World News – CA – Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Summer 2021, and He’s Got Goats


Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is an update in preparation for the game, and it will feature all kinds of new items with goats

Yes, goats are coming to Minecraft with the Caves and Cliffs update, and they’re super cute

Announced today during Minecraft Live, the update is underway for the cave and mountain system with an improved cave generation and items such as « Lush Caves and Drip Caves »

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There will also be a brand new archeology system that will add a sense of a story element to the game, and you can expect to see new crystals in the caves. You will also find telescopes, beams, the sculk sensor block and a new hostile mob called the Guardian This crowd is well suited to dark caves and responds to movement rather than sight

The Mountain Update folks voted for last year will be included, along with the aforementioned Mountain Goats The update also brings copper, which will add an aging element to the game, meaning that over time, your copper buildings will start to turn green

It also includes another mob called the Axolotl which comes in a bucket The aquatic cave creature can help you in battle

Free your Inner Geologist and collect Crystal Shards These crystals are not only pretty, they are also the key to a new crafting recipe, but most of all, they are pretty – so very pretty!

Lose the gold, get rid of the silver – there’s a new precious metal (well, semi-precious but still so shiny!) in the Overworld!

Do you dream of a beautiful house with a green roof, but you feel like you have long passed a dirt roof? Well, with the copper, oxidation, and a bunch of patience, your home will go green beautifully!

What is Steve? Bundles? What a nifty way to – well – group things together and transport multiple different items in one inventory slot Of course, stack limits still apply!

What will you discover from the past? Any secrets, any revelations, or maybe just a great pumpkin pie recipe?

The axolotl could easily be one of the cutest creatures we’ve ever added to Minecraft – don’t even begin to tell us how adorable they are in a bucket!

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World News – CA – Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Summer 2021, and Goats


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