World News – CA – Bobby Orr approves of Trump, calling him ‘the kind of teammate I want’


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Bobby Orr stands by his postmark as the NHL stamp series unveils the original six defensemen at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on Thursday Oct 2, 2014 (Hannah Yoon / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Orr approved the reelection candidacy of US President Donald Trump

The Boston Bruins legend took out a full-page ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Friday, calling Trump « the kind of teammate I want »

The ad, which includes a photo of Orr and Trump giving a « thumbs up » gesture, was released less than a week before the US election Tuesday, Nov 3

Trump’s tumultuous first term in office has been beset in recent months by high rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths, as well as protests in major US cities against racism and police brutality that have at times turned violent

Parry Sound, OntarioOrr, born Orr, says Trump came for Americans « regardless of race, gender or position in life »

The 72-year-old has played almost all of his 12 seasons with the Bruins, winning two Stanley Cups, eight Norris Trophies and three Hart Trophies He ended his career with the Chicago Blackhawks

Other top athletes who have recently endorsed Trump include golf legend Jack Nicklaus and former NFL quarterback Brett Favre

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World News – CA – Bobby Orr endorses Trump, calling him ‘the kind of teammate I want  »


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