World News – CA – Emilia Clarke goes skydiving for her 34th birthday!


CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 15: Actress Emilia Clarke attends the European premiere of’ Solo: A Star Wars Story ‘at Palais des Festivals on May 15, 2018 in Cannes, France (Photo by Antony Jones / Getty Images for Disney)

Emilia Clarke is the sweetheart of the world As Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones she has always been very serious and intense, but in life she couldn’t be more bubbly and approachable

Clarke’s days as the Mother of Dragons may be behind her, but she’s still taking flight Today is her 34th birthday and to celebrate she went skydiving

What could correspond to the deep existential terror of another anniversary? Jumping out of a fucking plane #whosaysyoucanonlyflydragons? #freeeeeeeeeefaaaalllliiiinnnggggg # 🥳 #myfacialexpressionstellyouallyouneedtoknow #mymothermyhero #birthdaybluestakeapunch Thank you Hinton Sky Diving for the most exhilarating experience of my life!

« What could be the deep existential terror of another anniversary? » she asks « Jumping out of a fucking plane is that » I can’t dispute that I would also like to draw everyone’s attention to her list of hilarious hashtags, especially #WhoSaysYouCanOnlyFlyDragons I imagine jumping from a plane in the sky is much better than sitting on a giant mechanical bull against a green screen and pretending to fly

Also, I just found out today that Clarke and I are exactly one week apart, so I’m happy to share the Mother of Dragons’ astrological vibes!

While we’re talking about funny pictures of Emilia Clarke, she also shared one of her adorable AF dogs Just look at the wide-eyed expression of love it gives us:

Happy birthday to Emilia Clarke, mother of the theater, queen of Hollywood and the first wigs, and 34 years old! imageTwittercom / Jp4j1GfsbJ

Here’s our info on Emilia Clarke for the day, but in the meantime, don’t forget to wish Mother of Dragons a very happy birthday!

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Emilia Clarke

News from around the world – CA – Emilia Clarke goes skydiving for her 34th birthday!



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