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When I first watched the Amazon Prime Video Mirzapur series two years ago, I found it extremely kitsch in its approach to storytelling, but as the show gained in popularity. popularity, I wondered if I had probably misjudged the series Watching the first two episodes of the second season made me think of all the elements that made the previous installment so successful – loudmouthed characters, excessive violence , profanity, and it seems that this time too, Mirzapur has stayed true to its roots

The second season opens a few days after the events of Season 1’s Revenge is on everyone’s mind, and there’s a huge intersection of who wants to kill who nonetheless, if you’ve followed the plot up close, you’ll catch up in a matter of minutes The commonality that each character shares, besides seeking revenge, is control of Mirzapur While the first season didn’t have a hero figure, it seems this position will be occupied by Golu from Shweta Tripathi Sharma and Guddu from Ali Fazal this time around

The second season takes a while to gain momentum Unlike the first season, there is no room for humor or even a touch of relief for viewers, which makes the experience The only time there is a certain sense of ease is during the many conversations between Kaleen Bhaiya of Pankaj Tripathi and Munna of Divyenndu Sharmaa Kaleen, who is a gift, behaves like an ordinary disappointed father who is absolutely aware that his son is not really up to the responsibilities that await him

Shows like Mirzapur have a unique quality They don’t require your full attention Due to the lack of any kind of subtext every emotion is stated This makes them quite easy to watch at home as they don’t do not require you to cut yourself off completely from your environment

When it comes to performance, Mirzapur has a solid cast who continues to deliver this time too Shweta Tripathi Sharma stands out as the injured woman whose determination is reflected even in her stance Sharad of Anjum Sharma also looks promising

Mirzapur has been promoting Heartland content in the web space and with the show’s second season now streaming online, it looks like that kind of content is here to stay

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