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LETHBRIDGE, Alb Service Locations (AHS), including Lethbridge Chinook Regional Hospital

Karen Weiers, vice president of the Alberta Provincial Employees Union (A-U-P-E), said members decided to strike to save their jobs and end the privatization of health care

« They also want to solve the growing crisis they see inside – the staffing shortage that is occurring in healthcare as workers are pushed to the breaking point

Weiers also raised one of his biggest concerns about the impact of privatizing certain services

« When you go for privatization it seldom saves money, in fact it often costs more – you end up paying your workers less, you receive fewer benefits and often no pensions So from the money that would have been paid by the public system, that they used to earn a living wage, they would not have as much income to come, affecting their family life and what could have been spent in the community « 

Weiers also noted that many private businesses or corporations, when they pocket their profits, often those profits don’t stay in your community, and sometimes they don’t stay in Alberta or even in our country

The president of A-U-P-E vie confirmed that between 70 and 100 employees had left the regional hospital

« The jobs currently at risk are laundry, housekeeping and food and nutrition – hence dietetics – but they also threaten positions such as LPNs, so that’s a variety of people represented by AUPE. »

Province has announced plans to cut 11,000 AHS jobs and privatize some services Weiers says this is just the first round of cuts they know more cuts are coming for them health care, as well as for other services

« This government has operated on a platform to keep health care public, and we don’t see that here today »

Weiers noted that the strikes had one goal: to save jobs and stop privatization

« How can a Minister of Health announce in the midst of a pandemic that he is cutting frontline worker jobs? “Covid is actually accelerating in this province and the system is going to collapse, because there is no way for workers to maintain the level that is being asked of them now – so not only are these frontline workers going to day by day and day by day, wondering if they are going to catch the virus on their own or take it home to their families, but they also now have to wonder if they will have a job at the end of it all.  »

According to Weiers, there is no accountability when you privatize and the cuts affect us all – not just workers, but all Albertans

Treasury Board President and Minister of Finance Travis Toews issued the following statement on illegal strikes:

« I am aware of a number of illegal strikes in hospitals and health care facilities across the province. The government’s primary concern is to ensure the health and well-being of patients, who have been in danger this morning « 

« Alberta spends 42% of its budget on health – which has increased 17% since 2015 Health spending is at record levels and is expected to reach $ 20 billion this year – that does not include $ 769 million dollars earmarked specifically for COVID-19

« Alberta Health Services Take Immediate Action With The Alberta Labor Relations Board To End This Illegal Activity Those Involved In This Illegal Action Will Be Held Accountable

« I expect all unions to respect the bargaining process, to stop jeopardizing the safety of Albertans and to respect the law »

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