World News – CA – Berkshire Hathaway Stock is a solid buy in pandemic panic


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A few years ago, billionaire Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRKB) entertained the idea that he was related to tropical rock singer Jimmy Buffett Even without com verdict ancestry, this might make sense to Berkshire Hathaway stock owners Buffett the artist is famous for « Margaritaville »; Buffett the investor for his annual meeting of shareholders dubbed “Berkyville” Jimmy sometimes plays the ukulele in concert; Warren plays one in his presentations

And perhaps most important – as if this benchmarking exercise has revealed investment secrets so far – the two have careers built on sweetness While Jimmy has found fame in the pursuit of this salt shaker lost, Warren found fortune looking for valuable investments worth their salt They barely make blood pumped for adrenaline junkies

In fact, Berkshire is playing the boring role of a financial services provider, not that its profits induce yawns Up nearly 50% in five years, Berkshire Hathaway stock is making steady gains, rising continuously Until new coronavirus infects all of Wall Street in Q1 of 2020 Back in shape, Berkshire has the makings of a contender in 2021 Here’s what could be next for Oracle’s baby of Omaha

Remarkably, the Berkshire Hathaway stock is down just 55% year over year, a testament to its resilience after a coronavirus mini-crash Again, I want to highlight how this hell month between mid-February and mid-March spared almost no investment sector Berkshire lost almost 30% but remarkably recovered almost everything

What do analysts think? He is overweight, but not by many Two call this a ‘buy’, an ‘overweight’ and three a ‘hold’ « But it should be noted that no one recommends selling and the average target price is 231 $ 04 If he hits that target, Berkshire would see a 15% gain While it doesn’t exactly work with bulls, you can certainly call it a nice steady walk

Not that BRKB has been invincible The past four quarters have produced some sort of bouncing ball in terms of earnings The fourth quarter of 2019 missed expectations by a mile – $ 1.81 per share versus the projected $ 239 – and the following earnings report was also missed Then came a solid beat in the second quarter of this year, with the next earnings report due in November 6

Like many of Warren Buffett’s acolytes I love Berkshire Hathaway stock because the man behind it adheres to sound investing principles that border on timelessness. He built his fortune on the theories of Benjamin Graham recorded in a classic 1949 book, « The Intelligent Investor »

Speaking of timeless, Buffett and his billionaire partner Charlie Munger are both 90 years old.They built their wealth and rich lives on a formula so simple that some graphics buffs wouldn’t care: invest in companies quality at reasonable prices Berkshire itself embodies both sides of this coin

Across any portfolio, Berkshire Hathaway stock fits a riskier niche than bonds, but safer than many investments In an age when hot sectors such as electric vehicles and ridesharing services remain unsettled proven and perilous, no one will say that about BRKB Not by a super-super long shot

I know, I know: the young males who play in the market via Robinhood often trade guts and bravado Make no mistake about it you can make a profit this way sometimes murder But the temptations to gamble and to follow lemmings are also formidable forces

Meanwhile, investing theories rank up there with diets; many so-called experts have their theories and many are talking about the hype rather than a track record

Why give in to the forces of greed, ignorance and the Vegas mentality? Buying Berkshire Hathaway stock is smart because the people behind are smart and have seen more investment success over a longer period of time than you and me ever If you want to follow in someone’s footsteps, why not follow in Warren Buffett’s footsteps? However, if you’re hoping to make a fortune singing to pot-bellied men in hideous tropical shirts, maybe Jimmy is the best role model

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World news – CA – Berkshire Hathaway stock is a solid buy in pandemic panic


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