World News – CA – Federal Government Begins New Sitting Boosting Benefits of COVID-19 Recovery


Rachel aiello
Ottawa News Bureau Online Producer


The federal government has announced that it is increasing one of three new promised COVID-19 assistance benefits, by the amount received through the Canadian emergency response benefit which will expire at the end of the month

Kicking off the first full day of the new parliamentary session, the Liberals introduced Bill C-2 to implement the new benefits, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal minority calls for support from the opposition to avoid early elections in a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic

First described in August by Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion Minister Carla Qualtrough, CERB’s $ 37 billion transition plan includes the transfer from most of the millions of Canadians collecting CERBs to an updated EI program at the end of the month, while offering three new temporary benefits designed to more specifically target the reasons Canadians are not working or to cover those who are not eligible for EI

The first is called the “Canada Restoration Benefit” and, over the next year, it will be available for 26 weeks to self-employed, on-demand and contract workers. While it was originally promised at $ 400 per week, the Liberals just announced that it will increase to $ 500 per week, which means it will offer the same amount of support as CERB

To be eligible for this program, Canadians must look for work and have stopped working or had their income reduced by 50% or more due to COVID-19, but continue to earn money on their own

« Combined, these three new benefits would create a safe bridge to help Canadians bridge the gap between the full lockdown last spring and a safe and gradual reopening of the economy this fall and winter, » Qualtrough told Thursday at the ‘occasion of the updated plan

Then there is the “Canadian Recovery Sickness Benefit” which is created for those who do not yet have employer-paid sick leave, to make it easier for people to stay home from work when they are working. are sick or must isolate themselves because of COVID-19 This benefit will provide $ 500 per week, for a maximum of two weeks, which remains the current time required for coronavirus isolation

And the third new program is a “Canadian Rehabilitative Care Benefit” to help in cases where someone has to stay home to care for a loved one such as a child under 12, a member of the family. the disabled family or a dependent because schools, daycares or other care facilities are closed due to the pandemic This program offers up to 26 weeks per household, with only one adult per household qualifying for the program at a time, and provides $ 500 per week

In addition to enacting the new « Canadian Restoration Benefits Act » to implement these assistance programs – all of which will be requested through the Canada Revenue Agency – the law amends the Canada Labor Code. when employees have the right to take COVID-19-related sick leave, as well as extend two other COVID-19 emergency acts to allow money to continue to flow towards certain response measures like purchasing PPE until the end of 2020

“Federally regulated workers can take up to two weeks of leave if an employee is unable to work because they have contracted or may have contracted COVID-19, or because they have isolated themselves on the job. advice from their employer, a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a person in a position of authority, a government or a public health authority, for any reason related to COVID-19, ”said the Minister of Labor, Filomena Tassi

The bill is yet to be passed in the House and Senate and Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has urged her colleagues opposite to support the Liberals to speed up the passage of the bill so that new supports can be put in place for Canadians as soon as possible

“Failure to extend the legislation we are proposing today could disrupt these payments, with very damaging consequences for the lives of people, families and businesses across the country,” Freeland said. « This bill will provide continued support to Canada and Canadians as we fight the second wave of the coronavirus, which is why we ask every Member of Parliament to work with us to urgently pass Bill C-2 »

The House of Commons has started its sitting as normal as possible for the first time since the pandemic ended routine business in March Debate in response to Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne will continue throughout the day, offering more MPs time to consider if they liked what they heard and if it will be enough for them to support the government in a vote of confidence

Minority Liberals will need to get at least some support for the Speech from the Throne across the aisle or they risk seeing their government fall Early indications were that this support may not be as secure as the Liberals could wish it The Liberals currently hold 154 seats, the Conservatives have 121, the Bloc Québécois has 32, the NDP has 24, the Green Party has three and there are two independents and two vacancies

The speech was primarily aimed at continuing to financially support Canadians through COVID-19, while addressing the inequalities that the pandemic has exposed Billed as « an ambitious plan for an unprecedented reality, » it included a commitment to maintain certain benefits of business assistance, to create a national plan for child care and job creation, and emphasized that Canada must fight climate change, systemic racism and gender iniquity

While the Conservatives are already fiercely against the rhetoric and the Bloc Québécois has the impression that it has not yet seen enough, but that it could pull itself together if billions of new health funds are sent to provinces, the Liberals will turn to the NDP But it will not come without conditions

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has said he wants CERB to be extended and some form of paid sick leave implemented

While not exactly what the government has planned, the Liberals on Thursday underscored their pre-stated commitment to continue supporting CERB beneficiaries when that benefit ends later this month, and will legislate three new benefits of the CERB. COVID-19, including some form of paid sick leave The bill to implement these benefits was tabled on Thursday morning and may be enough to bring the NDP aside

“CERB was set up at a time when we basically shut down the economy and asked people to stay home, and we didn’t know what was coming, and we didn’t know what we didn’t know. I would say that now that we are entering the economic recovery, we are in a much better position to manage our support in a more sophisticated way.We have therefore had time, for example, to improve our EI system to the point that the three quarters of people who are currently on CERB can seamlessly transition next week to EI, ”Qualtrough said, also stressing the need to demonstrate this apply for current benefits are actively looking for work

The government can schedule up to six days of debate on the Speech from the Throne and they do not have to be consecutive, which means the Liberals could prioritize passing either of these. new bills first, both of which deal with spending money and could be seen as confidence account

MPs unanimously agreed on Tuesday on a plan for how they can safely sit and vote with all of their usual parliamentary powers amid the pandemic This includes continuing to be able to participate in person or virtually, and add a new arrangement to allow remote voting Some caucuses have accepted rotations that will allow Members to take turns traveling to Ottawa

House of Commons committees are also in the process of being reconstituted, with several key committees invited to hold their first meetings over the next two weeks. While prorogation wiped out all ongoing studies, including those on the WE Charity controversy, it is possible that opposition-controlled committees could vote to resume this work this fall

Cyclists ride along the Ottawa River and pass Parliament Hill in Gatineau, Que. on Friday, 18, 2020 THE CANADIAN PRESS / Sean Kilpatrick

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World News – CA – Federal authorities begin new session by increasing recovery benefits from COVID-19


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