World News – CA – Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old son calls him again for being a deadpan dad, shows how his dad ignores his IG DMs and Facetime calls


Earlier this week Dwight’s 12-year-old son Braylon called his dad about ignoring him and being a deadpan dad on Instagram video

On Wednesday, Dwight brought up the situation with his son during an appearance on the Frank Ski radio show and denied that he was an unemotional dad because he was a good « supplier » « 

« Unfortunately, I haven’t. It’s a lot going on, but it’s personal I prefer to keep this side out »

« No matter what happens I love my son I will never disrespect his mother One day we can overcome this toxicity and realize that we live in a time when they are killing a lot of our black men And I want nothing to ever happen to my son He’s too precious His voice is awesome He has a great mind He has a spiritual bent and I don’t want any part of his life to be taken away by whose toxic behavior whatever I love him to death he knows it He will always know that Braylon had the best life he can have He went to the best schools I have been a provider to him Everything he always has needed or wanted he always had him And I would never put him in a situation like this He’s my firstborn son He’s got my name and I’ll always take care of him But I think it’s gonna be great for all of us We just need to be able to change our state of mind, how we talk, how we act and like nt we treat each other So instead of responding out of hate, I’m going to keep responding out of love It’s too much hate and negativity « 

After Dwight’s radio interview, Braylon called his father on Instagram again, showing screenshots showing how his father ignores his Instagram DMs and facetime calls

Dwight should just pick up the phone and have a conversation with his son to try and work things out with him

Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers

World News – CA – Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old son calls him out again for being a mortal father, shows how his father ignores its IG DM and Facetime calls


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