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Bad day for the Gafa (the Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) While the United States authorities attack Google, accused of? abuse of a dominant position, the European response to the practices of the digital giants also seems to be resolved. is positioned, Tuesday evening, for a strict regulation of the digital giants within the EU, ahead of a draft of the legislation expected in December

The putrid Eurodés united in plenary session all week adopted, by a very large majority, three texts devoted to the principle according to which « what is illegal offline is there? » is also online «  » Lâ ???? Europe has done more than any other continent to regulate the digital world But even here it is. is still the far-west We do not fight illegal activities online with the same rigor as in the real world ”, reacted the Christian Democrat (PPE) Kris Peeters, during the debate preceding the vote

Eurodés put in place better protection of consumer rights online â ???? for example by forcing digital platforms to control companies that use their services to sell illegal products â ???? and improved transparency regarding the use of data, collected by Gafa in exchange for a service offered free of charge. a European framework of fair competition for companies in the face of these giant platforms They also suggest creating a control title for advertising targeting

This position price of the European Parliament in nâ ???? is that the challenge of a new European response to the almost uncontrolled superpower of the Gafa Parliament sends its recommendations to the European Commission, which must propose a reform of the regulation of digital services within the EU The Commissioner European Thierry Breton, in charge of digital, presents the package « Law on digital services » in December According to the announcements made before lâ ???? Summer, the legislation will be aimed at first to update the directive on e-commerce, dated 2000, and has become obsolete And plans to have… attack the big platforms with several ambitions: curb hate speech and online misinformation and impose rules of transparency and accountability on the platforms Finally, the idea is also to endow the EU with ‘tools to resolve abuses of a dominant position in the digital economy Brussels would already have the list of harmful practices that could be strictly regulated

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, a figure in the European fight against the anti-competitive practices of the tech giants, judged the positions of the Eurodemistas close to those of the executive « We must tell the big platforms that things are going to change, ”she said But if EU leaders show firmness, several years of development and legislative process should be fine. Flow before then ???? entry into force of this directive


Benoît Biteau, green MEP and active farmer, is fighting for the European Parliament to vote this week against the PAC 2021-2027 project and to write a text that would improve the  “Biodiversity, climate change, human health, food sovereignty, the preservation of peasant craftsmanship, lâ ???? land use planning »


As negotiations on the future of the European common agricultural policy continue in Brussels this week, the issue of food sovereignty has become central to the barefoot people after the Covid-19 pandemic


The new CAP submitted to the European Parliament’s vote this week could be even more disastrous than the previous one We must change invent a new agricultural model more respectful of farmers and the environment


Lâ ???? news
Conflans attack The day after a defense and assembly council in France, it is executed if an announcement of operations targeting the


Because the « New Pact for Migration and Asylum » proposed by the European Commission has not offers no perspective to end illegal immigration, another pact must be made with and for migrants, not at their expense


In basic research, the use of CrispR-Cas9 is common in France But there are European limitations on the use that could be made in the world of agriculture


Mandated by the G20 for the former taxation of multinationals, the OECD presents this Wednesday its project, which has died approved by the majority of countries which participated in the work According to an estimate by the Court of Auditors, France would be the winner in case of application of such a reform


For the director of the Center for Research and Studies on Fundamental Rights, Stéphanie Hennette-Vauchez, the announcement by Gérald Darmanin of the dissolution of associations raises questions because it requires very specific conditions


The leaders go on quarantines, the European Parliament plays the video card It is now doubtful that a physical reunion will have a new place before 2021


This Saturday, World Day for the Rejection of Poverty, environmental organizations are marching alongside associations fighting against great poverty

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