World News – CA – Global Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Markets, 2019-2020 & 2030 – Rising Ready-to-Eat Products and Rapid Growth of Organized Food Retail Sector Leading the Market


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In 2019, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market generated a value of $ 24. $ 6 billion and is expected to advance at a compound annual growth rate of 3. 0% between 2020 and 2030 to reach an income of $ 33. 9 billion by 2030.

The increasing requirements for ready-to-eat products and the rapid growth of the organized food retail sector are among the salient factors driving the advance of the market.. In many countries, the organized retail sector of foodstuff which includes supermarkets, supermarkets and organized restaurant chains and outlets has grown significantly over the past few years.. In countries like India, Brazil and China, due to increasing urbanization, the growth of the organized food retail sector has been incredibly fast. For example, in China, the urban population is expected to increase from 782 million to nearly 1. 4 billion from 2016 to 2025. Likewise, India will see its urban population grow from 438 million to approximately 1. 4 billion from 2016 to 2023 end. The population increase will increase the demand for food products, which in turn will support the purchase of refrigeration systems in supermarkets, food processing plants, mid-sized grocery stores, and first and second level restaurants.. . Depending on the product, the commercial refrigeration equipment market is divided into cabin coolers, beverage refrigeration equipment, display showcases, and ice merchants. & Ice Vending Equipment. Among these, the mobile chiller category recorded the highest growth in the market in the past and is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years as well. This may be mainly due to the increasing requirements for custom walk chillers and the intense Research and Development (R&D) activities that market players are undertaking to develop Low GWP chillers.. Moreover, the market players are developing chillers with higher efficiency than traditional chillers. Based on the application, the commercial refrigeration equipment market is categorized into food service, & food beverage production, & food beverage retail, large drug stores, and educational institutions. Among these, the food service category will record the highest growth in the market in the future, mainly due to the increasing number of restaurant chains and the increasing implementation of favorable government policies regarding the adoption of sustainable cooling solutions in fast food joints, hospitals, restaurants and educational institutions.. Globally, the commercial refrigeration equipment market will exhibit the highest compound annual growth rate in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the coming years.. This is thanks to the rise in population levels and the increasing purchasing power of the population in the region. Moreover, the establishment of several global refrigeration equipment manufacturing companies in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, due to the rapid growth of the quick service restaurants and food chains sector, is driving the market advance in the region.. Hence, it can be said without any hesitation that the market will show tremendous expansion across the world in the coming years, mainly due to increased demand for foodstuffs, increasing popularity of fast food and ready-to-eat products, and expansion.. Regulating the food retail sector around the world. Main topics covered:

Chapter Four Market Indicators 4. 1 Boom & Food Beverage Service Industry in Developing Countries 4. 2 Global spending on the construction industry

Chapter 5. Industry Outlook 5. 1 Industry Expert Voice / KOLs5. Market dynamics 2. 2. 1 directions 5. 2. 2 driver 5. 2. Limitations / Challenges 3. 2. 4 Impact drivers / constraints analysis 5. 3 The impact of COVID-19 on the commercial refrigeration equipment market 5. 4 Value Chain Analysis 5. 5 Porter’s Five Forces analysis. 5 The organizational landscape

Chapter 6. Global Market Size and Outlook 6. Overview 1 6. 2 Market Size by Product (2014-2030) 6. 3 Market Revenue by Product (2014-2030) 6. 4 Market Size, by End User (2014-2030) 6. 5 Market Revenue, By End User (2014-2030) 6. 6 Market Revenue by Application (2014-2030) 6. 7 Market Revenue by Distribution Channel (2014-2030) 6. 8 Market revenue by region (2014-2030)

Chapter Seven. North American Market Size and Outlook 7. 1 Overview 7. 2 Market Size by Product (2014-2030) 7. 3 Market Revenue by Product (2014-2030) 7. 4 Market size, by end user (2014-2030) 7. 5 Market Revenue, By End User (2014-2030) 7. 6 Market Revenue by Application (2014-2030) 7. 7 Market Revenue by Distribution Channel (2014-2030) 7. 8 Market Revenue by Region (2014-2030) 7. 8. 1 yo. s. Market Revenue (2014-2030) 7. 8. 2 Canadian Market Revenue (2014-2030)

Chapter 12. Major Markets: Sectors Analysis 12. 1 Overview 12. 2 yo. s. Market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 3 China Market Size, by End User (2014-2030) 12. 4 India market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 5 Japanese Market Size, by End User (2014-2030) 12. 6 Brazilian market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 7 German market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 8 Indonesia market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 9 Canadian market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 10 French market size, by end user (2014-2030). 11 Mexico Market Size, by End User (2014-2030). 12 yo. K. Market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 13 Italy market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 14 Market size in Russia, by end user (2014-2030). 15 Argentina Market Size, by End User (2014-2030). 16 Australian market size, by end user (2014-2030). 17 Market size in the Netherlands, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 18 South Korea Market Size, by End User (2014-2030) 12. 19 Spanish Market Size by End User (2014-2030) 12. 20 Saudi market size, by end user (2014-2030) 12. 21 Market size in South Africa, by end user (2014-2030)

Chapter 13. Competitive Landscape 13. 1 Market players list and their offers 13. 2 Market share analysis of the major players 13. 3 Competitive Analysis of the Major Players 13. 4 Recent strategic developments for market players

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In this type of market, where a well-paid person has difficulty staying low even under poor employment numbers, even as the president relentlessly seeks reelection – a potential black swan event if there is one – even stocks don’t quit. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Who would have thought that 2020 would be the dawn of a new era in electric vehicle inventory?. Although many of these companies have been in the market in one form or shape for years, most of them have been traded as small stocks.. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), which has always been the best dog in the industry, now finds itself with a number of major competitors. There’s no denying that FOMO has led to short-term trends in these lesser-known names, and those who invest early are reaping the benefits now.. Before we continue, we need to acknowledge that these stocks carry massive amounts of risk. All EV stocks detailed below are volatile like cash stocks. So if you are looking for ways to trade these names or make money with small stocks, it is important to control your downside. With all that being said, a number of stocks of new electric vehicles have also helped drive up demand. Suppose you decided after the short selling in March of this year that you invest some money in electric car stocks. What would that look like now if you were to take $ 500 at the time and blindly throw it at some of these names?. (NASDAQ: KNDI) Kandi Technologies is one of the newest names in the space. In 2013, the company and Geely Group, a Chinese automaker, jointly invested in establishing Fengsheng Automotive Technology Group Co. Ltd.. For developing, manufacturing and selling pure electric vehicle products. Earlier this year, Fengsheng introduced its first pure electric SUV, the Maple 30x. Fast forward to today, and Kandi has partnered with dealers to launch two retail « affordable electric vehicle models » – K23 and K27.. KNDI shares are up nearly 180% in the past two weeks, close to returning to an all-time high of $ 17.. 40 of July 30. A $ 500 investment in Kandy in mid-March would have raised 230 shares. At today’s price, this position will be valued around $ 3,300. That’s a 560% return.. ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp (NASDAQ: SOLO) The flagship of ElectraMeccanica is a single-passenger electric vehicle dubbed « SOLO ». The company is working towards marketing and building its U system. s. Footprint, with its first round of new retail locations announced at the end of October and the initial shipment of SOLO EV’s just arriving in North America. With commercial launch looming and momentum as a backdrop, SOLO stocks have surged in recent weeks. In an interview with Benzinga in July, ElectraMeccanica CEO Paul Rivera said: “We are not trying to compete with Tesla.. . . When you drive this car, you are alone, and you focus on the road. With SOLO shares trading at around $ 0. 90 in mid-March, the position will be $ 500 somewhere in the court of 555 shares. As of Thursday, the previous penny stock reached as high as $ 9. 74 he made this position equal to about $ 5,405, an increase of 900%.. Blink Shipping Company. (NASDAQ: BLNK) Another one of the « Pick and shovel » EV stocks is Blink Charging. The company continues to gain exposure as its charging stations remain a hot topic among traders and customers alike. Blink not only focused on expanding shipping, but the company also benefited from other industry news. For example, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) announced earlier this year that its Apple Maps will include EV charging guidance.. According to Blink, this will include its charging stations. Last week, Blink introduced a cable management solution for new and existing EV charger sites. BLNK reached an all-time high on Thursday, breaking $ 19 for the first time. A $ 500 position on BLNK in mid-March would equal approximately 312 shares at $ 1. 60. At today’s price, this position is valued over $ 5,720 or gains over 1,000%.. Aero Inc. (NASDAQ: AYRO) Ayro Inc. He initially focused on manufacturing short-range electric cars, such as things that drove around college campuses and office complexes. But the company’s latest deal with Karma Automotive forms a partnership that includes a plan to produce more than 20,000 light duty trucks over the next three years. It is also said to be worth as much as $ 300 million. While AYRO remains one of the lower priced EV stocks, the stocks were just as explosive. Prior to the merger with DropCar, the shares traded at around $ 0. 40 in mid-March. Position was $ 500 equal to approximately 1,250 shares of DCAR – now AYRO. At current levels for this week above $ 6, this position is valued at around $ 7,700. Green Power Motors (NASDAQ: GP) was originally listed on the TSX Venture market and traded on U. s. In the OTCQX market under the symbol GPVRF. After filing a $ 35 million IPO on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Green Power began trading under the GP, the symbol it is known for today.. The company manufactures electric buses, freight delivery vehicles, shuttles and transit cars. Green Power recently entered into a deal for six electric school buses that were sold to the Thermalito Union Elementary School District through Greenpower’s national distributor, Creative Bus Sales.. While the GP is at $ 23. 45 earlier this year, the former cash stock is currently trading around $ 19. Back in mid-March when Green Power was still in OTCQX, the penny stock was worth roughly $ 1. 05 means that a $ 500 position was equal to about 476 shares. As of recent $ 19 levels, that position is now 1,700% higher, valued at around $ 9,000. The Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS) Who could forget the Workhorse Group? It was one of the electric vehicle cash stocks originally featured in Trump’s tweet last summer. The company specializes in medium duty trucks with powertrain components under the Workhorse chassis brand. Recently, WKHS gained some momentum after receiving an order for 500 all-electric C-1000 delivery vehicles from Pritchard Enterprises.. Momentum has been stifled by the news that Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) will introduce its electric cargo vehicle.. Needless to say, it wasn’t a bad year for the former penny stock. In mid-March, shares were trading around $ 1. 50. At its peak, WKHS reached an all-time high of $ 30. 99. Currently, the EV stock price is around $ 22. 78 servings. This means that a $ 500 position in March (around 333 shares) is now worth more than $ 7,580, or a gain of over 1,400%.. New Corporation. (NYSE: NIO) Nio isn’t the new kid on the block anymore. Last year, NIO went into a penny share, at one point it traded as low as $ 1. 19. Although it didn’t see the massive sell-off as it did in most markets in the first quarter, NIO stocks were hovering around $ 2.. 30 in the middle of March. But given the company’s recent earnings, NIO is at $ 48, knocking on all-time highs. A $ 500 position in mid-March would equate around 217 NIO shares. Today it is valued at $ 10,500, which equates to a profit of over 2000%.. Neither this post’s writer nor Pennystocks. com has a financial position or relationship with any of the shares mentioned above. See more from Benzinga * Click here for options deals from Benzinga * Winners and losers in Cannabis stocks starting November 19, 2020 * Bitcoin and Ethereum & Chainlink – American Wrap: 11/19/2020 (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Global financial markets were halted Friday due to the U-News. s. The Treasury was ending its emergency loan programs and dealing a blow to hopes for an economic recovery as California announced a curfew to try to combat soaring rates of coronavirus infection.. . S&P500 futures tumbled 0. 5%, while Dow futures are down 0. 6%, cancels a stronger lead from the strong Wall Street session overnight. The dollar was slightly weaker and the 10-year Treasury yield fell to a 10-day low of zero. 818%.

Forbes cover story « How SPACS Has Become the Wall Street Money Tree » highlights some of the negatives in the SPAC industry. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk tweeted in response to the article. What happened: The article from Forbes highlights some previous SPACs such as Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH), Multiplan Corporation (NYSE: MPLN) that are trading for under $ 10, and the latest SPACs with red flags. > Caution is strongly advised with SPACs >> – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 19, 2020 Why is this important: Musk has over 40 million followers on Twitter. He enjoys the respect of investors and has a cult-like following. There are a number of companies that are Tesla competitors that will either introduce or go public via the SPAC process. Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) and Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE) are building rival electric cars for Tesla.. Hyliion Holdings Corp (NYSE: HYLN) and Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA) are working on Category 8 trucks that are electric and hydrogen powered that will rival the upcoming Tesla Semi truck. Related link: Will Real Elon Musk Please Stand: Latest Twitter Bitcoin Cheat: Canoo, which will be rolling out to the public via Hennessey Capital Acquisition (NASDAQ: HCAC) will offer an electric car subscription service. QuantumScape, launched to the public via Kensington Acquisition Corp (NYSE: KCAC), Eos Energy Enterprises (NASDAQ: EOSE) and RMG Acquisition Corp (NYSE: RMG), is targeting all companies that compete in the battery market with Tesla. See more of Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Exclusive: MP Materials CEO talks about rare earth mining and support for Tesla and EV companies * Tesla’s S&P 500 listing could move Elon Musk Up Billionaire Ladder (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Shares have risen since the end of October, supported by elections that may provide stability and news that effective vaccines for the new Corona virus are closer than we had imagined.. Rapid market shifts are enough to make investors feel dizzy – or at least, to make them look to the experts to understand the financial landscape.. . At times like these, myths can provide some guidance. We are referring to the people who changed the way we play the investment game, and that is Ken Griffin. Ken Griffin has a knack for mathematics and finance. Since he began trading stocks from his campus at Harvard in 1987, Griffin has amassed a personal fortune of more than $ 15 billion – and has achieved fame on Wall Street as the hedge giant.. . While he’s personally reclusive, his investment decisions remain public, and following Ken Griffin’s stock options makes a viable investment strategy.. Griffin notes that the market last fall and describes the general recovery since March as « a big trader’s dream. ». Looking at the elections, he sees positive net results for the markets. He believes that a divided government, along with a narrower Democratic majority, will empower centrists and help avoid « crippling » tax increases. With that in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at three stocks in the Griffin Fund that Citadel recently picked up.. By running indicators through the TipRanks database, we learned that each one has a consensus rating of « strong buy » from the analyst community and massive rally potential.. Kadmon Holdings (KDMN) First, we have Kadmon, which focuses on developing drug therapies for immune disorders and fibrous diseases, and like many clinical research companies, the point of investment here is about potential rather than profits.. Kadmon has two drugs in the pipeline – Belumosudil (KD025), which is in a late testing phase as a treatment for chronic graft versus host disease (cGVHD) and systemic sclerosis. And the experimental KD033 that is being investigated as an immunotherapy for carcinomas. A New Drug Application (NDA) has been submitted to the FDA for Belumosudil in cGVHD, and is currently under review. Meanwhile, enrollment continues in the second phase of the systemic sclerosis study and it is expected that the second phase of the small open designation study will commence in the first quarter of the year 21.. Moreover, KD033 is currently in a stage 1 study in metastatic and / or locally advanced solid tumors. A vibrant pipeline – especially one in which drug candidates are steadily advancing – is sure to attract investor attention.. Among the fans is Ken Griffin. 924,309 shares were bought by Citadel in the third quarter, with the total position now down at 6,587,531 shares. The job is valued at over $ 24 million. In fact, thanks to the company’s promising pipeline and $ 3. 80, Mizuho Mara Goldstein analyst believes that investors should participate in the event. «  Belumosudil, a new inhibitor of ROCK2, has successfully completed a Pivotal Program (ROCKSTAR) in chronic graft versus host disease and is initiated for FDA submission. We see this indicator as generating U. s. Revenue of $ 628 million in 2030, which is not fully assessed in KDMN’s valuation, in our view [. . . ] We also see a potential opportunity from additional indicators and other candidates who have the potential to turn the assessment, ”Goldstein noted. To this end, Goldstein evaluated KDMN to buy with a price target of $ 13. This target reflects Goldstein’s confidence in KDMN’s ability to climb 246% from current levels. (To see Goldstein’s record, click here) Do other analysts agree? They are. Only purchase ratings have been released, 4, in fact, in the last three months. So, the message is clear: KDMN is a solid buy. Given $ 13. 75 average price target, stocks could rise 266% next year. (See KDMN stock analysis on TipRanks) K12, Inc. (LRN) Next on our Griffin picks list is K12, a company in the education management organization field – or in other words, a provider of curriculum and educational resources designed for online learning as an alternative to traditional school brick and mortar systems.. K12 was founded in 2000, but it emerged during the Corona crisis in 2020, when social lockdown policies directed students toward homeschooling and internet places.. The numbers show him as often as you can. K12 reported Q3 (fiscal year 1) revenue of $ 371 million, up 37% over the previous quarter and the most impressive 44.. 3% year on year. The company’s general education business was valued at $ 313. 8 million of that total, and it was 34 more. 4% year on year. EPS jumped 150% in succession, from 12 cents in the second quarter to 30 cents in the third. Griffin clearly understood K12’s potential in the current environment, buying 447,703 shares of LRN during the third quarter.. Griffin now owns more than 496,000 shares in the company, and this possession is worth approximately $ 11. 9 million. Analyst Alexander Paris of Barrington is taking a bullish stance on this stock. Paris writes, « The administration is cautiously optimistic that it can grow as it focuses on student retention (which has improved consistently over the past several years) and career learning initiatives. . . . Investors have been drawn to their robust distance learning model and see the potential upside from COVID – 19 increasing demand for its services in the medium to long term.. In line with these comments, Paris ranks the stock as a superior performer (i.e.. e. Buy). Its $ 60 target price shows confidence in a 150% rally for the next year. (To see the Paris record, click here) Once again, this is a unanimous stock on a strong buy rating, backed by four recent analyst ratings.. The average target price for stocks is $ 49. 33, indicating a 106% increase from the $ 24 trading price. (See K12 stock analysis on TipRanks) Overstock (OSTK) is an online retailer who got their start following the point.. Com bubble twenty years ago; Ironically, it started as an e-commerce company selling inventory assets to failed e-commerce companies. Today, Overstock is still involved in the shutdown sector, but also sells new items in bedding, furniture, and home décor outlets.. In the most recent quarter, Overstock beat its earnings and revenue estimates. Earnings per share was expected to incur a loss of 22 cents, but it made a profit of 50 cents. At the top of the page, revenue grew 110% year-over-year to $ 731. 7 million. Overstock has clearly benefited from the Corona pandemic that has driven more online retailing, and OSTK stocks have also benefited.. The stock is up 707% year-to-date, even after dropping significantly from its value in late August. . A discount online retailer with a strong internet presence is an obvious opportunity in the current climate, and Griffin has seized it.. His new position is OSTK with a total of 110. 281 shares are currently valued at $ 6. 3 million. 5-star analyst Peter Keith wrote to Piper Sandler, “[T] volatility in the fourth quarter remains ‘robust’, suggesting to us that continued growth of nearly 100% in the quarter is entirely possible.. New customer growth reached 141% year-on-year, and OSTK saw sequential improvement in purchase repeat rate for new customers. The analyst concluded, “The assessment is <1. The 0x NTM EV / S seems very cheap to us, especially if we take into account that the net cash position is $ 490 million, which is about 18% of the market value.. We will be strong buyers of the stock at current levels. “Keith gives OSTK a weight gain (i. e. Buy), and his $ 140 price target means a 145% gain for the next 12 months. (To see Keith's record, click here) Overall, Overstock's Strong Buy ranking is based on 4 purchases and 1 contract. The stock sells for $ 57. The $ 10 and $ 101 average target price indicates that it has 76% growth potential for one year. (See OSTK Stock Analysis at TipRanks) To find good stock trading ideas with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unifies all the equity insights of TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

China’s holdings of US government debt fell to their lowest level since February 2017, after the fifth month in a row of net US Treasury sales in September, according to the US government report.. China sold 6 US dollars. 22 million US Treasury bonds in September, reducing its total holdings to $ 1 USD. 062 billion, according to the U.S. Treasury’s latest monthly report on international capital (TIC). Analysts have warned that the reduction in US Treasury holdings in China was not necessarily a sign that it was reducing its total holdings of US dollar-denominated securities, as it could buy other assets such as stocks or corporate bonds instead.. . Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter about the big news that originated in China. However, as it reduced its holdings of US debt, China has been in a buying spree of Japanese government bonds this year.. According to data from the Japanese Ministry of Finance, China picked up 27. 7 billion yen ($ 2 USD. 7 billion) of Japanese debt in September, resulting in 2. 4 trillion yen worth of purchases during the first nine months of the year, up 73% over the same period in 2019. China lost its position as the largest foreign owner of US Treasury bonds to Japan more than a year ago, in the midst of a bitter trade war between the two superpowers, which some expect will descend into an all-out financial war.. Ongoing discussions among Chinese academics have suggested that Beijing continues to rotate US $ 3. 14 trillion foreign exchange reserves could indicate a further disposal of up to 20 percent of remaining US Treasury holdings.. This could be a move to insulate itself from tensions with Washington, including the risks of US financial sanctions and the potential seizure of Chinese assets in the United States, according to ongoing discussions among Chinese academics.. . The Global Times, which operates under official supervision, quoted Shi Jun Yang, a professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, as saying in September that China would gradually reduce its holdings of US debt to about $ 800 billion under normal circumstances.. People’s Daily, mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party. China does not publish the composition of its current foreign exchange reserves, nor a detailed account of how much US dollar denominated assets it possesses, because it considers the information a state secret.. The latest available official data showed that the share of US dollar assets in China’s foreign exchange reserves fell to 58 percent at the end of 2015 from 79 percent in 1995.. . How the United States is using the dollar payments system to impose sanctions on a global scale Guan Tao, chief global economist at China Securities Bank, said it would be inappropriate to interpret the reduction in foreign investors’ holdings of US debt as a decline in the US dollar’s position.. Foreign investors may reduce their investment in US government debt but increase the allocation of other financial assets located in the United States. Guan said that while the Chinese government may be a net seller of assets in US dollars, the private sector may still be a net buyer.. . In the face of a decline in foreign purchases over the past decade, the appetite of home-grown buyers – from US mutual funds and retirement plans to the Federal Reserve – is critical for the $ 20. 4 trillion markets. Due to a surge in US government spending to offset the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic, Washington is on track to issue unprecedented $ 5 trillion in new debt in 2020 to plug its explosive budget deficit.. . US President-elect Joe Biden called on the US Congress to pass another two dollars. 4 trillion stimulus bills to support the economy in the face of the recent sharp increase in the number of HIV infections in the country, although the new legislation is unlikely until early next year. A record $ 27 billion 20-year Treasury bond sale this week was welcomed by weak demand leading to higher yields in secondary market trading.. . Meanwhile, global investors are reshaping their global portfolios to give Chinese securities a much larger role, as China is set to be the only major economy to record positive economic growth for 2020.. . On Wednesday, the Chinese Ministry of Finance sold 4 billion euros (4 US dollars). 74 billion) of euro-denominated sovereign bonds garnered an enthusiastic response, with strong participation coming from long-term investors in Europe and the United States.. . A survey by HSBC Qianhai Securities shows that 62 percent of large international institutional investors and large corporations plan to increase their portfolio allocations in China, by an average of 24.. 5 percent in the next 12 months. « The international appetite for accessing Chinese financial markets is at an all-time high, » said Justin Chan, President of Greater China, HSBC Global Markets.. . “The continuous flow of developments, from the index listing to the Stock and Bond Connect charts, is opening this market like never before, and hungry investors from all over the world are accumulating in. This article originally appeared in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), which is the most authoritative audio report on China and Asia for over a century.. For more SCMP stories, please explore the SCMP app or visit the SCMP Facebook and Twitter pages. Copyright © 2020 South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd.. All rights reserved. Copyright (c) 2020. South China Morning Post Publishing Ltd.. All rights reserved.

Many electric car stocks have had a great year, and as the world progresses towards a greener economy, it is clear that the sector is only just getting started

Snap Inc. . The ‘undeniably strong’ revenue momentum puts the company on a path to follow at Facebook Inc. Pace, according to an analyst, and that could lead to a significant increase in the company’s valuation over the next few years.

High-yield dividend stocks are attractive because they can provide substantial income to investors through their quarterly payments. Unfortunately, some high-yielding stocks are incredibly risky – and the large dividends that are very attractive to investors today may dry up as quickly as possible tomorrow.. If you are interested in getting a big profit from your equity investment, then you better consider high yielding stocks.

(Bloomberg) – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said lawmakers should redirect unspent stimulus funding, including money it withdraws from the Federal Reserve, to support the economy like. s. Coronavirus vaccine is waiting. « I hope Congress will seriously consider reallocating $ 580 billion in money that has already been allocated that will not cost taxpayers an extra penny, » he said in a phone interview on Thursday.. . Earlier in the day, Mnuchin requested that unused money be returned from the Fed’s pandemic emergency lending program, pushing back the central bank, who said the programs played a vital role.. Yo. s. Mnuchin said in the interview that the economy has seen a « robust » recovery after a partial lockdown this spring due to the epidemic. He noted that companies with good budgets can access the money through private markets. But « for companies affected by Covid – such as travel, entertainment and restaurants – they do not need more debt, they need more public-private partnership funds, they need more grants, » he added, referring to corporate lending. The small program is known as the Paycheck Protection Program. He also indicated that the funding could be used to extend unemployment insurance. The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell by about two basis points amid the news, ending Thursday at 0. 83% and slightly lower at the beginning of Friday’s trading in Asia. Yo. s. Equity futures trimmed gains to close, and S&P 500 emini fell around 0. 8% early in the Asian session on Friday. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index rose 0. 1% on Friday after five consecutive days of downturn. The White House has largely abandoned past efforts to encourage lawmakers to strike a new stimulus package, after months of stalled negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.. Mnuchin said redirecting unused Fed funds would allow officials to target parts of the economy that are still struggling. But this step will require action from Congress. “I think it will have a huge impact on the people whose businesses have been affected by Covid – they can then get to the beginning of next year when we have vaccines that are widely distributed and the economy completely reopens,” Mnuchin said.. . The Treasury is seeking unused funds from the Fed in conflict with the central bank, in a letter to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Thursday requesting a 90-day extension to four of the central bank’s emergency lending programs, but asking for other programs to expire. On the due date in December. 31. The money Mnuchin plans to ask Congress to redirect includes unused money that the Treasury Welfare Act authorizes to provide direct loans to companies deemed critical to national security and airlines.. The Fed said in a statement that it “prefers that the full suite of emergency facilities established during the Coronavirus pandemic continue to play an important role as a cushion for our still-stressed and vulnerable economy.. . (Updates with the markets, in the sixth paragraph. ) For more articles like this one, please visit us at Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to keep up with your most trusted business news source. © 2020 Bloomberg LLC. s.

General Motors has announced more serious plans to move towards electric cars as it accelerates its efforts to challenge Tesla.

An EU official involved in the talks told Reuters that the European Union could pay more than $ 10 billion to secure hundreds of millions of doses of candidate vaccines being developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and CureVac.. . The bloc agreed to pay 15. 50 € ($ 18. 34) For each dose of a candidate for a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, according to the official. Pricing information, which has not been previously revealed, confirms that the European Union is paying less per dose than the United States for the initial supply of this vaccine, as Reuters reported last week..

Does buying gold stocks, or betting on the price of gold, make sense, despite the progress of the vaccine and the results of the 2020 elections? Here are some things to consider.

The economic slowdown and subsequent government stimulus measures in 2020 prompted some analysts and traders to use the term « zombie companies » to describe companies that would not survive without financial support from the government. On Thursday, Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, identified the zombie companies and drew the distinctions between real zombies and value stocks that could lead to excellent economic recoveries.. What is a zombie company? Colas said a zombie company is a company that does not generate sufficient operating income to cover its benefit expenses. This phrase, he said, rose in popularity this year due to concerns that the Federal Reserve has created a whole bunch of zombies over a corporate bond-buying stimulus program.. . According to the new Bank for International Settlements paper, the number of zombie companies has been on the rise since the late 1990s, but Colas said that one investor’s zombie is a stock of cyclical value for another investor.. Precious metals and oil and gas stocks are two examples of groups that include several companies that have not made profits since the commodity price crash of 2015 and 2016.. However, Colas is not sure that all of these companies are necessarily permanently disabled. In addition to commodity stocks, cyclical consumer stocks, pharmaceutical stocks and other groups have a zombie rating above 10%.. Related link: Is this how much to invest $ 1,000 in Boeing on the day the 737 MAX debuted today will be worth the stock value or value trap? Colas said analyzing zombies can be helpful, but it appears to be overused in the 2020 climate, especially when it comes to unprofitable stocks like Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM), Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) and Delta Air. Lines, Inc. (NYSE: DAL). « Companies like Exxon, Boeing and Delta are classified as zombies because they are currently unprofitable and have taken on significant new debts to weather the downturn in their businesses, » said Colas.. . At the same time, all three are expected to return to profitability or at least break even in 2021 and all of them retreat from their 2020 lows in stock prices.. Colas said the three companies will likely have plenty of opportunities to pay off their debt burden through issuing new shares once their businesses return to profitability.. Take a Benzinga: As Colas said, identifying a real zombie stock can be beneficial because it is unlikely to make a good long-term investment. However, the unprecedented economic turmoil of 2020 has made much of the stocks of value appear to be zombies, and some of these stocks will eventually return to life once a coronavirus vaccine is widely available.. See more from Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Why is BofA Upgrading Cohen & Steers, Downgrades T. The price of the ro * Tesla review is greater than the almost full-auto (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

The world of technology is in the midst of a process of change. Since the end of 2017, new 5G wireless technology has been forging ahead, bringing with it a combination of faster connection speeds and lower latency, and a promise of major changes in how we connect to the internet.. New technologies – connected cars and the fast Internet of things that come to mind – would not be possible without 5G. Investment research firm HSBC Global, in a recent report on the emergence of 5G technology, addresses questions about whether new networks are booming or busting.. Specifically, HSBC wonders why the 5G network has been so disappointing – so far. Industry expert Professor William Webb notes that the introduction of 5G has not lived up to the hype, even in Asia where networks are more spacious and better integrated.. He describes the technology as « evolutionary, not revolutionary. ». Webb points to several areas where 5G clearly needs to evolve further: expanding networks, which will require more building of towers and cells; Smooth transition between cells; Functionality is improved once the devices are connected. In his view, 5G is the beginning, not the end. Commenting on Webb’s views, and on technology in general, HSBC Chief Communications Officer Neil Anderson wrote, “[We] consider it regrettable (although inevitable) that 5G has been brought to market.. . . The level will be raised further by mmWave Services, launched in the United States, and more recently in Asia, in Japan. We see this as the « real » 5G, and expect it to open – albeit slowly – new opportunities for operators. «  Whether the 5G network is losing or overwhelming in the short term, it is here to stay in the long term – meaning that some stocks will benefit as 5G expands.. Wall Street analysts were busy finding those stocks, and TipRanks had the scoop. Here there are three of them. Inseego Corporation (INSG) First, Inseego, is a company that operates both wireless and mobile hotspots. As we can imagine, the company has directly benefited from the steps towards increasing remote work and virtual offices. The stock is up 27% this year, even after accounting for high volatility in April and August. Inseego has a direct interest in 5G networks. As a wireless provider, the company cannot ignore the new technology, and is directly involved in developing and marketing 5G routers for home use. Inseego has an ongoing partnership with Verizon on networking and devices, and is also working to expand its hotspots for IoT uses. The company hasn’t ignored hardware internals, and is working with Qualcomm on its advanced 5G router chips. Like many network providers, Inseego has performed at the financial level. The quarterly revenue posted sequential gains through 2020, with the third quarter topping $ 90 million at the top. Q3 EPS showed a loss of 6 cents. The loss was considered normal, with Inseego, again like many other tech companies, usually showing a net loss per share. The important point of EPS was that it was the smallest loss of its kind in two years. Analyst Lance Vitanza, in his Cowen stock coverage, wrote, “As the company continues to see great demand for legacy 4G products, the second generation 5G product portfolio continues to grow. . . . Inseego is well positioned to capitalize on the rise of 5G, the technology estimated to generate $ 500 billion of GDP in the United States.. s. Which will give way to more traditional upgrades to the existing portable hotspots from 4G to 5G. In line with these comments, the analyst places a superior performance (i. e. Purchase) rating shares. His target price is $ 13. 50, indicates room for growth of 44% in 2021. (To see Vitanza’s track record, click here) Overall, Inseego has a moderate buying rating from the consensus of analysts, based on 6 ratings divided into 4 purchases and 2 reservations. Meanwhile, the average target price is $ 13. 17, indicates it has a 41% rise potential next year. (See INSG stock analysis on TipRanks) Amdocs Limited (DOX) software company Amdocs has built a solid reputation in the telecom and media space, while remaining under the radar compared to its competitors. In recent months, Amdocs has expanded its operations to 5G by acquiring Openet, a provider of communications services for network marketing and analytics.. Openet is billing itself as « designed for 5G, » and this acquisition, valued at $ 180 million, will bring Amdocs into the 5G network.. Meanwhile, a look at Amdocs’ recent performance shows that the company is well positioned in the software world. The company’s revenues barely decreased during the Corona crisis, and remained in the range of $ 1. 03 to $ 1. 05 billion in the past four quarters. Rather, the earnings performed better. $ 1. 17 Earnings per share recorded in the third quarter of 2020 is the highest for the company in more than two years. Despite the strong financial performance, Amdocs shares have yet to fully recover from the mid-winter market crash. The stock is down 10% year-to-date, and JPM analyst Jackson Adair believes the relatively low price of this share represents a clear opportunity for investors.. “As adoption of 5G begins to recover and North American revenues stabilize, we believe it is time to step into this value name that has lagged significantly behind our coverage and the market this year. . . . We believe that 5G’s back winds, improved cash flow shifting and rotational potential value ensures an upgrade to overweight, « Adair noted. Coupled with that upgrade to weight gain (i. e. Buy), Ader set a one-year target price of $ 75, indicating a 17% uptick in the stock. (To see Ader’s record, click here) Overall, with 3 recent purchases and 1 comment, Amdocs gets a solid buying rating from the consensus of analysts.. The stock sells for $ 63. 97, average target price of $ 76, which is slightly more bullish than Ader and indicates a gain of around 19%.. (See Amdocs Stock Analysis on TipRanks) Tower Semiconductor (TSEM) Last but not least, Tower Semiconductor, a manufacturer in the chip industry. Fabs are a vital link in the semiconductor business, as many large chip designers don’t actually manufacture their own products – they design, build prototypes, and outsource serial production. Tower is a serial producer, making chips for big names among the major semiconductor companies, including Broadcom, Intel and Samsung.. Tower is investing heavily in 5G, producing an array of chips for 5G-enabled devices, including everything from cell phones to data centers.. As 5G networks expand, and as end-users begin the process of switching to hardware-enabled devices, Tower is well positioned to gain. No matter which large chip company gets the lion’s share of new business, the tower will be there – it runs the manufacturing plants. It is an enviable place at a time when the market is starting to change at an accelerating rate. A combination of a firm foundation and good prospects can be seen in the revenue and profit forecast. At the top, income has been stable during this epidemic year, while in the bottom line, EPS is expected to start swinging again in the fourth quarter of this year.. Needham analyst Ragvendra Gill is optimistic about the Tower’s path ahead. He evaluated the stock to buy with a price target of $ 30, indicating a 30% rise on the one-year horizon. (To see Jill’s track record, click here) Supporting his stance, Jill wrote: “We expect strong growth in the year 21 given our expectations for a doubling of the 5G smartphone market and an increase in radio frequency content by 40-60%.. . . We view [TSEM] as our best 5G mini game, which we think is particularly well positioned to take advantage of the 5G cycle (both on the & smartphone infrastructure side). Overall, Tower’s Strong Buy analyst is unanimous in its assessment, backed by three recent buying assessments. The average target price per share is $ 27. 67, which means a 20% increase from the current share price of $ 23. 08. (See TSEM stock analysis at TipRanks) To find good ideas for trading 5G stocks with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unifies all the equity insights of TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

Wall Street legend Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) filed for Form 13F this week, revealing that Buffett continued to reduce his exposure to a large number of U. s. Banks. The only exception to Buffett’s third-quarter sale was Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC), which Buffett was buying.. Bank of America is the second largest holding in Berkshire, and 14th in stocks. A 1% gain in the last month made it one of the top performers in Berkshire. For nearly nine years when Buffett first invested in Bank of America, the company has been in hot water. Buffett’s Bailout from Bank of America: Bank of America and Other Big Yu. s. Banks were at the epicenter of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. Of the banks that survived the crisis, Bank of America was one of the worst hit. In fact, Bank of America shares have fallen to $ 2. 53 in early 2009 as investors questioned whether the company could avoid bankruptcy or complete nationalization. Fortunately for them, by the end of 2009, Bank of America announced that it would return $ 45 billion in the rescue money it received from the United States.. . s. Government in its entirety. The stock started in 2010 once again above $ 15. However, the eurozone debt crisis in 2011 pushed stocks down to as low as $ 5. 13. Related link: This is how much to invest 4,000 in Bank of America at its lowest in the Great Recession that it will be worth today. Moynihan has convinced that a deal with Berkshire would stabilize the bank’s share price, boost investor sentiment, and boost the bank’s monetary position during a difficult period.. Buffett ended up investing $ 5 billion in preferred Bank of America shares that can be redeemed at a 5% premium and pay out an annual dividend of 5%.. Additionally, Buffett has been ordered to buy 700 million shares of Bank of America common stock at $ 7. 14 at any time in the next ten years. Right off the bat, Buffett was earning $ 300 million a year in dividends from his favorite stock. Wait until 2017 to exercise common stock buy orders at $ 7. 14 price. By the end of 2017, these shares were worth $ 20 billion, three times the size of his initial investment. At the time of Buffett’s rescue, Bank of America shares were trading at around $ 7. 65. By late 2012, Bank of America was again trading above $ 10. After a choppy decade of trading, Bank of America hit its highest level after the Great Recession at $ 35. 72 in December 2019. BofA in 2020, Beyond: Bank of America shares are down to $ 17. 95 in March during the Coronavirus sell-off, but has since recovered to over $ 27. Buffett made a fortune from his initial investment, but he still buys the stock. In the third quarter alone, Buffett added 85 million shares to his stake, which is now estimated to be around $ 24. 3 billion. The Bank of America investors who bought Buffett’s Investment Day in 2011 weren’t getting the same great deal that Buffett got, but they still did a good job over the years.. In fact, Bank of America shares purchased on Buffett’s investment day in 2011 are worth about $ 1,000, which is roughly $ 4,081 today, assuming dividends are reinvested.. Looking to the future, analysts are expecting slight gains for Bank of America in the next 12 months. The average target price among the 24 analysts covering stocks is $ 28, which indicates 1. 4% increase. Photography by Tony Webster via Wikimedia. See more of Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Q3 13F Roundup: How Buffett, Einhorn, Ackmann and others adjusted their portfolios (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Despite near-term weakness in Nio Inc shares – ADR (NYSE: NIO) in the wake of Citron Research’s bearish call for the stock, Wall Street is showing confidence in the Chinese electric car manufacturer. Nio analysts: Deutsche Bank Securities analyst Edison Yu repeated the buy rating on Nio and increased the target price from $ 34 to $ 50. BofA Securities analyst Ming Hsun Lee repeated the buy rating and raised price target from $ 23 to $ 54. 70. JPMorgan analyst Nick Lay maintained the overweight rating and raised his price target from $ 46 to $ 50. Credit Suisse maintained its Outperform rating and raised its target price from $ 25 to $ 60. Deutsche Bank Sees Key Winner in Chinese Electric Vehicle Market: Yu of Deutsche Bank said third-quarter results from Nio could be described as mixed, as it reported direct revenue but lower gross margin than expected due to timing of regulatory credits. Note. The analyst said delivery and sales forecasts for the fourth quarter were materially exceeding agreed estimates. He said supply constraints were becoming less important, with the company increasing its ability to achieve production of 7,500 units by January. . Yu said that despite potential fluctuations and corrections depending on electric vehicle sentiment and money flows, Nio is on the right track to capture a share of traditional internal combustion manufacturers thanks to its ambitious branding position, innovative business model and intelligence.. . This will help the company emerge as a major winner in the Chinese auto market by the middle of the decade, the analyst said. This puts NIO into a must-have stock for growth-oriented, environmental, social and corporate governance investors, in our view.. In the near term, Deutsche Bank said it was still expecting a solid monthly delivery volume through the Chinese New Year, driven by the newly launched EC6 SUV coupe, the option of a 100 kWh battery pack and the increased adoption of the battery as a service.. The company raised its forecast for the fourth quarter and 2021 in all areas, reflecting higher sales volumes and the associated operating leverage, as well as to account for higher contributions from regulatory credits.. Related link: 7 tips from Nio’s Q3 Call Nio earnings to turn them into profit by 2023, BofA says: Nio will be profitable in 2023, a year earlier than BofA had previously estimated, Hsun Lee said in a note. The analyst raised his forecast of sales volume from 2021 to 2023 above consensus estimates, and attributed the higher expectations to a more positive outlook on Nio’s strategies; Potential external contribution starting in 2022; And cooperation with Mobileye on robotics in China. Showing more earnings on NIOBofA also narrowed the net loss forecast for 2020 through 2021. The analyst said: « As such, we believe NIO’s share in the Chinese electric vehicle market will increase from 2% in 2019 to 9% in 2022. ». . JPMorgan in Nio Contest: JPMorgan analyst Lai said Nio’s fast-growing ecosystem – with a shipping network, online customer community, value-added service, and steady customers – will ultimately benefit Nio’s business opportunities. The analyst noted that about 40% of new buyers are referrals from existing users. He said Nio’s sales volume and how it deals with competition in the premium sectors will be crucial. Based on a typical pipeline from premium OEMs, the analyst said Nio could face competition from Tesla Inc’s Model Y (NASDAQ: TSLA), which is likely to drop from 480. 000 yuan ($ 72,888) to 350. 000-400. 000 yuan ($ 53,147 – $ 60,740)) and German brands that may not have bulky models anytime soon, he said.. Meanwhile, the market for addressable electric vehicles is growing rapidly, hence we would expect to see “rising tides lifts all boats” rather than the “Winners Take All” phenomenon. Credit Suisse’s Dissects Nio’s Margin Trajectory: The main surprise in the third quarter print is the higher-than-expected high margin ES8 contribution, according to Credit Suisse, which added that the car size share rose seven points to 29%. The sales side company said some of the improvement in the margin came from lower costs for sourcing components, including batteries. The company was guided by further expansion in vehicle margin in the fourth quarter thanks to the removal of previous interest rate subsidies for battery financing and a lower fixed cost per unit of operating leverage, according to the Credit Suisse Note. The company also expects income of 120 million yuan ($ 18 million) from 2019 NEV credit sales, which is set to be booked in the fourth quarter, the selling company said.. . The main catalyst for New is the new sedan that will be shown on Nio Day Jan. 9, according to Credit Suisse. NIO Price Action: On last inspection, Nio shares rose 1% to $ 45. 51. Related link: Nio’s fourth annual ‘Nio Day’ is coming in January: What Investors Need to Know Image courtesy of Nio. Latest reviews for NIO DateFirmAction FromTo Nov 2020Deutsche BankMaintainsBuy Nov 2020B of A SecuritiesMaintains, Trump Directive Estimates Amid Strong Sales Momentum (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer shared his thoughts on Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) after the company announced its third-quarter earnings. . Kramer on Nvidia: Kramer talks about Nvidia losing some numbers in the quarter, but says the company can’t keep up. “There is a huge demand that they cannot make [chips],” Kramer said.. He described this as a « high-quality problem. ». Kramer said Nvidia makes chips for the car industry and the games industry. Nvidia also has big clients like Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Google Unity, and Amazon.. com (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). “They all look at Jensen,” Kramer said, referring to Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.. Show more earnings on NVDACramer said if Nividia opens, « you can still buy it. ». Related link: Mike Khoo Sees Unusual Option Activity in NvidiaNvidia Earnings: Nvidia Announces Third-Quarter Earning of $ 2. 91 per share, which is above the consensus estimate of $ 2. 57. The company reported third-quarter revenue of $ 4. 73 billion, which is more than the agreed estimate of $ 4. 41 billion. “If [Huang] has all the chips, there’s no idea what number he’s going to,” Kramer said.. NVDA’s price action: Nvidia shares are down 1. 9% to $ 526. 80 in early trading Thursday. See more of Benzinga * Click here for option deals from Benzinga * Why a pirate could be the best way to play the booming gaming market * DEMZ ETF launches on Election Day: What Investors Should Know (C) 2020 Benzinga. Com. Benzanga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

The underwear giant’s comeback strategy is starting to shift, with shares of parent company L Brands soaring more than 15 percent..

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