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World news – CA – Jenna Johnson loves energy partner Neve Schulman presents « Dancing With the Stars »

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The dance professional says partnering with Neve Schulman has allowed her to push her boundaries.

When dance professional Jenna Johnson was growing up, watching MTV was a joy for her. So of course, she saw Nev Shulman as the host of Catfish, but meeting him in person when they were paired on Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars was something entirely different.. “He’s a character that’s full of personality in the best way,” Johnson said to Women’s Day. “The person you see on Catfish is, I think, the most fit and professional person ever because when he gets into the training room he’s just a burst of energy, light and creativity..

Shulman’s big personality and positive energy push Johnson to be on this level as well. « I feel I have to meet him 100 percent every day, » she says, adding that Schulman is adept at understanding and interacting with her mood.. « I definitely have moments of stress, breakdown and anxiety, but he’s really good at observing any room, any situation, and people in general, so I think he can always feel when I’m experiencing those moments of stress or anxiety, and he’s good at decoding a joke, or saying something that makes me laugh. ».

The couple’s partnership, which earned them the first perfect result of the season and landed them in the semi-finals, also encouraged Johnson to expand her choreography and push the boundaries even more in her routine.. About working with Shulman, she says, « I think the performance is really cool for him because he was a huge fan of the arts and he attended many shows, so he knows as a member of the audience what he wants from a performance. ». . “For me, this season was really about pushing the boundaries with my choreography and taking more risks. I think in the past I was very nervous about doing something different or doing something that might not have been done before because you don’t know what to expect or what the reaction will be.. But I think especially with Neff because he’s capable, I’ve been trying to push myself more, and that was so rewarding.

In March, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the states, Johnson was on a DWTS tour, and one day everything changed.. She says, « We used to do shows for two hours six nights a week. ». “I had a goal, I was fulfilling as an artist as an artist, so when we were sent home within a day and everything shut down, I lost my goal, which was really hard. So when the show started again in September, she finally felt like she was regaining strength. Johnson says there is a different level of gratitude after returning to the dance floor with Shulman. « It’s kind of surreal, » she says.. « This year has been crazy, so obviously I’ve been very happy to be working again, and I have a schedule, and now let’s get this far and we’re very close to the end, I don’t want it to end. ». It was such a fun season with Neff that I was able to do it over and over again.

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World News – CA – Jenna Johnson Loves The Energy Partner Nev Schulman Brings to ‘ Dancing with the stars
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