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Disney Investor Day was a huge pile of information that those of us at Bleeding Cool are tapping as soon as possible and we’re still tapping a ton of information. However, we are doing our best to bring you any information you may have missed during the massive investor day presentation. For Marvel, this meant a lot of footage for their Disney shows, but we also got a lot of new information about the movies. We already knew Marvel was working hard on Captain Marvel 2 and we know the amazing Nia DaCosta got the directing job, but now we have some new information on other members of the cast. Marvel mega boss Kevin Feige announced during the Marvel presentation that Iman Vellani would be a wife. Marvel and Teyonah Parris as the now grown-up Monica Rambeau will appear in the film.

Both women. Marvel, aka. Kamala Khan and Monica will appear on the Disney series « The Ms. . Marvel series for Kamala and in Wandavision for Monica, but they’ll also make the leap to the big screen and continue to show how the film and TV universes will be connected in the future. Plus, both Kamala and Monica play huge roles in Captain Marvel’s mythology. Monica actually had the title Woman. Admire yourself once and become your own superhero down the line with the most famous version called Spectrum. Kamala is a huge fangirl of Captain Marvel, which hopefully will be explored in the series, but it will be fun to see these three amazing female characters on screen together.

Captain Marvel 2 currently had a release date of Jan.. November 2022, but with COVID-19 and all the impact that had on the filming, there is a chance the release date will change later.

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World News – CA – Ms. . Marvel and Monica Rambeau Confirmed for Captain Marvel 2
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Ms. . Marvel and Monica Rambeau confirmed for Captain Marvel 2
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