World News – CA – For only the third month in two years, Switch hasn’t been the UK’s top-selling console


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With the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it has always been difficult for the Nintendo Switch to keep itself at the top spot in the UK this month – but since the console has only been off twice in the past two years was ousted from that high position, there was a feeling that the Switch might pull it off.

Unfortunately that was not the case; In November, Sony’s PS5 was king – but that doesn’t mean Nintendo has anything to regret – on the contrary.

The UK got a whopping 900 last month. 000 game consoles sold (thanks, GamesIndustry. This is the eighth largest month for console sales (excluding handhelds) and the second largest for console revenue (after December 2013 when demand for PS4 and Xbox One was sky-high). .

After leading the way on PS5, Switch moved to second place on the UK hardware charts for a third time in the past 24 months, but Switch hardware sales have soared in the past four weeks thanks to No Small Part of the Black Friday and the continued demand for Nintendo’s hybrid console. Switch hardware sales in the UK so far this year have risen by an impressive 63. 1% compared to the previous year.

It’s equally good news when it comes to gaming, with Switch software making up nearly 35% of the 2. In the on 28. The four-week period ended November 38 million games were sold. Nintendo was also the most successful publisher in November. With titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the evergreen Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo was able to put Ubisoft in first place.

While it’s a shame the Switch wasn’t the UK’s top-selling console back in November, it’s hardly bad news – and given the lack of PS5 and Series X, we can imagine normal service resuming pretty quickly.

Damien has over a decade of writing experience and a hideously hairy stomach. Rumors that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, wholly unfounded.

Really surprised that the Xbox Series X is not the 2nd. Occupied place. Given their bottlenecks too. Maybe the Xbox consoles were divided into two groups (Series S and X) while PS5 was still grouped into one? Are the Switch consoles (Lite and Regular) combined into one?

Hat tip on Sony. Aside from issues with scalper, the console, controller, and grid all look very good. I look forward to getting one sometime next year. In the meantime, I still love Super Mario 3D All-Stars, my personal game of the year pick.

Great month for Sony and Nintendo, and December is getting better. I can’t wait to get my hands on the PS5 next year to follow my Switch!

Microsoft and Xbox have been third-party in the UK for a while, and with no compelling exclusive titles emerging anytime soon, I see this not changing anytime soon. Maybe gamepass will work for them, maybe not.

I want a PS5 but I don’t like Sony that much because my brothers are a PlayStation player and they say things like « Nobody owns or plays a switch that’s for babies » and I don’t really get into console wars, though Whenever something good or bad comes up about counter sales, I tell him about it

@Friendly I think you are probably right about how Xbox C and S consoles were likely split up as they are two different consoles while the PS5 disc edition and digital edition are essentially the same only one has no way of using discs. And Switch and Switch Lite are the same system again, only one cannot dock.

@JohnnyC That or the age of bad luck for me. Although I started in Advent Galaxy so that it cant!

Surprised that Xbox was lower, they must be really having production issues. Still undecided which next generation to choose. Xbox is better value for money with gamepass (I missed the last generation other than Switch so it’s pretty full of games I haven’t played yet). . But the PS5 has better games right now, though that may change with the Bethesda acquisition.

Does the new Xbox have backwards compatibility? I heard the PS5 had it, but I don’t know if Xbox does. This will likely determine which one I get

@Friendly There was probably a shortcoming why they didn’t get the 2nd. Took place, they had roughly half the stock Sony had.

Seriously, kudos to Sony. Although I disagree with the design of the PS5 and will likely wait for a slim version before buying, I was fascinated by everything else about the new system.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 I have no idea how old your brother is, but these types of comments are a bit youthful. I think Switch Sales shows that Nobody is a pretty big crowd. Many people who play on the PC or other consoles also own a switch. This attitude does not apply to Sony, but to your brother.

@jarvismp A little early to say they lost, considering both companies are completely sold out everywhere. If not, it looked like 360s would outperform the PS3 for years, but not in the end.

@jarvismp You only have gamepass and gamepass. They will also sell games on multiple platforms (PC, phone, Xbox). . I am excited to see how they fare in three years when their major exclusives, including Bethesda’s games, are released.

@Tyranexx The strange thing is he’s younger than me, he’s 11 or 12 years old and he only had a PS4 for 1 year before he broke it. The only things he ever played were Sims 4.2K and FORTNITE, and currently he doesn’t. You don’t even own a console or think about buying a new one, but keep getting to the heart of things like that. And yes, I know of people who have multiple consoles in 2011 and 12. I had a Wii, PS3 and a 360, and I’m planning a PS5 or Xbox Series X

Where did you get these numbers from? When 900. 000 consoles sold would be 500. 000 is a great result for a console brand.

@ Guest88 oh ok then I guess I’ll have to judge by exclusives and graphics then I think and wow, that’s a tough decision because they’re both pretty expensive and cool, but that has to take at least 4 years

@ elpardo1984 I tend to choose the format that contains the games I want to play. Besides Nintendo, I like Spiderman, Uncharted, God of War, and Street Fighter (and a lot of other stuff) so Sony got my last generation money. Looks no different depending on what was posted and teased. God of War Ragnarok is as much a system seller as Breath of the Wild 2, based on its predecessors. Agree that Game Pass is good value for money. If Sony can catch up with PSNow, there is no reason they can’t own the next generation.

I know that you usually get upset about the negativity in your headlines. . . well done with this.

It works, but only certain Xbox games, not all Xbox games from XBOX Classic and XBOX 360. You can’t even play niche or kids’ Xbox Classic / 360 games on Xbox Series X because Microsoft doesn’t want casual / niche games to be revived on next-gen consoles.

I am going to consider Xbox 360 the definitive Xbox machine (only interested in DDR Universe series, Zoo Tycoon, and some Kinect games) as I haven’t seen anything of value from Xbox One (their game library was almost 99% identical with the PS4 version, worthless in my eyes) or even from Xbox series machines (no interesting first-party Xbox series games for casual audiences / kids)

« Nobody owns or plays a switch that is for babies.  »
So did your brother say that?
I can say, « Yeah, I have Nintendo Switch with a lot of ‘baby games’ but the baby games that can kick people’s butts. «  »
I want to add « yes i’m a baby and so what? »

@ Anti-Matter I get you, but I don’t care because when I had an XBOX, my brother and I only bought it for Minecraft, but it’s kind of sad that Xbox doesn’t have a lot of casual / kids Games

@ Anti-Matter I wish there was a PlayStation or XBOX with backward compatibility with all consoles that I would pay $ 500-600 for

@TheFullAndy Looks like this. Who would have thought that producing a good number of high quality games with solid third party support would lead to success?

Funny how the UK Switch hardware sales haven’t been discussed much on this website so far.

@JohnnyC Yes, I think so. PS has a lot more exclusives that are my type of game, and the dual sense is especially appealing after seeing (feel good!) How Nintendo used haptics on the Switch.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 Your brother is an immature idiot. Console wars are the stupidest thing ever. All of the consoles are good, and all of the consoles have great exclusive games and different ways of playing.

@Friendly I think it’s because ports / remasters are rated higher than Halo Infinite’s backward compatibility and lag, which means Xbox didn’t have a big title for the holidays. Playing your old games through backward compatibility with faster load times, higher frame rates, and / or resolution is the main reason for a Series X | S own.

@jarvismp Xbox has sold every single Series X and Series S console they have made. The demand for them far exceeds the supply. Adults call this very good.

@Lionyone I know right, but I think he only does it because I love my transition to death and sometimes even things like « It’s the best thing ever done » or « I appreciate it above my own. » Life « 


@ Anti-Matter these look great, wish I knew about them, when I had a 360, could one day buy them again

@ SMUGSLOTH69 I value your life a lot more than my switch. And I love my switch. Love yourself darling, you are precious and you are important and you should own your ass and style.

@Grumblevolcano . . . And new third-party games if you don’t love tying your library to Sony’s whims and whatever is best for profitability. Even if it runs a few frames lower at times.

@Friendly Hard to sell what you don’t have. Similar to the start of PS’5, which was completely bombed in Japan because relatively few were allocated there. They sold out what they assigned, so we don’t know what the demand would have been. I assume that MS allocated most of the inventory in the US, not the UK, which is traditionally a Sony monopoly, and Switch is an uncommon success for Nintendo there. Sony has likely allocated a lion’s share in the UK as it is such a strong region for them. Since neither company really publishes any figures, it is only a matter of speculation.

I don’t think this page usually shows US numbers. XB is far more popular here than it is in the UK, and the internet can really skew that view. . . . especially if you are hanging out on a UK website.

@Lionyone It’s not that I don’t love myself, it’s just that my switch did so much for me that I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been at home or at my father’s or mine Mom or just stuck outside the home and it cured my boredom but you’re right i should love myself more than my switch. Thank you too and have a nice day, God bless you

The PS5 will be the leading console for the next generation in terms of sales and consumer interest.

I didn’t say it was important, I just said what I think will happen. I didn’t turn it any other way.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 I don’t believe in god, but I believe in good days! Thank you, I will!

@TheFullAndy You are exaggerating the description of Sony, which turns out to be empty. I don’t see any sense in console wars. It’s macho waving. Because I love consoles, I get both PS5 and XSX because they both offer very different things.

Is there still a « console war » (hate that term)? Sony’s PS5 is the ultimate adult home machine, Nintendo is doing its own thing with the Switch and the unique experience it offers, and Microsoft seems to be selling Game Pass subscriptions, not Xbox consoles. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the Xbox Game Pass service was available on both the PS5 and Switch / Switch Pro within 2-3 years. All three seem to be doing their own thing these days.

Check out my first comment in this article. At some point I always own all the consoles of a generation. At the moment the X series is not attractive due to the lack of convincing exclusive products

It is not an exaggeration to say that Sony « owned » a generation, just an alternate description that I stand by. Sony will have this gene in every way as it did the last gene. It’s just another way of saying you’re most successful. Nothing to fret about.

It seems to me that you want to misread other comments so that you can then try to start an argument so that it is a little bit hypocritical to you.

yawn. . . So fast, when things are going well for Sony and its insecure and immature fanboys arrive. . . Why can I stop wondering about this on all the non-Sony websites that offend everyone?

I’m just a Nintendo Switch gamer and I’m not interested in the PS5 or Xbox One X, but competition and choice are great things. Play all the machines that make you happy.

@TheFullAndy they encourage console wars with macho talk. It is ridiculous to make such an early prediction now. The situation could be completely reversed within a year since Xbox Exclusive comes out. Not that it would change anything. What matters is that all consoles have great games and the game industry is growing from which we all benefit. Especially during a pandemic, we should emphasize and value our connections and shared values ​​without promoting patriarchal competitions that isolate people into strange silos. I love Sony, I love Xbox, I love Nintendo. They are all winners and that makes us all winners too.

@JohnnyC Eh? I’ll give you that the Dualshock 5 is supposed to be possibly the best controller ever, and the console itself seems nice, but I’d say the starting grid is rather lacking. . . Right now the system doesn’t even have any real exclusives, and that won’t happen in Astros Playroom, right?

Not that I’m saying you’re wrong about liking it or anything, I’m more curious to see someone say they like the grid.

Right now, Series X doesn’t have the great new exclusive games to warrant their purchase, and years of exclusive games don’t count to me, so I’m holding back on buying one. Hopefully it won’t be too long and the games won’t be held back too much as they have to be on the weaker Series S too, as the existence of this console is a misstep by Microsoft in my opinion.

I love games, but the console manufacturers have to give me the games I want to get their system to buy. Easy.

PS5 got off to a insane start in its first week, likely near or over 300. 000 units sold, almost double Xbox Series X sales | S corresponds to during the start week. PlayStation platforms account for 4 of the 5 largest hardware launches in UK history. Even the hilariously overpriced PS3 got off to a bigger start than any Nintendo or Microsoft platform.

Switch was still doing really well in the UK last month, but that’s not enough to get the largest new hardware launch in the country’s history.

@ link3710 Lots of people (myself included) are keen on Miles Morales, which looks great. Demon’s Souls may be a remake and admittedly not for me, but it has some of the best reviews of the year. The Sackboy platformer has also performed well, as has Astro’s Playroom. That’s 4 above average games on launch day, mainly developed for ps5. Downsized versions of 2 of these are also available for the PS4. Even the Switch only started with a good game, and that was known to be a repurposed Wii U game that ran pretty much the same on its predecessor. Personally, I’m only after Astro and Spidey right now, but I’m also excited for future releases in the pipeline. On its own, it’s Sony’s best start and certainly better than most console starts. Add that on the first day there is a lot to get excited about when you have Plus and get most of the best PS4 games for free right away.

Here’s the untold story if you want Sony to be censored. You will immortalize this by becoming a Sony. They will be your moral police and have no problem doing this for you.

Countless gamers wouldn’t play at 600p and miss out on most of the major AAA releases by just sticking to one Switch (you also can’t find a $ 700 3080 or $ 650 6800Xt for PC)

I ended up with the S Series, it’s a little disappointing, mostly poor storage, and an external SSD is only 4 seconds slower and 1/3 the price of the official expansion. Therefore, proprietary memory was a fatal flaw for both consoles. However, some developers seem to have realized that they can try using the better processor for more A.. Is rather than more pixels. So I’m looking forward to the few developers who make better use of performance than just typical gloss.

@JohnnyC Ah okay. I’m curious, I played Miles Morales on Ps4 and it doesn’t seem scaled down at all from the footage I’ve seen. Are there any real differences other than load times?

@ link3710 I wouldn’t know from experience to be honest. From what I understand from online comparisons, the ps5 has better draw distance and ray tracing capabilities, maybe a few other bells and whistles. I can bite the bullet and get it on ps4 and try to wait for the next year and buy it with a ps5. Spidey 1 looked amazing on my PS4 Pro, as did all of Sony’s other first-party titles. So I can imagine this looking great too.

Access to a Series X and a PS5. Both are pretty noticeable in terms of the graphics, although the X-Box is insanely quick to start with as little as 6 seconds and you can move on to the final game. Ps5 is slower and also huge (both are big but damn big) makes more noise, not ps4 levels but enough. Xbox doesn’t have any big unique new games right now, so ps5 easily beats it there.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 Each his own. If your brother prefers to play on a PS console, that’s fine. But he’s just as right to criticize the systems and games others play as I do: none. I am not other people. I don’t know their preferences. Console wars, outside of friendly jokes, only generate resentment and serve no purpose. Each way of playing games has its advantages and disadvantages.

Just play what you like. Don’t let other people’s comments get you down. Though I hope you value your life more than that of a machine.

Its start. Every system sells at startup (even Wii U). I would not draw any conclusions from this.

Of course there are people who want a higher graphics experience on a television. Obviously. Just because Switch is breaking all kinds of records, pushing nearly 30 million units this fiscal year and likely to challenge the 150 million PS2 / DS record, doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of millions of people still wanting more traditional ones Console too.

However, there are enough high quality switch ports for the recording so that you don’t have to worry about the games being too demanding for a hybrid system. Right now, Sniper Elite 4 is the game for me. Fully docked 1080p, 720p handheld, solid performance, gyro aiming, and HD rumble for your heartbeat on the exhale. . . I can’t imagine playing this game any other way, be it on TV or on the handheld. This game perfectly captures what Switch is all about.

It looks practically the same as the PS4 version unless you do a Side-by-Side Digital Foundry comparison and count the pixels. The 4k mode is also still 30fps. What doesn’t get me wrong is fine with me. Basically, though, it’s just the PS4 version with slightly higher specs and a 30 fps mode that adds 1080p reflections.

I love the system, but graphics aren’t the reason. It feels like you’re still playing PS4 games. Maybe because I have an RTX 2080 ti GPU with i9 9900k CPU at 13. 4 TF and 10 TB SSD storage space already, it just doesn’t impress that much. Or maybe it’s the law of diminishing returns.

But basically you won’t notice a significant difference in graphics for PS5 games. The appeal is to finally add an SSD, a snappy OS, and have a CEC HDMI integration that actually works as well as Switch. Makes playing easier.

@TheFullAndy in regards to the next generation then it’s only from the ps5 and the S / X series which of course we all know Sony will win a mile but the switch is one in the ps4 / xbox Generation and not direct competition with the new consoles

@ SMUGSLOTH69 does your brother play Fortnite a lot? 80% of kids these days are just talking about Fortnite while the other 20% are talking about Nintendo and let’s just say 20% is the better crowd to be in.

But he’s only 11/12. As he grows up he is sure to be more open-minded.

I think Xbox will do better on this gene, but it is still miles behind PS5. Microsoft really has to work with the exclusive games as well.

Sony started this gene like a house on fire starting with 4 high quality first-party titles and more soon on the horizon like Ratchet & Clank.

Switch won’t crash records because it provides the same experience as other consoles. It shatters records precisely because it offers an alternate experience. And that’s not just changing because the HD twins have revised their hardware generation.

People buy Switch because it offers an experience you simply can’t find anywhere else, no matter how many teraflops are involved. You buy for the exclusive games (next year Super Mario 3D World, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Shin Megami Tensei V, No More Heroes 3, Bayonetta 3, Bravely Default 2, Zelda BotW 2 etc.. planned). and the exclusive experience of multiplatform games optimized for the system (Sniper Elite 4 with Gyro and HD Rumble, Doom Eternal with Gyro, Immortals Fenyx Rising with Gyro, Neo The world ends with you, the new Resident Evil that comes in was built primarily for Switch). Etc). Even games available elsewhere don’t offer the same experience. You are tied to a television. They don’t offer local co-op anywhere, they don’t offer a gyro, and instead enforce a 20 year old control scheme that feels about as good as using an Atari 2600 joystick. . .

That doesn’t mean that other systems are bad. They offer something other than Switch, something that still has value, it’s just a different kind of value. But I’m not going to be using my PS5 for anything other than choosing permanently exclusive titles that aren’t on Steam and don’t require aiming. Because playing aiming games without a top isn’t even worth the hard drive space they occupy. And Steam is only intended for games that don’t get to Switch or can’t perform satisfactorily (like Outer Worlds). .

There’s a reason Switch outperforms the Wii and PS4, despite the endless attacks, because Switch doesn’t have the latest graphics.

@Tyranexx I just care more about my move than anything else, which is probably because I don’t have much else in my life outside of anime, sleeping, my family, and school work

Starting sales rarely determine overall success anyway, unless it’s really low like the start of the Wii U.. .

NDS sold ~ 87 during its launch in the UK. 000 units. The UK has sold 12 million units, making it the best-selling platform in the country by a wide margin (PS2 is number 2 with 10 million units sold). .

PS4 launch sales were almost three times higher than NDS UK launch sales, but lifetime sales will be 3. 5 to 4. 0 million units lower.

@ UltimateOtaku91 I mean yes, and the funny thing I didn’t mention in these comments is that he had a SWITCH for about a month (before he broke it) and had over 300 hours of gameplay in FORTNITE alone it only for a month or a month and a half. It’s crazy that I only played the game when a family member or classmate was active, but he played this game the entire time (except when he was playing Minecraft)

Microsoft is lagging behind because it doesn’t offer anything unique and what it offers is available on other devices. You don’t need their consoles.

When it comes to sales comparisons for launch versions then psx, xbox are pretty bad sales numbers when compared to March 2017 launch date which is 1. 5mil units. So those who talk about how big it was for November. 2020 is really a stretch to tell how big the sales are when you compare the start dates. Psx, xbox during that time was awful. So who really isn’t looking at the real number to compare the sales on the start date now?. . .

@JaxonH Definitely. . . One sale doesn’t mean the other doesn’t. When the 3DS was selling boatloads, so were home consoles and graphics cards. Nothing has changed.

Sure, if you are satisfied with Sniper Elite 4. But I didn’t care about SE4 on the PC in 2017. I wanted to play ZBOTW. Just like I don’t care about SE4 on Switch in 2020. . . I want to play Cyberpunk, Yakuza, Dirt 5, F1, Valhalla and Miles Morales.

I also don’t want to choose between KENA or Bravely Default 2 at the beginning of 2021. . . I want both. I played MH: World. . . now I want to play MH: Rise. So I have hardware that covers one of these options.

When I have the time (and an additional $ 60) to play, I want to play what I’m most excited about. . . For most of 2020, that wasn’t the case with Switch.

@ westman98 @SwitchForce Discussing sales in the launch era is almost pointless anyway. This reflects how much supply has been brought into the market rather than the actual demand for the system. Until we survive the initial surge in demand and reach equilibrium, it’s always misleading.

. . . If a system does not sell out at startup, it is either a sign of a ridiculously high initial supply or a serious problem. We’ll see how well the PS5 and XBSX do soon, but at least neither of them do badly right away.

@SwitchForce ps5 was the best-selling launch console of all time, selling more than the ps4 2. 1 million. . . .

The ps5 sold 255. 000 in the UK alone within 24 hours compared to the Switch’s 80. 000

I’m sure everyone is fine. I’m sure that Switch will soon be the best-selling piece of hardware again (especially in Japan. If the Switch oversold PS5, we would all agree that the industry has made a misstep. Even so, the numbers sound pretty impressive!

@ SMUGSLOTH69 It’s okay to have a valuable possession. I was just a little concerned about how one of your previous comments was phrased. I’m glad you listed other things that are very important to you.

The @SwitchForce March release is still insane to me! I think they could only do it because the Wii U was such a flop.

@TheFullAndy The choice is yours to wait. The lack of exclusive names hasn’t stopped any of the new consoles from selling out. We’re in a strange situation where none of the consoles started with a must-have game. Demon’s Souls is nice, but didn’t sell well. Astro’s playroom is technically impressive, but nobody buys the console just to play it.

I am waiting to buy the consoles for several reasons. First, I like game-themed console shells, and all new consoles have boring shells. Second, all consoles have new product issues and bugs, and I’m happy to wait for these to be fixed. Third, there is still no television that can show off the consoles in all their graphic and acoustic splendor. Even the mighty LG CX, which is almost perfect, doesn’t display black properly when using VRR, which is bad for back-compact games. The television market has been slow and half-hearted to adapt to the new consoles, and the pandemic has likely made that worse. But perfect TVs are likely to come out in the spring or summer, giving us a selection of incredible devices that are better value for money. Much to look forward to!

I already have the perfect TV, my Panasonic Plasma! All games for all consoles look spectacular, and so does the next generation.

It is such a shame that the market has moved away from plasma and towards much inferior LCD / LED technology. What a damn shame.

@TheFullAndy I’ve heard great things about plasma but never seen it. I am glad that it fully meets your present needs. I think when incomes began to decline after 2008, people turned to LCD TVs in numbers, which made plasma TV production economically unprofitable for TV manufacturers. The innovation continues and I’m excited to see what happens next in televisions. I think the next big trend in televisions in a couple of years will be 8K short throw laser projectors.

@Agramonte Each his own. But Sniper Elite 4 is for sure one of the best stealth games I have ever played, and with gyro and HD rumble, it is absolutely standout on Switch. It’s all I’ve been playing lately. Well, that and Pikmin 3, Hyrule Warriors, and waiting for Doom Eternal and Immortals.

Of course I’ll definitely be playing Cyberpunk on Steam, but other than that and a couple of hours of Demons Souls, it was 99% Switch this year and probably will be next year as well. I’ve never finished Spiderman so Miles Morales will be on the spine until I get to that. Great match. But there are so many great Switch games out there that it’s hard to find time for anything else.

I am waiting for the price of OLED TVs to drop and for any issues to be resolved as OLED Plasma is probably the closest thing to today’s market in terms of black levels and motion resolution. Hopefully a few more years in my plasma as it really is a fantastic TV.

With the new consoles back in stock, the Switch is sure to lag behind not just in the UK but further around the world. Is completely normal and frankly not news. Will there be another article on the 4th next month?. Give month in 2 years when Switch isn’t the best-selling console?

@Lionyone From what I hear it is a 10-15 hour campaign plus side quests. Not exactly adding Byleth to Smash.

Series x initially offers more than a thousand backward compatibility games. The graphics help all original Xbox and most Xbox 360 games, and even some Xbox One games, look better and work much faster. They are also investigating other backward compatibility games that need to be added.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I’ll wait for the issues to be fixed before diving into next-gen hardware.

@jamesthemagi Allegedly, both Xbox and PS5 will have stock problems through April: by then, they will be supplying the market with drops.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 For now, regarding material possessions, I have to say my switch too! I’ve only had mine for about a year and I still play all the games I want for that lol. A runner-up would be my Wii U thanks to its backward compatibility with the Wii, some exclusive systems and the virtual console.

Regarding intangibles, I have to say all the positive influences in my life (family, friends, some co-workers, etc. . ) are the most important. Followed by animals.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 So far, I have to say some of the very beautiful and sometimes otherworldly views in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. The game is eye candy if your thing is to appreciate environmental details in a game.

@JaxonH dual stick is fine. You still need to use two sticks with spinning tops. All that Gyro really adds is that it blocks vertical movement of the stick so you can flip the controller up and down.

@TheFullAndy Yes, OLED prices are still insane. I can see some people switch from LED TVs to big tablets with Super Amoled 120 heart screens when OLED TVs don’t get reasonably priced next year. Xcloud on such a tablet with good WiFi and speakers sounds like a boss set up and is still space-saving. In any case, your plasma can shine happily for a long time!

@Lionyone Subjectively but on most games it’s a hell of a lot more than £ 5 worth of dlc. And according to the charts and reviews, the public and critics seem happy with it. Many actually say it is a better game than the first. That’s enough for me.

@Trajan You are still using a double stick, but only for wider movements of the camera. Not for precise aiming. Gyro does a lot more than just lock vertical movement. It allows for more natural fine-tuning of the target in any direction within a radius half the width of the screen.

The fact that bullet magnetism and automatic aiming assistance are in place is evidence that two double rods were never cut out for this job. While the gyro no longer needs aiming aid.

@Tyranexx It’s weird that I owned this on my Wii and even bought it back on my 2DSXL but never played it, so I’ll probably get it after watching Trials of Mana and the Atelier Ryza series


@ SMUGSLOTH69 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is an excellent game IMO. I was blown away by how much I loved it. They will be pleased!

@JohnnyC I’m glad you are happy with it. Have fun playing on your PS5 for years to come.

@Tyranexx oh, I can’t wait, then I can finally play 2 like after that

@Lionyone I don’t have a game or Ps5 yet, but I’m looking forward to both next year. Thanks, will do. I’m still enjoying Spidey 1 2 years after it launched on PS4.

@ SMUGSLOTH69 I have XC2 but still need to play it. Too many other games to choose from!

@Tyranexx I wanted XC 2 when I first got my SWITCH and waited and thank goodness I did. I was scared of playing it until I got an updated SWITCH port, but I’m going to feel pretty dumb if they aren’t connected, which means I avoided XC 2 for no reason

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World News – CA – For only the third month in two years, Switch hasn’t been the UK’s top-selling console


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