World News – CA – Lethbridge Police and MADD support new Alberta Bill on Penalties for the Disabled


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The Alberta government says the newly introduced provincial administrative penalties act, known as Bill 21, will make the provincial roads safer by immediately imposing tougher penalties for driving disruptions.

Starting on Tuesday, for the first time, disabled fare will be processed out of court via SafeRoads Alberta.

Disabled drivers can also face higher fines and lose their vehicles for up to 30 days. Repeat offenders are now faced with a compulsory training program and a compulsory ignition lock.

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Alberta’s new, stricter driving laws are in place – here’s what you need to know

« A person will no longer be criminally charged with driving disorder if certain criteria are not met, » said the acting Sgt. Jason Darby of the Lethbridge Police Service.

« These criteria are as follows: If this person has already received IRS sanctions or criminal driving charges if that person was involved in a collision resulting in death or other significant property damage, » he added.

Darby goes on to say that previous criminal charges, a blood alcohol level greater than 160 milligrams, a passenger in the car under the age of 16, and other outstanding factors also lead to criminal charges.

The MADD Lethbridge and Area Chapter said these new laws are a step in the right direction.

« It’s a strong initiative and will send a strong message to disabled drivers, » said Anita Huchala, President of the MADD Lethbridge & Area Chapter.

« We always advocate zero tolerance, but we ask people to think twice before making this decision, to plan ahead and call a taxi or call a friend, » said Huchala.

A new judicial department set up by the government with SafeRoads Alberta is to help free more resources for the police and courts.

At the branch, drivers can pay their fees online and request more time to pay or challenge their immediate penalties.

« I’ve worked with a few families here in southern Alberta who lost a loved one to a disabled driver. If you work with these families and support them through the judicial system, it is very difficult, ”Huchala said.

She added that it could take up to a year to find a solution. When families go through the long process of constantly going to court during the ordeal, it can have a devastating effect on loved ones.

« I don’t know if we will see more people trying to review their charges when we see fewer, » said James Rouleau, a defense attorney. « I hope there will be some resources going into the case law process, otherwise we may see two different streams of case law, both of which have delayed concerns. « . ”

Rouleau notes that if the new legal department is not adequately funded, delays in the required reviews, which should be deemed « efficient, » can be expected.

The Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police said it welcomed the new rules, which are based on what is going on in B.. C.. . for years.

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World News – CA – Lethbridge Police Department, MADD, supports Alberta’s new law on penalties for the disabled
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