World News – CA – Chiefs at Buccaneers to score: Tyreek Hill escapes Tampa Bay with the best getaway of his career and flirts with NFL records


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This was a game that has been referred to by many as a heavyweight fight between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, and it was everything considered between the two of them in relation to their NFL careers, but it was anything but that first quarter – Tyreek Hill gutted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their way to helping the Kansas City Chiefs take a pivotal 27:24 win at Raymond James Stadium. Mahomes used Hill as a fillet knife all afternoon, gutting the Buccaneers at every turn, bringing Hill to the best 269 yards of his career with three touchdowns that day.

Brady and the Buccaneers tried to fight back in the second quarter, and the Chiefs threatened to take a 24 point lead from the Buccaneers’ 8-yard line before halftime than Shaq Barrett Mahomes defensive end for one Sack defeated Fummel recovered from William Gholston. That gave Brady the momentum needed to come up with an answer after fighting much of the half. He hit Ronald Jones for a throw that turned into a 37-yard touchdown to reduce the Chiefs’ lead to just 10 points before Kansas City knocked out a field goal to stretch it to 13 points before halftime.

Mahomes took those kicks and countered with more haymakers in the second half, bringing the reigning Super Bowl champions to a 10-1 record and the Buccaneers further behind the New Orleans Saints – the Sunday NFC South distance won. Tampa Bay has a lot going for it including how not to let a receiver take over a game.

Those two things may not often look the same, as the Chiefs demonstrated on Sunday afternoon – they fly towards a monster in the first quarter before being forced to show that they can hold a head start in the fourth quarter without their leadership early game explosiveness. The latter was just as impressive as the former, if not nearly as entertaining, but then again, not much compares to entertainment value when a recipient promotes 205 receiving yards and two touchdowns in a quarter (unless you’re the team trying to defend him). Mahomes used Hill like a machine gun in the first and third quarters, but when the clip ran out in the fourth quarter and the defense slacked off a bit, Brady was able to make it a three-point game in the waning minutes of the reigning Super Bowl MVP, who did it made sure there was no back-and-forth victory orchestrated by the future First Electoral Hall of Famer.

While Mahomes tortured the Buccaneers with his arm all night, it was his legs that gave the Chiefs a key on the final drive of the game, forcing Tampa Bay to honor them for the game that would seal the game the first-down throw to third-and-12 – sealed the win and brought his series record against Brady to an even 2-2. We thank the chief’s defense for giving Brady two interceptions as well, but Kansas City did well in a cool third quarter with Mahomes in 12th. Week vigorously got on my nerves, zero points lost.

The analysis could really stop there, but I’ll go ahead and find that in addition to what Hill was allowed to do to them, the privateers also urged their defenses to stay on the field for far too long in this competition. The Chiefs won the possession battle time by a whopping 13 minutes and 34 seconds (36:47 total), talking about asking too much when a defensive front hits Mahomes seven times, fires him twice, and forces him to lose a fumble no formula for success, asking her on the last ride of the game to do more of this with only half a lung. The Buccaneers Pass Rush needed help from the guys behind them and never really got it. 456 yards passed in the day and 261 yards were sent to a single receiver.

To be fair, late in the fourth quarter, the beleaguered secondary witnessed Mahomes’ lone interception that would have given Brady another possession, but the passerby penalty against Jason Pierre-Paul – who otherwise had a solid day – negated the takeaway and held the ball in the chiefs’ hands. It’s the little things that killed the buccaneers in this game, but also the big things that got them hooked in a fight but had a chance to win if they got out of the way and into that of the chiefs.

You’d think the tipping point came before this game – the game’s third touchdown for Tyreek Hill – but it was this visit to the end zone that turned out to be the one the buccaneers couldn’t get past. It dropped the Chiefs to 27 points that evening and created just enough deficits to keep Brady’s magic in check.

There is usually only one game in this category, but if you have a night like Hill you earn two slots. The first is a 75-yard touchdown – the longest of the Chiefs this season – with Hill tossing up the peace sign as he retires.

Brady has been known to have become allergic to shaking hands with the opposing quarterback during a loss, but what if the opposing quarterback is Patrick Mahomes?

Verdict: « There is no way Tom Brady would skip the handshake with Patrick Mahomes. The backlash for that would have been out of this world. « – Jack Crosby of CBS Sports

The Chiefs take home their 10-1 record to try and see rivals Denver Broncos as the Buccaneers go into the late season in Week 14 to lick their wounds and rebound against the Minnesota Vikings to try.

Mahomes is a wizard. This game could be what this game wins for the Chiefs – assuming the rest of the dominoes fall in their favor. He’s been using his arm all day and the Bucs have forgotten that he can do it with his legs too.

. @ MikeEvans13_ is now second in the league with 11 TDs in the season. #GoBucs picture. Twitter. com / pPL7epeM61

Another TD toss to Evans when he syncs with Brady late in the game (both TDs in fourth quarter). It’s a three point game now and the Chiefs have no choice but to answer.

What a brutal punishment for JPP (roughing the passerby) to deny interception by Mahomes. Ouch. . .

For the recording, the call was a textbook. You can’t hit a QB in the head / face. You hate when you’re a Bucs fan and that’s fair, but that’s the reputation.

In fourth and third places, Brady eventually ties up with Evans for a touchdown. The two weren’t on the same side at all that night, but they were in that game to make it a 10 point game in the final regular session.

Another INT from Brady and this time it’s Tyrant Mathieu on the chief’s 24-yard line. The Bucs can’t avoid the Bucs, or rather, the Chiefs won’t avoid the Bucs.

This drop from Hardman would have broken back the Bucs if it hadn’t already broken. Hardman was looking at nothing but green on what should have been an 89-yard touchdown throw from Mahomes.

46 yard scuba diving and that’s the kind of game Brady needs his receivers for. Much is needed for Tampa Bay, but it is negated by Breelands’ interception. And just like that, the Bucs take one step forward and four steps back.

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World news – CA – Chiefs score at Buccaneers: Tyreek Hill escapes Tampa Bay with the best excursion of his career , flirting with NFL records
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