World News – CA – KXIP vs SRH, IPL 2020 Live: Kings XI Punjab beats Sunrisers Hyderabad by 5 wickets


IPL 2020, KXIP vs SRH Live Score: Kings XI Punjab led by KL Rahul scored 126 for 7 against Sunrisers of David Warner Hyderabad in the 43rd Indian Premier League 2020 game today in Dubai

IPL 2020 Live Score, Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): Rashid Khan (2/14), Jason Holder (2/27) and Sandeep Sharma (2/29) were among the wickets in as Sunrisers Hyderabad restricts Kings XI Punjab to 126 for 7 in their 20 overs This is also the lowest total of 1st rounds in Dubai in IPL 2020 Skipper KL Rahul (27) and Chris Gayle (20) left early in the innings Glenn Maxwell struggled again with the bat as he only managed to score 12 points from 13 deliveries Nicholas Pooran was Kings XI Punjab’s top scorer, remaining undefeated out of 32 Previously SRH had won the draw and had chosen to play KXIP first in the 43rd game of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 It would be an interesting showdown to watch as both teams try their luck to get closer to the playoffs Once a inhabitant of the back, KXIP is currently on a winning frenzy With 8 points in kitty, they would like to add two more points when they take the field tonight At the same time, David Warner & Co is in a position where victory is the only option Either they play to be in the playoff race or they perish

OUT! Arshdeep gets a crucial wicket on the last slower bullet, Sandeep goes on his back foot to shoot a miss and Murugan Ashwin takes the catch to seal another wicket

SRH needs 14 on last Arshdeep Singh in attack Priyam Garg and Sandeep Sharma are on the fold

We fought and we fought 💪💪14 to win 6 balls, Arshdeep Singh at bowlingWaheguru mehar kare 🙏 # SaddaPunjab # IPL2020 #KXIP #KXIPvSRH

Back-to-back wickets and Hyderabad Sunrisers tumble to the finish line Jordan strikes to take out Jason Holder for five, then Rashid Khan for a golden duck The course of the game has changed in reverse

OUT! Arshdeep hits to bring a little more twist to the game Short a length around the wicket Shankar moves to the side of the leg, opens his bat to cut the gap between the back point and the third man short Ends up getting slim for KL Rahul

FOUR! Shankar goes for another limit, this time over the head of the melon The midfielder was inside the circle so there was no risk

OUT! Manish Pandey leaves and the drama begins A fuller Shami Pandey tries to get over the head of the blower but takes the bottom of his bat Substitute outfielder J Suchith runs to hit right, times his jump and takes an incredible hold

FOUR! Shankar keeps the fight alive for SSR Opens his bat and plays through the gap between the back point and the third man runs for another limit

FOUR! No limits in the last four overs and gets a few now A more expensive leggie Tamil Nadu; 10 off the over, SRH – 89/3 after 14 overs

FOUR! An essential shot for the SSR at the moment Stitched delivery, Shankar approaches the ball and drives it straight for a four Jordan ran to his left, dives deeply but fails to stop it

Sunrisers Hyderabad stick continues to struggle in midfield Manish Pandey and Vijay Shankar couldn’t get a limit between 10-13 overs KXIP bowlers kept things tight with just 10 points on 24 balls

The young leggie continues his bowling prowess and plays another good Three scoops and as many singles from his SRH – 77/3 after 12 on

10 overs have been played in SRH innings They need 57 extra points on the next 60 balls

Halfway through the pursuit 57 races needed in 60 balls Let’s get them # SRH – 70/3 (10) #KXIPvSRH #OrangeArmy #KeepRising

Ravi Bishnoi does a great He has already taken a wicket and now he has only given three points in the 10th SRH – 70/3

OUT! Shami’s half volley, Samad is tied for the loft in the middle of the field, but Jordan jump makes the difference An absolute stunner from the English speedster This is what Jordan is known for Getting out of narcotics has been his forte

FOUR! Samad is irrelevant with a limit A fuller of Shami, tilted towards the stump of the leg Samad tickles him in front of the keeper for a limit

Warner leaves for 35 years, this is the first time since 2015 that he has failed to score half a century against KXIP in IPL He has had 9 50 consecutive scores against KXIP in IPL since 2015

Bishnoi to Warner – big call from KL Rahul Bishnoi played full game and Warner went to play reverse sweep Referee refuses, KXIP takes exam Ball tracking shows spike Ball took a thin tip and landed in the gloves of Rahul Kings XI Punjab gets first wicket Warner couldn’t survive DRS SRH – 56/1 after 62 overs

It’s something crazy from Jonny Bairstow Limits back to back to bring 50 leads to the board Kings XI Punjab players seem helpless in the face of these groundstrokes

FOUR! Warner shoots again Look at a ball this length, wait for it, then slap Shami on the head for a limit Runs through the fence with a few bounces

FOUR! Luck Bairstow to get those four races Murugan Ashwin cuts a googly He takes the edge and flies through the gap between the 1st slip and the keeper

FOUR! Wonderful photo of Bairstow A full draw in 141 km / h, Bairstow shuffles and moves square-leg back for four points

SIX! David Warner loves doing this when it’s Kings XI Punjab on the other end Delivery length, Warner waits and drops off in the middle of the wicket for a potent maximum « WARNER-FUL Shot » shows the billboard

SIX! The Sunisers captain is out of place with maximum Pitched full, outside off Warner kneels and generously tones him over the extra fence

David Warner and Jonny Bairstow fight for Sunrisers Hyderabad Mohammed Shami starts attack for Kings XI Punjab

Innings Break! Brilliant bowling and outstanding #SRH play help limit #KXIP to a total of 126/7 on the boardSRH needs 127 runs to win the gameLive – https: // tco / Tfcy5x6kie # Dream11IPL picTwittercom / cCoSxKn1fj

Nicholas Pooran takes a double from the last ball Kings XI Punjab finishes with 126 points for 7 in their 20 overs This is the lowest total of 1st innings in Dubai in IPL 2020

FOUR! Pooran charges now when it’s too late Wider and wider than Natarajan, Pooran runs through the covers

FOUR! First limit after after a gap of 11 overs Pooran attacks on a slower ball and passes through the square leg

A direct hit from Vijay Shankar immediately eliminates Murugan Ashwin The batter hit the slowest ball towards the back point and tried to take a quick single Shankar was perfect with his pitch, leaves KXIP in trouble

The Kings XI Punjab are in 18th place in the game while the last limit they got was 7th above Chris Gayle was the last KXIP drummer to cross a line

OUT! Jason Holder strikes death and gets rid of Chris Jordan Slower bouncer, Jordan tries to go tall and a top edge to a short thin leg Khaleel easily tries to finish Jordan’s innings

100 for KXIP KXIP – 101/5 (17) #KXIPvSRH #OrangeArmy #KeepRising @ davidwarner31

Kings XI Punjab scored 88 for 5 in 15 overs They collected 22 points from over 10 to 15 and lost 3 wickets

OUT! Sunrisers Hyderabad humiliates KXIP with regular wickets Rashid struck again with a quick leg break Hooda tries to flick, dragging his back foot Bairstow connection failure fast enough to dislodge the bails

OUT! Maxwell continues to disappoint He tried to hit this for a long time for his first six of the tournament but finds David Warner Another blow to Kings XI Punjab, KXIP – 85/4 after 134 overs

Jason Holders launches another good to slow down the flow of KXIP’s racing With already a wicket in his pocket, the versatile Caribbean conceded only 6 points in 12th

It was one hell of a delivery from Rashid Khan to knock out the KXIP skipper Rahul tried to push this wide open towards the covers but he’s completely beaten Losing his average KXIP stump – 66/2 after 101 overs

OUT! Chris Gayle returns to locker room Jason Holder does magic with slower delivery Universe Boss slaps him for a long time, ends up getting caught by David Warner

A brilliant from Rashid Khan Besides losing an opinion, everything was positive for the SSR Just one run over the top, SRH – 61/1 after 9 overs

An LBW call from Rashid Khan, Warner takes on DRS Gayle was hit in front of rear foot stumps But replay shows bullet comes out of leg stump SRH loses criticism

SIX! Chris Gayle in business Opens his front leg, pulls it massively on the corner of the cow for maximum The cameraman at the border has a clean shaven! Fifty-up for KXIP – 56/1 after 7 overs

FOUR! Universe Boss in action A slower Jason Holder Gayle lines up accordingly and cuts just through the gap between the third man short and the back point for a four

OUT! Mandeep leaves too early Fuller delivery, gets down to his knees and hits high Rashid follows and takes a good deep square-leg grip 100th IPL wicket for Sandeep Sharma

FOUR! So well done Kneeling, rushes to the long limit Mandeep stepped in for Mayank Agarwal today and is launching into the swing with a shot like this

SIX! Nice shot this Court outside, Rahul shoots it so perfectly and lands on the edge of the midwicket for a maximum

FOUR! Rahul paces gradually Gets this in the lunge, clears the front leg and plays across the line to the corner of the cow

Lost her father last night, but Mandy is here to open! 🙌 Way to go, Mandy # SaddaPunjab # IPL2020 #KXIP #KXIPvSRH

FOUR! First limit for KXIP tonight A length delivery, moving away from the stump Rahul tried to get it through the covers but gets a thick edge to the limit of the third man

Sandeep Sharma had a good first against KXIP Five points conceded, no limit The speedster took advantage of the absence of Mayank Agarwal KXIP – 5/0

Mandeep Singh and KL Rahul fight for Kings XI Punjab Sandeep Sharma starts attack for Sunrisers Hyderabad

• 36: Chris Gayle needs 1000 points for KXIP in IPL, 2nd IPL team for which he will score 1000 points after RCB

• 9: Maxwell’s Ducks for KXIP, mostly by one player for KXIP in the IPL

• 10: The six required by Maxwell to pass David Miller for the most-six hit by a KXIP player

• 77: races required by Manish Pandey to reach 1000 races for SRH in IPL, 2nd Indian and 4th overall to reach this benchmark

• 50: Number of 50 scores for David Warner in IPL, most by a batsman in IPL

• 11:50 scores for David Warner against KXIP in IPL, the only batsman to have more than 10 points fifty and more against KXIP in IPL

• 31: Gayle’s sixes against SRH, most by one player against SRH in IPL

Kings XI Punjab: Mayank Agarwal and Jimmy Neesham are absent, Mandeep Singh and Chris Jordan enter

Sunrisers Hyderabad (game eleven): David Warner (c), Jonny Bairstow (w), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Priyam Garg, Abdul Samad, Jason Holder, Rashid Khan, Khaleel Ahmed, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

Kings XI Punjab (Play XI): KL Rahul (w / c), Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Mandeep Singh, Deepak Hooda, Murugan Ashwin, Chris Jordan, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

Kings XI Punjab KL Rahul said: “I would have liked to play too We finished second in the last few games we won The wicket shouldn’t change much, it looks good We had to win every game in the second half and we play it one game at a time Chris was a big winner, he came well and brings calm and winning spirit into the locker room Maxwell well in the last game gives the group confidence Hope we can play the aggressive cricket « 

Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper David Warner at the draw: “We’re going to play first I think the last game proved that a little dew has come towards the end Every game presents a new challenge, these guys are on a roll and it was good for us too to win the last game and build some momentum We talked a lot about our middle order and it was nice to see the guys playing risk-free during of the last match « 

« There is still some grass on the surface which gives a little bit of rhythm and bounce A different tactic, where the captains want to beat second These slightly cooler nights mean dew and the ball slips later in the evening 165-170 seems normal ”, estimates Simon Doull on Star Sports

Glenn Maxwell talks about his current form: « I might not get the races, but I was training really well I only had three or four balls to face in the back of the innings in a lot of matches, but I was hitting the ball well I didn’t lose my focus, I didn’t get too hard on myself « 

« It’s a very important step for us, we can’t lose any more games We had close games, but the best thing was that we won the last game and it gave us momentum. once you know you have to win every game, we don’t have to do anything different We just need to go out there and express ourselves and our talent, ”said Rashid Khan

Win the raffle and? That remains the big question, whether to beat first or bowl first The wickets in the UAE have slowed down over time and dew has often made it difficult to hunt Winning at throw and bat first could be a wise option

Wondering when and where to watch IPL 2020 game live between Kings XI Punjab vs Sunrisers Hyderabad? Relax Here we are with all the answers CLICK HERE for full details on KXIP vs SRH IPL 2020 match

SRH Predicted XI vs KXIP: David Warner, Jonny Bairstow, Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Abdul Samad, Priyam Garg, Rashid Khan, Jason Holder, T Natarajan, Sandeep Sharma, Shahbaz Nadeem

KXIP Predicted XI vs SRH: KL Rahul (c & sem), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, James Neesham, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

Best individual score: 132 by KL Rahul (Kings XI Punjab) against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2020

Highest partnership: 181 By Shane Watson and Faf Du Plessis (Chennai Super Kings) for the 1st wicket against Kings XI Punjab in 2020

Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper David Warner has been outstanding against the Kings XI Punjab He has a record 9 consecutive scores over 50 against KXIP and is said to be rooted 10th in Dubai

This season seems to be pretty tough for Sandeep Sharma Out of 7 games in IPL 2020, Sandeep only took 4 wickets out of an average of 5,325 In addition, he lost his wicket in 5 out of 7 innings in IPL 2020 His worst numbers are recorded in Dubai where the next SRH game will be played – 5 innings, 2 wickets average of 725

IPL 2020 has been one of the best seasons to date for Mayank Agarwal He has already been involved with KL Rahul in creating over 200 partnerships in IPL 2020 for KXIP Mayank has scored 398 races for KXIP in IPL 2020 So far opener KXIP also has the over 50 scores (3) this season

* 9: Maxwell’s Ducks for KXIP, most by one player for KXIP in the IPL

* 11:50 scores for David Warner against KXIP in IPL, the only batsman to have more than 10 points fifty and more against KXIP in IPL

* 31: Six by Gayle against SRH, most by one player against SRH in the IPL

Nicholas Pooran is having a great IPL season He scored 295 points for KXIP this season at a strike rate of 18322 With two 50s Pooran was the clear leader in points in the middle order KXIP He single-handedly scored 54% of total runs scored by KXIP’s mid-order batsman this season

The last time KXIP and SRH locked the horns, Rashid Khan recorded his best IPL bowling numbers – 3/12 The Afghan leggie will be the key weapon in SRH’s arsenal in today’s showdown ‘hui

Bairstow’s stick was quite different from his usual style in IPL 2020 He scored 326 points in 10 games at a strike rate of 12,936 He has been seen struggling to score on the power play where his strike rate goes down to 1197 He scored 207 points in Dubai in IPL 2020 – 3rd most this season on this site

🎧 lit for 59 seconds of Maxi-Mom photos! 💥Raise your 🙋‍♂️ if you want to see more tonight # SaddaPunjab # IPL2020 #KXIP #KXIPvSRH @ Gmaxi_32 picTwittercom / cjOrPa9wwe

SRH and KXIP are fifth and sixth respectively Both have 8 points in their prize pool but SRH has a positive net run rate – 0092

Kolkata Knight Riders play the first match of Super Sunday and it’s against the Delhi Capitals Follow live updates:

Kings XI Punjab Squad: KL Rahul (w / c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, James Neesham, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh, Sarfaraz Khan, Tajinder Singh, Darshan Nalkande, Simran Singh, Harpreet Brar, Mandeep Singh, Chris Jordan, Karun Nair, Krishnappa Gowtham, Sheldon Cottrell, Hardus Viljoen, Jagadeesha Suchith, Ishan Porel, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Sunrisers Hyderabad Squad: David Warner (c), Jonny Bairstow (w), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Abdul Samad, Jason Holder, Rashid Khan, Priyam Garg, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Wriddhiman Saha, Shreevats Goswami, Siddarth Kaul, Virat Singh, Basil Thampi, Khaleel Ahmed, Sanjay Yadav, Abhishek Sharma, Prithvi Raj Yarra, Mo

Hello and welcome to the live blog of the 43rd IPL game between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Dubai It is the battle of equals where both teams have the same number of points and a victory can change their fate of the day overnight KXIP is building up confidence after registering 3 trotting wins, that too, against top-placed teams in the SRH league, on the other hand, has a bigger job to deal with – The Gayle Force


World News – CA – KXIP vs SRH, IPL 2020 Live: Kings XI Punjab beats Sunrisers Hyderabad by 5 wickets


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