World News – CA-89X switching formats, Pure Country Windsor Radio premieres in the Detroit Marketplace


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WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA – It was the end of an era for new rock fans in the metro Detroit and Windsor areas like the 89X (88. 7 FM) officially formats Thursday at noon. The Old Rock Station announced this week that it will turn 29 years later as one of the largest rock stations in the area.

The station exited the way I entered by playing Stop! Through Jane’s addiction before moving to the new form.

This format is radically different as the station owner Bell Media debuted Pure County Windsor and a format focused on country music. When the company announced the switching of the format, it warned fans of the 89X that they likely wouldn’t want the change.

“Thirty years is a long time and the time for change has come. Soon there will be a very new and very different sound on the 88. 7FM And to be honest if you are a fan of New Rock you probably don’t like it, ”read a post from the company.

To celebrate the switch’s anniversary, the station plays 10,000 songs live without interruption and holds a contest where the winner gets $ 10,000.. However, since the terminal is located in Canada, it is only open to legal residents of Ontario, Canada.

89X has been known for playing new and alternative rock music that is popular nationally while also making time for local artists with « The Homeboy Show » before it ends.. Detroit area musicians such as Eminem and Kid Rock appeared on the station long before they became world stars.

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World News – CA-89X Key Formats, Pure Country Windsor Radio Station Launched in Detroit Market
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