World News – CA – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and more form alliance for 6G leadership


5G networks may only be in their infancy, but a new group made up of some of the biggest names in wireless and tech have joined to form the’ Next G Alliance »ATIS aiming to be a leader in 6G and beyond

Specifically focused on North American leadership in 6G, the list includes the four largest US mobile operators AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular, as well as big hitters like Facebook, Microsoft and Qualcomm Operators Canadians Bell Canada and Telus are also founding members, as are Ciena, InterDigital, JMA Wireless and Telnyx

Ericsson, based in Sweden, and Nokia, based in Finland, as well as Samsung in South Korea are all part of the Next G Alliance The aim of the alliance is the leadership of the North American 6G market, covering the entire range of R&D, manufacturing, standardization and market readiness

Infrastructure providers are major 5G providers to major US carriers, among other customers, and major North American market stakeholders Ericsson launched a 5G smart factory in Texas, where it produced US-A station. commercial 5G base

On its website, the Next G Alliance declared that founding membership was open to companies that « provide products, services, software or applications for use in US commercial, private or government networks or to operate communications networks , multimedia or cloud services in the North American market ”He noted organizations that have been banned from federal contracting by agencies within the US government – as Chinese Huawei has been – are not allowed to become founding members

More founding members are expected to join Next G Alliance, with a number of companies still in their business review process, says Susan Miller, ATIS President and CEO Those announced today are all members of the ATIS

While this is not the only goal, Miller told FierceWireless that an important goal of the alliance is to influence the US government funding priorities and actions that can incentivize the communications technologies

As to whether there was a lack of coordination and a 5G roadmap, Miller said the alliance was not a comment on how 5G got started Instead, ATIS sees and wants to take advantage of « the opportunity and strength that can come from aligning as an industry as we think about 6G and beyond »

There was the so-called ‘5G race’ and the focus continued to not let countries, especially China, get ahead of technological advancements Last year, there was also some concern whether there was a need to encourage more local technologies as global competition increased Earlier this year, ATIS presented its own roadmap, calling for action to keep the US ahead of 6G The Next G Alliance builds on this vision

« As countries around the world embark on ambitious 6G research and development initiatives, it is essential that North American industry decides to develop a collaborative roadmap to advance its position as a global leader in the world. over the next decade, ”Miller said in a statement. « This is exactly what the work of the Next G Alliance does – from research to commercialization – and it lays the foundation for a vibrant marketplace for North American innovation in future generations of mobile technology. » p>

The alliance initially focuses on three strategic actions which are broadly presented as follows:

Many areas of the 6G lifecycle that the alliance focuses on, such as R&D, manufacturing, etc., were processed independently for 5G and on different time frames, Mike Nawrocki, vice president of technology at ATIS Solutions &, told Fierce

“What we saw as a real benefit for the Next G Alliance… is just a much more cohesive approach where all of these different stages of development are linked and where we can use the results of one stage to really encourage the development in the next step, ”said Nawrocki

Senior Research Director at ABI Research Dimitris Mavrakis posted a comment stating that the Next G Alliance is an important step in establishing the US and Canada at the center of 6G developments

“North America has lagged behind other 5G regions, mainly due to the lack of a continent-based Tier 1 infrastructure provider, but the Next G alliance aims to create a coalition to make North America a clear leader in 6G « Said Mavrakis » This does not necessarily mean that geographic fragmentation is looming in 6G, but rather that companies with US and Canadian interests will have a unified voice and will push together for one goal: to make America North the undisputed leader of 6G and beyond « 

The Next G Alliance plans to hold its first meeting in November Founding members will appoint a steering group and working groups will be created and launched in early 2021

Verizon launches nationwide with 5G, powered by dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) – just in time to support the 5G version of the iPhone

Ericsson says testing has shown its spectrum sharing solution can be deployed on a 5G dual-mode Autonomous Network (AS)

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