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Outgoing NDP candidate Bowinn Ma responded to comments made about her by British Columbia Liberal candidate Jane Thornthwaite

« As a woman who has worked in male-dominated industries all my life so far, unfortunately I’m no stranger to casual sexism, » Ma said in a social media post on Sunday morning.

« Like many women in these situations, I found myself making choices about how I act, dress, or behave to prevent sexist interpretations from being read in my interactions – interactions like that, for example, deliberately speaking closely with an elder who is very hard of hearing

« This is a burden women shouldn’t have to bear when they are just trying to live their lives and do their jobs »

Ma says Thornthwaite sexualized his interactions with a fellow MP, as Ma tried to “spread kindness across partisan lines.” The video in question can be viewed below

“Young women deserve a province that encourages them to take on leadership roles without fear of sexism,” Ma said. “If we want more young women and people of color to enter politics, we need to get involved to create environments that respect them The comments and reactions in this video do exactly the opposite « 

On Sunday morning at 11:25 am, Thornwaite again posted on Twitter to say that his comments « fell flat and were inappropriate »

« I wholeheartedly apologize for making these comments, » she said « I have also contacted Bowinn Ma to apologize directly to her I pledge to do better to move on from the before « 

Recent comments by a British Columbia Liberal candidate at a Zoom meeting were called a « disgusting » example of sexism by an NDP candidate

Katrina Chen, outgoing NDP candidate for Burnaby-Lougheed, tweeted on Saturday after a video clip was released in which several British Columbia Liberal MPs, including Party Leader Andrew Wilkinson, were hosting a « roast By retired West Vancouver MP Ralph Sultan

Jane Thornthwaite, outgoing British Columbia Liberal candidate for North Vancouver-Seymour, at one point starts talking about Bowinn Ma, outgoing British Columbia NDP candidate for North Vancouver-Lonsdale

« Bowinn is, you know, a very pretty lady and she knows she has ‘that’, Thornthwaite says as the rest of the group laugh.

I will not edit this
I’d rather hear from women about what they think of this clip
I’m sharing because a woman contacted me and asked me to do so (her email below tweet) #bcpoli picTwittercom / AiDwFmBT7F

“This type of behavior makes my blood boil,” Chen tweeted “This is one of the reasons why it is difficult for women, young women and mother sisters to get into politics Sexism exists , many of us have been through it But coming from a group of politicians – it’s a new low This can’t be tolerated « 

Lots of people also tweeted why none of the other people in the Zoom chat, including Wilkinson, called the comments Some also tweeted wondering what Thornthwaite meant by « that » about Ma

In response to the video, Spring Hawes, NDP candidate for Kelowna West, tweeted: « I ask you to choose leaders that you respect and who respect you in this election »

At 10 a.m. on Sunday, Thornthwaite tweeted a response: « I have immense respect for all the women pushing through glass ceilings I’m one of them So is Bowinn Ma Ralph Sultan has the same respect and a soft spot for his fellow engineer at UBC, and I shed some light on it during a roast I have always supported and will always support more women in politics « 

The Zoom video drew fire not only from the BC NDP but also from Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau

“This is appalling,” Furstenau tweeted “If women aren’t warm in the workplace, we get blasted as rude If we’re friendly, we get this”

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News from the world – CA – British Columbia Liberal candidate comments labeled sexist, disgusting – BC News


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