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From Mark Masters

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You’re probably not destined for a feud between Matthew Tkachuk and Zack Kassian, but one day Oilers 2020 first all-rounder Dylan Holloway and Flames 2019 first all-rounder Jakob Pelletier are hoping to be part of the Battle of Alberta. At the moment, however, they are joining forces to develop an important line for Team Canada at the World Juniors.

Will it be harder to hate yourself in the NHL one day if they win gold together?

« I probably think a little, » said Holloway with a grin. « We are close teammates . . . I really enjoy playing with Pelts. He’s super fast, plays very hard and is a very smart player. « 

« Kind words, » said a smiling Pelletier who sat a few meters away during a joint media session.

Holloway, who plays at the University of Wisconsin, and Pelletier, who plays for the Val d’Or Foreurs, have flanked Boston College Center Alex Newhook since the selection camp came out of quarantine. They created instant chemistry in a camp where there was a lack of play facilities.

« Playing with Hollsy and Newy, two quick, intelligent strikers, is pretty easy, » Pelletier said. « I think we complement each other. « 

« Pelts is a guy with a lot of hockey acumen and he’s playing the game right, » noted Team Canada’s head coach. « Newy is strong, can skate very well, can play very well in his zone and Holloway is a guy who can disturb the opponent with his pre-check, can hold on to the puck and is physically very strong. « 

The Holloway-Newhook Pelletier line has been likened to the Kirby Dach line, Canada’s top unit, for the past two scrimmages to keep them in check at even strength. As a result, Tourigny plans to compare this trio to other top lines at the World Juniors.

« That speed is huge in my opinion when it comes to shutting down games quickly, » said Newhook. « I think our line will do very well. Our line brings a lot of speed and a lot of competition. « 

Newhook, a prospect for Colorado Avalanche, is reigning NCAA Rookie of the Year, while Pelletier scored 82 points in 57 games last season.

« We can bring a lot of energy to our team, » said Holloway, who has scored two goals in two NCAA games this season. « I think we are a good defeat line, but I think we can offend too. « 

You’re probably not destined for a Matthew Tkachuk-Zach Kassian-type feud, but one day Oilers First Rounder Dylan Holloway and Flames First Rounder Jakob Pelletier are hoping to be part of the Battle of Alberta. Before they get there, however, they pool their strengths, which turns out to be the key line for Team Canada at the World Juniors. Mark Masters has more.

Team Canada will be using the Oilers’ locker room during the tournament, which means Holloway has an early look at his future excavations while Pelletier stands behind enemy lines. Both agree it’s pretty awesome.

« It’s massive, » said Holloway. « It’s definitely the biggest locker room I’ve ever been to. It is so beautiful. The lounge looks like a hotel lobby. The hot tub, the cold hot tub and then there are so many amenities and cool things. It’s crazy to be there. « 

In a tournament with no fans in the stands, the Oilers’ locker room gives the defending champions a huge advantage over the nine other teams.

« We can perform with the cold tub, hot tub, and space we have, » Pelletier said. « I mean, it’s pretty fun to be in this room. « 

Team Canada made use of the Oilers’ locker room and facilities in the run-up to the tournament and the amenities have impressed the players for all that is available to them.

With positive COVID tests, in which most of the Swedish team will remain in quarantine until Monday and most of the German team in quarantine until Thursday, the IIHF has changed the schedule before the tournament and canceled six games. Sweden and Germany will not play a tuning game while the other eight teams will each play one. Canada’s game against Sweden on Monday is canceled but they face Russia on Wednesday as planned.

There are only five players in Canada’s roster – Holloway, Pelletier, Jordan Spence from Moncton, Dawson Mercer from Chicoutimi and Justin Barron from Halifax – who have qualified for league games this season.

« It’s challenging, but we can also take it as a positive, » said Newhook. « We’re just so overwhelmed to play a meaningful game here and that anticipation and excitement will go very well with the start of the tournament. « . « 

Hockey Canada planned to play 11 games in the lead-up to World Juniors, including three intra-squad scrimmages, six games against Canadian university players, and two games before the tournament. In the end, they’ll only play five.

Team Canada conducted two intra-squad scrimmages before two players tested positive for COVID-19 in the selection camp. After the two-week quarantine, two more scrimmages were played, but the six games against university teams were canceled.

« It’s definitely not ideal, but there’s nothing we can do about it, » said Bowen Byram, Vancouver Giants defender. « We have to play the cards we get. We have to mentally dial in and use this time now to get in the best possible shape. « 

The IIHF has canceled six World Junior Pre-Tournament games due to the positive COVID-19 tests in Germany and Sweden. This now means that Canada will only play one exhibition game before the tournament. How could this affect the future? Craig Button joins SportsCentre to discuss.

While his predecessor Valeri Bragin relied heavily on the 19-year-olds at the World Juniors, the new head coach of the Russian team, Igor Larionov, seems open to playing in prominent roles against youths like defender Daniil Chayka. After playing two seasons with the Guelph Storm, the 18-year-old Chayka has prevailed in seven games at CSKA Moscow this year. He’s waiting to see when the Ontario Hockey League resumes.

« I like his IQ. I like his patience. I like his composure, « said Larionov. « I like the sense of hockey and the way he reads the game, the way he plays the game. « 

Chayka, who ranks No.. 13 on TSN’s list of top 2021 prospects compiled by Bob McKenzie, Larionov won during the Russian summer training camp. And the coach made it clear that he is making himself comfortable giving Chayka the freedom to play games.

« Sometimes you have to be very patient with players like that and let the guys be themselves, » said Larionov. « It’s a pleasure to play with this type of defender as a striker because he knows how to move the puck, how to make quick decisions and how to pass quickly. « . The strikers don’t have to spend too much time going back and getting the puck because Danny knows how to let go of the puck and make a difference. « 

So far, Chayka has positioned himself next to the Calgary Flames prospect Yan Kuznetsov, who plays at the University of Connecticut.

« Yanny’s a big boy, » Larionov said of the 6-foot-4, 209-pounder. « Looks like a man. Good physical presence on the ice. He needs more patience with the puck, and we worked on that in Moscow. I like his honesty. I like his determination. I like his engagement. I spoke to his trainer in UConn. It was nice to see a young man develop so quickly. « 

Russia’s strength at this year’s tournament could be in the network, where Yaroslav Askarow, 11th. Overall winner in October’s NHL Draft, seeking redemption after a shaky World Junior debut last year. Askarov has one . Save 861 percent in five games in Ostrava and was replaced by Amir Miftakhov through the medal round.

« Last year when I was sitting on the bench as an assistant coach, I watched and said to coach Bragin: ‘It will be some time before the young 17 year old goalkeeper has this experience and the experience of expectations and this Pressure, « said Larionov.

« He realizes he has to be better, » Russian goalkeeping coach Nikolai Khabibulin told TSN in an October interview. « I think that could be a little bit my fault too. I urged him to be there. Maybe he wasn’t quite finished yet, but he looked so good in training camp that he was the clear no to me. 1. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but he definitely took that as a lesson. « 

Askarov has a sparkle . 962 percent in seven KHL games this season and seems well positioned for strong World Juniors.

« He’s a year older and a year more experienced and has good games for St. . Petersburg, « said Larionov. « Right now it looks like he has the composure, dexterity and mental strength to play the best tournament of his young life. « 

Khabibulin said Askarov’s style reminds him a little of Andrei Vasilevskiy, and he likes the progress the teenager has made since last season.

« What I like about him is mainly his attitude because he always wants to get better. Plus, with his good size (6-foot-3), he’s very explosive and paces back and forth very quickly. He reads the piece pretty well. He’s not afraid to assert himself, « said Chabibulin. « He’s probably the best puck handler in the KHL right now, which is pretty unusual for a Russian goalkeeper. He’s not afraid of getting off the net. « 

Tony Granato played twice for the World Juniors, but it was a very different tournament when the Wisconsin Badgers forward qualified for the US in 1983 and 1984. The second time the event was in Sweden.

« Gary Suter, Marty Wiitala, Tim Thomas, Jim Johannson, and I played a game at the Dane County Coliseum [in Madison] and after the game we packed our bags, hopped in a van and drove to O’Hare and the airport we had the early flight, like six in the morning, to go to Copenhagen and then on to Sweden, « Granato recalled. « We’re coming to Sweden and jumping into another van. They drove us to the ice rink and we opened our bags and the equipment was still damp from the previous game but we just jumped on the ice and played a World Junior game. From the standpoint of preparation, it was. « 

It’s a very different event now. Holloway, for example, left the team to join Team Canada camp in mid-November. With so many players inactive due to the pandemic, Hockey Canada decided to hold an extended camp this year. Meanwhile, Badger’s sniper Cole Caufield left for USA Hockey camp on December. 10.

Granato, now the head coach of Badgers, believes both guys are poised to perform great in the Edmonton Bubble.

Caufield, a 2019 first-round Canadian, is one of eight returning players on Team USA and has made a scorching start in the NCAA with 12 points in 10 games. The offense is nice, but what Granato sees is a rounder player who is reliable defensively.

« This year he’s been focused, he’s made great strides, » said Granato. « The last series we played against Ohio State before he went to the World Juniors was his best series. He’s very proud of it and he’s well on his way to putting himself in a really good position to be ready for Montreal soon. « 

Previous seasons Caufield played with Jack Hughes on the USA Hockey National Team Development Program and then with Alex Turcotte in Wisconsin. Both centers like to have the puck on their stick. This year, Caufield is adapting its game and adding a new element to it.

« He’s started carrying the puck on the ice a lot more, » noted Granato. « He wanted the puck to get out of the D zone and through the neutral zone early and I think he was trying to improve that part of his game and become more complete that way. « . « 

And Caufield, who led the Big 10 as a rookie, is getting even better offensively.

« I’ve been fortunate to play with some great goalscorers and these guys want the puck to shoot all the time, whether it’s in practice, if it’s in warm-up, » said Granato, the 13th player played NHL seasons including seven with the Los Angeles Kings. « Luc Robitaille was probably one of the best I have ever played with and if there was a puck on the ice he would shoot it into the net and Cole is the same. « 

Holloway only played two games before leaving for Canada’s camp, though his progress was evident.

« He was an underage player last year, » noted Granato. « He became a consistent goalscorer towards the end, but he had a lot of chances and it was just one of those years when the numbers didn’t look as good as he played. « 

As a freshman, Holloway scored 17 points in 35 games but got hotter when the pandemic disrupted the season with five goals in his last 10 games. Now, having been picked by the Oilers in the first round in October, Granato sees a player oozing with confidence.

« His first two games at Notre Dame, a difficult place, a big, dragging team that defends really well, I thought he was the best player on the ice, » enthused Granato.

Holloway was recognized by Alan Millar, a member of the Tourigny and Hockey Canada management group, for his play in the selection camp.

« He’s a complete player who is strong on his skates, » said Granato. “You want him to play a meal game? He can. Want him to play a game of skill? He can do that. Want him to block PK shots on the ice? He can do that. You want him at the front of the PP? He will do that. He’s so versatile with what he brings to your team. He has a spectacular year ahead of him. He is now at the top of his game. « 

For Holloway this is his first World Juniors. For Caufield, this is a chance of repayment after a quarter-finals a year ago.

« Every time you put on the colors of your country, whether it’s juniors, world championships, olympic games or whatever, don’t forget those moments, » said Granato. « I have these jerseys. I look at them often. I pinch myself and say, « Holy cow, I’ve had many opportunities to represent the United States in various tournaments. « There is no better feeling than having this opportunity. « 

Wisconsin’s manager Tony Granato says Badgers forwards Cole Caufield and Dylan Holloway are prepared for the world’s great juniors. Granato likes how Caufield has become a more versatile player and believes Holloway is riding a wave of confidence after finishing last season strong. Granato also shared his memories of playing at the World Juniors and offered insights into Michigan defender Owen Power, a top draft for 2021.

While most of the players on Team Sweden and Team Germany are in quarantine, there are some players who have been released from their rooms because they previously had a positive COVID-19 test which provides personal immunity and they therefore saying no creates a risk of infection for others.

Swedish team doctor Ryan Allenby spoke after overseeing seven Swedish players in a small practice session on Friday night. He was hired to do the work because two Swedish employees tested positive for COVID-19. Allenby is not without hockey experience, however, and even has a Canadian connection when he was Jr. . B-hockey for the Chilliwack Chiefs.

Quinn – Cozens – roof
Holloway – Newhook – Pelletier
Perfetti – McMichael – Cancer
Zary – Byfield – Tomasino
Suzuki, Mercer

Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Canada, Battle of Alberta

World News – CA – Alberta’s future rivals Dylan Holloway, Jacob Pelletier, join Canada’s breakout line – TSN together. approx.
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