World News – CA – Dr Fauci Warns These States About COVID ‘Risk’


Coronavirus cases are on the rise, with experts and politicians debating why, but just one number should thrill people on either side of the aisle: a decrease in hospital beds in some hard-hit countries In an interview with the Washington Post, Dr Anthony Fauci, the country’s foremost infectious disease expert, said some states « never had a good enough supply of intensive care beds and things like that Hope they are going to be fine, but it’s always a risk that as you scale up they are going to run out of capacity, « Fauci said Read on to see which conditions are struggling and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these sure signs you’ve had coronavirus before

North Dakota health officials say only 200 regular beds and 20 in intensive care units are vacant, due to increase in hospitalizations The New York Times put a human face on the toll : « When she died of Covid-19 on Oct 6, Elvia Ramirez was just 17 years old and had started her final year at Parshall High School on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota Elvia was planning to marry her longtime boyfriend and hoped to go to university She had promised to take some of her younger siblings to Disneyland one day, « they reported on Sunday. « Instead, she became the youngest person in the state to die from the virus to date »

« Percentage of positive Covid-19 tests in South Dakota climbed to 46% This is more than eight times the 5% threshold recommended by the World Health Organization for opening companies, « reports the Wall Street Journal » As Covid cases sweep across the US and Europe, South Dakota and North Dakota have a distinct position: each has more new cases of the virus per capita than every other state has seen it since the start of the pandemic South Dakota has the most and North Dakota the second « 

Some hospitals are understaffed as a result « Almost one in five patients in North Dakota hospitals has COVID-19, largest proportion of these patients in the country South Dakota has second highest proportion of hospitalized patients with coronavirus, « USA Today reports

« As Utah set another daily record with 2,292 new cases of COVID-19 and state officials sent residents a cell phone alert about the rapid spread, an infectious disease expert has bluntly warned: ‘We are failing to control the epidemic,’ « reports the Salt Lake Tribune. » The numbers don’t lie, « said Dr Eddie Stenehjem, doctor at Intermountain Healthcare, according to the newspaper » Not only our cases are increasing, but our test positivity rate is also increasing indicating that there is widespread community transmission « Hospitalizations and deaths are also increasing » This is compelling evidence that this is not just an increase in testing This is a widespread community , resulting in pain, suffering and death, ”said Stenehjem

« Almost eight months after the start of this public health crisis, Nevada has passed 100,000 cases of COVID-19 in our state and we have lost nearly 1,800 fellow Nevadans to this virus We are not turning around the corner in this pandemic, ”said Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak “Now is not the time to get complacent or give in to COVID fatigue Especially on Nevada Day, I implore all residents to tap into their Battle Born minds and work together to keep up with public health measures including including wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing, avoiding large crowds, and washing hands frequently »

As for you, no matter where you live, do as Gov Sisolak advised: wear a face mask, practice social distancing, avoid crowds, wash your hands frequently and to get through this pandemic the best you can don’t miss these 35 places where you’re most likely to catch COVID

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News from around the world – CA – Dr Fauci warns these states of the COVID « risk »


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