World News – CA – Cop surprised by video slamming black woman handcuffed to the ground headfirst


Video from the ongoing assault trial of a Calgary police officer shows the cop violently beating a handcuffed black woman to the ground, causing blood to pool under her face

The video was shown on CBC News during Const Alex Dunn’s ongoing assault trial following the arrest of Dalia Kafi in December 2017

It shows Dunn approaching Kafi, who was 26 when the video was taken, and grabs his headscarf while they are at a police arrest processing facility Kafi pulls himself out of his grip, at which point Dunn seems to tear off the scarf Then he turns it over, slamming her head into the ground

Kafi lies on the ground, barely moving, as Dunn grabs his right wrist behind his back After about 15 seconds another officer approaches the pair and Dunn steps back As Kafi straightens up, a pool of blood becomes visible on the ground

In a statement provided to VICE News, Calgary Police said concerns over Dunn’s behavior were initially raised by a supervisor and that Dunn was charged following an internal investigation

The statement says Dunn was initially suspended with pay pending trial, but due to court delays and COVID-19 he was allowed to return to work in « non-operational duties »

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« To ensure that the judicial process is not unfairly influenced, we are limited in the completion of our internal disciplinary process until the judicial process is completed, » the statement said.

Calgary Police Staff Sgt Gordon Macdonald testified in court that Dunn’s conduct was « the worst use of force I have seen », according to CBC

He described the slamming as a ‘judo-style throw Then he said he called the paramedics and told Dunn to back off He said Kafi’s behavior did not justify Dunn’s reaction

Kafi was arrested after being arrested in a car while violating a 10 pm curfew court ruling

According to CBC, she said she was with a friend who offered to drive her home, but Dunn arrested them for turning on a yellow light

Kafi initially tried to lie about her identity, but it eventually came to light and was arrested for violating the court order Dunn then took her to the arrest processing facility

In a recent ruling, an Alberta judge said several Calgary police officers violated a suspect’s Charter rights by making fun of his injuries from a police dog bite

According to the Calgary Police statement, their internal investigation into Dunn will determine « whether the force was reasonable » and whether he faces disciplinary action, including dismissal

« In general terms, police officers are trained to defuse a conflict and use the least amount of force necessary to resolve a situation safely. We expect them to follow the law, our policies and our training, » said the press release

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World News – CA – Police officer caught video slamming black woman handcuffed headfirst into the ground


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