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Watt family’s 2020 harvest festival is going to be different, but not for the reasons you think. And that was before the rescheduling

All three watt brothers – J.. . J. . , Derek and T. . J. . – Should play in NFL games on Thanksgiving Day. J. . J. . The Texans go up against the Lions in Detroit, but Derek and T. . J. . Both play for the Steelers, whose game against the Ravens has been postponed from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. It should be a fitting national stage for the trio who played on the same field earlier this season when Pittsburgh defeated Houston.

When asked about their family upbringing in the past, each of the Watt brothers gives appreciation and praise to their parents and extended family. The famous saying « It takes a village » certainly applies here.. In this case, three members of the village made the NFL.

« I think it came down to our parents working extremely hard for what they had in life and teaching us that we had to work extremely hard and make a lot of sacrifices if we were to achieve our dreams and goals. “J. . J. . said earlier this season according to the NFL. com. “What we hated then, but now we understand and we appreciate it. ”

Jim Watt stood in the top row of the stands at high school games, just outside the press box so the Watt brothers could recognize him. According to Madison, he would have been hard to miss as one of the loudest people there. com.

J. . J. . said his grandfather was his greatest inspiration. Jim died in February 2014, and according to ESPN, Watt had a message for him on his last day.

« When I was holding his hand, » J. . J. . said, « I said to him, » we will make your name proud. ‘”

John was a longtime firefighter and also coached the Watt brothers in soccer when they were growing up. He told the New York Times, « My saying has always been, » I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I always expect you to try to be perfect. ‘”

When the Watt brothers grew up, Connie was the vice president of a building inspection company. She is now the Vice President of the J.. . J. . Watt Foundation.

There are three watt brothers. All three excelled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before playing in the NFL.

J. . J. . The story has been told many times. He went to Central Michigan on a close end, but then decided to bet on himself and move on in Wisconsin. There he worked his way up to becoming a star before finishing 11th in the 2011 NFL Draft. Overall ranked.

J. . J. . won the AP Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2012, 2014 and 2015 and was All-Pro five times. Staying healthy was a problem for Watt in the second half of his career, but at his height he was the best defensive player in the NFL and he’s a sure hall of famer.

Derek, the middle brother and defender, is the least known of the Watt brothers because of his role on the field. He wore the ball only 13 times in Wisconsin and played a pro-style fullback role just like in the NFL.

In the 2016 NFL Draft, Derek was a sixth-round Chargers pick. He spent four seasons there before joining the Steelers (and brother T). J. . ) before the 2020 NFL season. Derek scored a touchdown as a pro, a quick score for the L.. . ONE. Chargers in 2019. He hasn’t missed a game in his four years with the Chargers.

Little brother T. . J. . is part of the NFL’s next generation of fearsome pass rushers. The Steelers took him on when he was 30. Overall win in the 2017 NFL Draft and he posted 7. 0 sacks as a rookie. That rose to 10. 0 and 13. 0 sacks in the next two seasons.

T. . J. . led the NFL with eight forced fumbles during the 2019 season, a campaign that earned him « First-Team All-Pro » and « Pro Bowl » accolades. The Steelers pursued T.. J. . The option for year five, 2021, but after that season he might be looking at an important payday, much like J.. . J. . Signed in 2014 (that was a six-year extension of $ 100 million).

“It was very important for me to play with J in my development. J. . and Derek for getting beaten up a lot when I was younger, ”T said. . J. . said the Associated Press in early 2020. “But (it taught me) just to be resilient and to keep growing and to learn from my experiences with these guys. ”

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J. . J. . Watt, Houston Texans

World News – CA – Meet J. . J. . Watt’s Brothers: T. . J. . Derek follows in the footsteps of the NFL with Steelers – Report Door

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