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NANAIMO – NanaimoNewsNOW covers B.C.’s 42nd General Election with a live, up-to-the-minute blog featuring vote counts, interviews, analysis and much more

In conjunction with our updates on 1069 The Wolf, 1023 The Wave, 885 The Beach and 999 The Lounge, NanaimoNewsNOW will provide full coverage of the ridings of Nanaimo, Nanaimo-North Cowichan and Parksville-Qualicum

Follow the blog live to listen to and watch the broadcasts aired throughout the evening Results are available for all BC ridings on the map below

10:45 pm Parksville-Qualicum seems ready to move to the NDP
Qualicum city councilor Adam Walker looks set to be the next Parksville-Qualicum MP, toppling Michelle Stilwell and overthrowing a longtime Liberal seat

Walker leads with less than 1,000 votes without including mail in the ballots that will be counted in the days and weeks to come

« We will wait for these last ballots to arrive Ultimately, this is a democratic process and whatever the people decide, this is how it will be »

10:35 pm Sheila Malcolmson chats with NanaimoNewsNOW about her win as Routley confirmed to Nanaimo-North CowichanDoug Routley will join Sheila Malcolmson in the Legislature for four more years as he was declared winner for Nanaimo-North Cowichan Routley withstood a tough challenge from Chris Istace of the BC Greens

Sheila Malcolmson spoke to NanaimoNewsNOW following her victory and commented on a possible Cabinet place in an NDP majority government

9:55 pm Political commentator Allan Warnke talks about the NDP majority and the rise of the Greens
The NDP will rule by majority for the next four years, currently leading or elected to over 50 seats They were once again strong on Vancouver Island while making inroads elsewhere in the province

NanaimoNewsNOW’s Ian Holmes spoke with former VIU political studies professor Allan Warnke about the NDP’s path over the next term and key battles on Vancouver Island

9:30 p.m. Roaming and Social Unrest Parksville-Qualicum continues to be a dogfight between Adam Walker and Michelle Stilwell with longtime Liberal riding in danger of tipping over Sheila Malcolmson will return to Victoria with Doug Routley looking to join her in a majority NDP government

Social unrest and homelessness issues are still addressed in a provincial election, but this year she fought for time with the COVID-19 pandemic

9:20 am Sheila Malcolmson re-elected MP for Nanaimo
Sheila Malcolmson won her first re-election campaign and will serve another four years in the Legislature The riding was declared with her victory over Lia Versaevel of the BC Greens and Kathleen Jones of the BC Liberals

Doug Routley of Nanaimo-North Cowichan leads by a few hundred votes over Chris Istace (GRN) Parksville-Qualicum is still too close to call between Adam Walker (NDP) and Michelle Stilwell (LIB)

9:10 pm Michelle Stilwell could be in trouble at Parksville-Qualicum
Outgoing Liberal Michelle Stilwell is in a dogfight with NDP’s Adam Walker in a traditional stronghold for the BC Liberals Party has held the riding since 1996

VIU Professor of Political Studies, Dr Alexander Netherton spoke to Ian Holmes of NanaimoNewsNOW about the advance vote count and a possible Parksville-Qualicum turnaround

Sheila Malcolmson leads comfortably in Nanaimo while Doug Routley is narrowly ahead of Chris Istace in Nanaimo-North Cowichan

21h00m Several media declare an NDP government and several media declare that John Horgan will return as BC premier with the NDP forming the government

Local results remain close in Parksville-Qualicum, with Adam Walker edging outgoing Liberal Michelle Stilwell Sheila Malcolmson and Doug Routley have a comfortable lead in their respective ridings

8:50 pm – Central Pacific Coast called for NPD
Tofino Mayor Josie Osbourne will move into provincial politics after a successful run in the sprawling constituency comprising Port Alberni, Tofino and Ucluel, and replacing retired NDP MP Scott Fraser who had held the constituency since 2005

8:45 pm – Transportation issues on Vancouver Island
Rob Lyon continues to hold on to a narrow Parksville-Qualicum lead over Adam Walker (NDP) and incumbent Michelle Stilwell In Nanaimo and Nanaimo-North Cowichan, incumbent NDP candidates have jumped to the slopes as the results begin to spread

A key issue across the center of the island was not as widely discussed as many thought Spencer Sterritt has more

20h30m – The first result arrives
Tofino Mayor Josie Osbourne took the lead early in the riding of Mid-Island Pacific Rim, a longtime NDP stronghold and owned by starter Scott Fraser since 2005

At Parksville-Qualicum, Rob Lyon has an early lead over Michelle Stilwell and Adam Walker Results for the two Nanaimo ridings have yet to be counted

8:15 pm – Student votes elect NDP majority government
Today’s election isn’t the only one taking place this week Across BC, hundreds of schools have taken part in the Student Vote campaign, holding mock elections in their own ridings

20h00m – The polls are closed
Polls are closed province-wide and tally is underway Results will begin to appear on the live map above in the next 15-20 minutes

Tonight’s tally will involve votes cast today and during the seven-day advance polling period. Mail-in ballots will be reviewed and counted in the coming weeks

7:40 pm – Postal ballots
With polling stations open until 8:00 p.m., final votes are underway.However, it is quite likely that today’s election results will not be known for some time

Even local races, considered safe for their respective parties, will take time to be official due to the volume of mail in ballots this election cycle

7:15 p.m. – The reality of an election in the COVID era
2020 will remain one of the most tumultuous years with the COVID-19 pandemic and various political issues within the top government

Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce CEO Kim Smythe said he saw apathy seep into the campaign, especially as COVID-19 cases on the rise again

Smythe said the campaign has been stifled in many ways by the pandemic, which has prevented the usual campaign rallies and events

« I just don’t have the feeling in the community that there is much anticipation on what the day after the election will bring »

He added that the campaign had been stifled in many ways by the pandemic, which had prevented the usual campaign rallies and events

6:45 pm – Preview of the riding before the last voting hour
Eleven candidates vie for three constituencies in the center of the island which have long been strongholds for their respective parties

Nanaimo and Nanaimo-North Cowichan have been under NDP control since the early 2000s, while Parksville-Qualicum has been Liberal since 1996 Alex Rawnsley has more

Polls close at 8:00 p.m. Votes total should start to flow shortly after Mail-in ballots will not be counted on Saturday night This process typically takes over two weeks and will likely be longer this electoral cycle

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World News – CA – LIVE BLOG: Mid-Island Results and 2020 BC Election reaction


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