World News – CA – Changes to fix false flags on no-fly list come into effect


Major changes to prevent Canadian children from being falsely flagged on the no-fly list officially come into effect, giving families new options to avoid airport delays and stress to be refused boarding

For years, a group of Canadians with young children whose names match those on the no-fly list have pushed the federal government to find a solution to reorganize passenger screening

The government implemented a testing system earlier this year that gave these families the ability to apply for a unique and designated Canadian travel number He also assumes the responsibility of cross-checking the passenger lists with the airlines’ no-fly list

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The ability to submit online applications for these new travel numbers should open within the next two weeks

Regulations that put these changes into effect come into effect Wednesday, a move the government says will reduce discrimination and better protect the privacy of Canadian travelers

« We have assured worried parents that we will work to make sure this does not happen again, » Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Question Period on Wednesday

« We can all agree that 10 year olds shouldn’t have to worry about being publicly singled out while trying to watch their favorite hockey team in action »

The No Fly List Kids group has been advocating for change for several years now, sharing their personal stories of children falsely flagged up by airlines after their names match those of someone else on Canada’s no-fly list. flight

Among these, group founder Khadija Cajee, who shared how her 10-year-old son Adam has been repeatedly reported as having a name that matches or closely matches someone on the list

For this reason, the family regularly faces additional security checks which can result in hours of delay

It took us 5 years of & advocacy to navigate the inner workings of a complex, multi-faceted government machine to get here, but today changes designed to correct false flags on the ban list of theft go into effect @NoFlyListKids https: // tco / AFMMzEcCBw @ iclmg @ AlexNeve24 @bccla @nccm #canpoli

It will go under the radar today, but this is a bright spot and the result of 5 years of government action from @NoFlyListKids & Our 6 year old son will be able to fly with us without the hassle & stigma which has resulted since its birth It impacts tens of thousands of 🇨🇦s https: // tco / BHGgeCg35B

The federal government allocated $ 80 million in Budget 2018 to address the problem, which then Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale explained at the time would require building a new system IT from scratch, and a lot of that funding hasn’t started until this last exercise

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World news – CA – Changes to correct false flags on no-fly list come into effect
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