World news – CA – Kevin Costner and Diane Lane’s « Let Him Go » top the box office in US


In the movie, a couple leaves their farm to save their grandson from a dangerous family

The « Let Him Go » focus features provided some sparks at the lifeless box office, which will open over the weekend for an estimated $ 4 million (Dh15 million)

In these COVID times, that was good enough to finish first, Focus also took second place in its second weekend for the horror film « Come Play, » « Come Play, » co-produced with Amblin Partners, and grossed $ 1 7 million. Locally, for a total of $ 5 6000000

The specialty division at Universal Pictures was active during the Coronavirus in part due to a deal the studio parent company signed with AMC Theaters that enables Universal and Focus to release their films on on-demand platforms within 17 days of their theatrical debut In return, AMC gets Deducted digital revenue

Of course, it wasn’t the big story on the weekend. The movie theaters were a presidential election that ran from Tuesday to Saturday, and it dominated news and American interest

« Let Him Go » starring Kevin Costner as a retired mayor and Diane Lynn, his wife The couple leaves their Montana farm to save their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living in Dakota – a violent confrontation with Leslie Manville, who received an Academy Award nomination for her work in Another Focus issue, 2017 « Phantom Thread », co-starring « Let Him Go » written and directed by Thomas Bezucha, the filmmaker behind The Family Stone « War With Grandpa, » a family comedy film from 101 studios of Robert De Niro’s family, took center. Third, bringing the total to $ 1 5 million three weeks later, to $ 13 4 million, « Honest Thief » by Open Road, an action thriller with Liam Neeson, came in fourth with $ 1 million, bringing its total to $ 11 2 million

Christopher Nolan’s « Tenet » wrapped the top five with $ 905,000 domestically. This pushed the sci-fi movie to $ 55 $ 1 million globally. The film made $ 350,000,000 considering Warner Bros, the studio behind the movie, may Announcing the release of Tenet for home entertainment in December, the film largely expired from the box office Given its $ 200 million price tag and marketing costs, Tenet is likely not to be profitable

Warner Bros said « The Witches, » an adaptation of Robert Zemeckis for Roald Dahl’s novel, grossed $ 3 5 million at the overseas box office, bringing her total to $ 10 $ 1 million in the US. The Witches have chosen to debut On HBO Max instead of showing it in cinemas

Also worth noting: Disney’s re-release of « Toy Story » raised $ 505,000 nearly 25 years after it opened in theaters and turned into a classic family movie.

At this point, exhibitors will take what they can get in terms of ticket sales, but with such earnings at the box office, the winter will be long and deadly for theaters

If « Wonder Woman 1984 » moves on from its Christmas release, it is unclear how the theaters will remain open except for some substantial government aid

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Box Office, Kevin Costner, Focus Features, Diane Lane

World News – CA – Kevin Costner, Diane Lynn, « Let Him Go » thriller tops the US box office


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