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Nick Rivers rappelled into the Little Qualicum River to rescue a man clinging between two waterfalls

Two days after plucking a man out of the cold water in Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park on Saturday, December. 12, Nick Rivers will definitely « feel it » on Monday.

« I’m fine. Sore, but it comes with the Territory, ”said Rivers, Arrowsmith SAR search and rescue manager and Parksville business owner.

Rivers roped into the raging Little Qualicum River to save a man who clung to a tree trunk between two waterfalls « for life ». According to Rivers, the entire operation took 25 to 30 minutes, and the rescued man was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The public reception Rivers received after the rescue was consistently positive. He mentioned this since 6 p. m. Media inquiries came in yesterday and he jokingly said that he “has a hard time keeping up with fame. ”

Little did Rivers know it was « good » for the Arrowsmith SAR’s current fundraiser for their new hall to be in public, and said that « the attention couldn’t hurt, » but he didn’t want to push the agenda. The group asked for public support with the $ 1 donation. 2 million project with member Stuart Kirk telling PQB News that call volume has doubled in the past decade.

Typical Arrowsmith SAR rescue operations take place mostly ashore throughout the year to locate and rescue lost hikers. Rivers said water rescues only happen « once or twice a year » and that the Saturday rescue was the first for 2020.

The rescued man has not yet reached Rivers, but has learned that the man “is fine now. ”

Rivers advises the public to be vigilant and make safety a priority when it comes to outdoor expeditions, and that “risks are usually pretty obvious. ”

According to their website, Arrowsmith’s SAR coverage extends from Cook Creek to Lanztville, from the eastern end of Cameron Lake to the Jedidiah and Lasqueti Islands.

Rivers said he has been involved in some « pretty intense bailouts » in the past, but he cannot say he has seen anything « that intense » before.

Jim Harrison, Treasurer of the BC Search and Rescue Association, said: “The result could have been very different. ”

“In this case, there was the anchorage for the ropes, appropriately trained members who were trained both in rope rescue and in fast water. If they weren’t available, or if that location was further from their equipment and access, the on-site team might have made the decision not to go into the water. ”

When it comes to winter rescues, Harrison said there are a number of safety issues to consider.

« The water temperature requires additional equipment to ensure members do not become subcutaneous, » he said. “And especially on the island, where it rains increasingly in the winter months, the water level can fluctuate. When the water level is high, wood and other debris can wash off too, which is always a big problem with fast water. ”

A total of 837 cases remain active, 28 of them in the hospital and six in the intensive care unit

« Hopefully when the other vaccines come out it will be a bit easier and logistically less complicated to get them to the remote communities.  »

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Nick Rivers rappelled into the Little Qualicum River to rescue a man who was caught between two waterfalls

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World News – CA – Hero reflects the harrowing rescue of a person from the raging river Vancouver Island – Princeton Similkameen Headlights


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