World News – CA – Fans speculated the broccoli on ‘The Masked Singer’ was a teenager – and the boy was wrong


After a brief hiatus (thank you very much baseball), The Masked Singer returned to TV on Wednesday Oct 27 and the show didn’t disappoint, featuring its latest group of costumed celebrities Among them, an outfit that might put some people off on its own: Broccoli But despite many people’s aversion to the vegetable, broccoli was well received by judges and fans after giving a lively rendition of « Whole Lot of Shakin » « 

But there was a bit of confusion on the part of the judges and fans at home. The first packet of clues indicated that the celebrity was young; the broccoli indicated he was a kid playing with the big dogs But when he took the stage his voice indicated that he was an older celebrity It made it harder to determine who is under the broccoli costume

With little clue, many fans at home suspected Broccoli was comedian Martin Short The former Saturday Night Live star was a guess last season, but this could be the first time it’s been correct

Maybe Broccoli is Steve Martin, Chevy Chase or Martin Short? Mariachi group could be a clue of three #MaskedSinger amigos

Other than the vocals and the mariachi band (a potential nod to Short’s role in Three Amigos), there’s not much to suggest Short

OK, maybe not only There was a soup in the clue packet, which might be a nod (very, very far) to Joel McHale, former host of The Soup and Chase, former Community co-star

If it’s Chase in the Broccoli costume Ken Jeong might be feeling pretty dumb, since he also starred in Community

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The Masked Singer, Broccoli, Martin Short, Ken Jeong

World News – CA – Fans speculated that the broccoli on « The Masked Singer » was a teenager – and that the boy was wrong


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