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World News – CA – Fact check and news coverage of the 2020 Final Presidential Debate

President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden face off in their second and final presidential debate of 2020 Follow here for the latest updates and fact checks

President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden clashed tonight in the final presidential debate of 2020, where they discussed the coronavirus pandemic, foreign interference in US elections, immigration and more

If you’re just logging in, here are some key lines and moments of the night:

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden just completed their second and final presidential debate on the 2020 election

CNN snap poll of debate watchers reveals 53% of observers believed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won last presidential debate Meanwhile, 39% said Donald Trump has become a winner

Keep in mind: the poll represents a sample of debate watchers and is not representative of the entire country In this set of debate watchers, around 32% of people were Democrats, 31% were Republicans and the rest were independent

Arguably, the debate did little to change candidates’ preferences Before the debate, among this group, Biden had a favorable rating of 55% He rose slightly to 56% after the President Trump had a favorable rating of 42% before the debate and it fell to 41% after the debate

Observers were also asked if they thought the candidates’ attacks on each other were fair About 73% said Biden’s attacks on Trump were fair Only 26% said they were not fair

In contrast, 50% said Trump’s attacks on Biden were fair, but 49% of debate watchers said they were not fair

« To me that suggests the race is leaving this debate the way it started, which as you know is currently an advantage for Biden, » reports CNN’s David Chalian

Learn more about the poll: CNN’s post-debate poll was conducted by the SSRS by telephone and includes interviews with 585 registered voters who watched the 22 presidential debate Results among debate watchers have a margin sampling error of plus or minus 57 percentage points

Respondents were originally interviewed earlier this month by phone or online, and said they plan to watch the debate and would be willing to be interviewed again once it is completed. Respondents initially reached online are members of the SSRS Opinion Panel, a nationally representative probability-based panel.

At the end of tonight’s last presidential debate, President Trump maintained a similar speaking time lead that he maintained throughout the debate, speaking for about three minutes longer than the former Vice President Joe Biden

The Biden campaign has said it believes Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden managed to « reverse the scenario » on President Trump during tonight’s debate as he tried to take stock of the Hunter Biden’s foreign trade relations instead focused on the president’s taxes – a time when the campaign feels he has delivered well

« Biden has put him on the defensive with his answers on Trump’s taxes, » said a campaign adviser to Biden. « Completely flipped the script on him »

Biden also closed this part of the debate by saying the election was not about the families of the two candidates but rather the American family – a key message the campaign had hoped he would bring home in this debate

It was also one of those moments when Biden turned directly to the camera, a strategy he leaned into more after his first debate, as his advisers felt it was a way to connect with voters

As Joe Biden boarded his flight from Nashville to Wilmington, he briefly responded to a few questions from the press When asked how he thought the debate went, Biden said:  » Well it’s up to the audience to judge I felt good and I thought the moderator had done a great job of making it work properly and so it was a lot of much more rational debate than the first one, ”he said. « I had the chance to speak more to the American public, so thank you very much »

« Joe Biden has been a Washington politician for almost 50 years and now he says he’s gonna get it right President nailed him tonight Joe Biden is all talk and no action President Trump has won this debate in a blast, and it’s no wonder Joe Biden doesn’t want to do it anymore, ”said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh

CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to tonight’s presidential debate, saying President Trump delivered a relatively normal performance, particularly compared to the first debate Tapper described at the time as « a hot mess, at the time. inside a dumpster, inside a train wreck « 

“It’s fair to say that Trump supporters and Republican officials can chill out for the night They can expire,” Tapper continued. “He didn’t burn himself tonight like he did during the first debate « 

« [But] I mean, he lied like Pinocchio, » Tapper added, referring to the fictional literary character whose nose grew every time he told another lie

Tapper also said the president even managed to land a few free kicks at former Vice President Joe Biden on topics such as the 1994 Crime Bill and Biden’s record as a politician. careers

In a quieter presidential debate, President Trump has repeatedly spoken of Red States and Blue States, CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip said.

« I think the president is really back in that trap, because if you listen to him on a daily basis, as we all do, you hear the same content It happened on the debate stage on a calmer tone , but that still doesn’t close the gap with voters in the middle, « said Phillip

The president « continued to do something that I think Joe Biden actually tried to exploit, which divides the country into red states and blue states, » she added.

« If you watch the commercials that are on TV for the Biden campaign right now, the post at the moment isn’t about, you know, the coronavirus It’s not about fracking It’s not about any It’s about unity It’s about bringing the country together, ”Phillips said

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during tonight’s debate: « An additional 200,000 Americans are expected to be dead by the end of the year »

Facts First: It Needs Context A study published in October in the medical journal JAMA showed that there were more than 225,000 additional deaths over a five-month period at the start of the year due to of the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to previous years(Excess deaths are the number of deaths in excess of the historical number of deaths over a similar period) The study then predicted that the total number of excess deaths would likely be over 400,000 But on Thursday night, 223,000 Americans lost life from Covid-19, Johns Hopkins University data shows

These are just projections The latest forecast from an influential coronavirus model predicts around 315,000 deaths by December 31 This represents around 92,000 additional US lives lost beyond the current toll There is a range of deaths predicted in this model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine Worst case is if US social distancing mandates are relaxed Model projects fewer deaths if everyone wears masks

In attacking the 1994 crime bill backed by Joe Biden, President Trump asserted that Biden called the black community a « super predator »

In 1994, Trump said, the black community was « called, and he called them » super predators « and he said He said so »

Hillary Clinton, then first lady, used the term « super predators » in a 1996 speech in New Hampshire in support of the 1994 crime billBiden warned in a 1993 speech against « predators on our streets » who were « beyond the pale » in favor of the Crime Bill. The bill itself has been the subject of heated debate. criticism in recent years for being one of the policies that led to mass incarceration, disproportionately affecting black men

In a 1997 hearing arguing that most young people in the justice system were not violent, Biden said most young people were not « super predators »

“In 1994, there were about 15 million juvenile delinquency cases,” Biden said at the time. “Less than 10% of those cases involved violent crimes. So when we talk about the juvenile justice system, we have to remember that most of the young people involved in the system are not the so-called ‘super predators’

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