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CJ McCollum did not miss his chance to troll Paul George and the Clippers after the LA team bowed out of the playoffs unceremoniously.

There was beef between Lillard and Paul George that made the news during the seeding games. George and Beverley apparently said ‘Cancun on 3’, implying that Lillard wouldn’t qualify for the playoffs and instead go on vacation early. Lillard responded by calling George the equivalent of a mercenary.

Given the bad blood between the Blazers and the Clippers, McCollum’s reactions are totally warranted. The Blazers combo guard was drinking in celebration during the 4th quarter. At one point, when everybody realized that the Clippers were virtually out of the game, McCollum tweeted the following:

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He followed that up with this one. It was a direct reference to the Cancun dig thrown at Lillard by Beverley. Former teammate Pat Connaughton replied to this tweet too.

If they fly private they can get into Mexico for sure. Should probably get the big jet.

In fairness, he did display some astonishment to the Clippers folding up in such abject fashion.

I am shocked . I thought there was no way they would lose this series. I honestly can’t believe it. I thought they would win before it. Then they got up 3-1 and I thought it was over

I’m not enjoying this. I had the clippers in the finals after we lost. Now I look crazy.

My last tweet before I finish this glass. They did vote they ain’t wanna play no more. . . But I didn’t think they was gonna go out like that 😂

@patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂

It ain’t Pat Bev fault though he got above his average and did his job …

He still seems beside himself with glee. As does most of Lakers nation and the NBA fandom.

This one of them days where you don’t read your mentions. Gotta log out and give someone else the password 😂


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