he is also a partner in the companies that sell it. She made a huge leap in faith by attaching herself to KYND Cannabis and MYT at the height of her career.. She believes this attitude was necessary to help break down the stigma associated with drugs.

When it comes to using CBD, she believes its tinctures and creams are very helpful in soothing sore muscles and healing injuries..

Keri Walsh is a professional beach volleyball player with three gold medals. She is the brand ambassador for cbdMD. In her advertising campaigns, she can be seen applying topical lotion to her elbows, possibly to relieve pain. She also uses some cbdMD products to help her sleep and improve her overall health.

When asked to describe her experience with a product of the CBD company she endorses, Judith Hager answered in her three words: supportive, fortify and curative.. She also uses Spirit of Hemp products as a sleep aid and muscle relaxer.

After seeing real-life examples of athletes using CBD to alleviate various conditions, let’s take a look at the science behind it..

The endocannabinoid system in the human body is a very complex system of different chemical processes. As other body mechanisms were discovered relatively recently, scientists are still struggling to understand its actual nature.

From what is known today, ECS contains three important components: cannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. Its main role is to maintain a state of balance in the body and to ensure the smooth function of other physiological processes.

The cannabinoids that make up ECS are strikingly similar to the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Therefore, by feeding exogenous hemp into ECS, many of the imbalances that occur in the body can be successfully resolved.

This explains why CBD and other hemp derivatives work effectively to calm neuropathy, arthritis, seizures, and other physical ailments.. Its effectiveness in treating severe and rare types of seizures was so effective that the FDA finally approved an Epidiolex treatment..

The best part about using CBD to calm any situation is that it is safe. Most people confuse it with THC, the psychoactive component of the hemp plant that causes a feeling of euphoria in users..

To clear this misconception, let’s start from the top. The hemp family produces two strains of plants: hemp and marijuana. CBD can be extracted from both of these sources. Here’s a twist, hemp-derived CBD has a somewhat lower THC than that derived from marijuana.. Although both have the same CBD structures, hemp provides a more purified version.

This is why hemp-derived CBD products are legal throughout the USA. These products can have THC concentration as low as 0. 3% – safe window. This makes it free from side effects like addiction and dependence on the users. So if you are an athlete or someone who loves strenuous exercise, go with your favorite brand of CBD.

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World News – CA – 6 Celebrities Entered Cannabis Industry After Certification – Cannabis Health Insider
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