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Small business owners « still face major uncertainties, » and optimism waned in November as COVID-19 cases hit records

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Elon Musk’s SpaceX was scheduled to launch a prototype of its Mars rocket Starship in its high-altitude « hop » test Tuesday from the space company’s facilities in Texas, a key attempt for a missile system Musk hopes will People land on the moon and eventually on Mars.

Musk was trying to lower expectations for Starship’s first suborbital flight using three of its new Raptor rocket engines, and forecast a 30% chance of success if it reached an altitude of more than 40. 000 feet. That would be far higher than the vehicle’s first two tests at altitudes of 500 feet.

« In such a test, success is not measured by the achievement of certain goals, but by how much we can learn, » said SpaceX on Monday on its website.

Spaceship, a missile system with a height of 120 meters. 09m) tall when combined with its super-heavy first stage booster to transport people and 100 tons of cargo to the moon and mars. It’s the space company’s planned next-generation fully reusable launcher, at the center of Musk’s ambitions to make space travel affordable for people.

SpaceX conducted two hop tests this year with rudimentary single-engine prototype rockets at the launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. These prototypes took off about 500 feet in the air and landed on a concrete slab about a minute later.

Tuesday’s scheduled flight is a huge step forward for Starship, and will test the missile’s aerodynamic design at altitudes higher than those common in commercial aircraft. At such altitudes, it is tested how Starship returns to its landing site and performs a « landing flip maneuver » in the air before touchdown.

SpaceX had originally planned to launch Starship at a rate of 50. 000 feet to fly, but the target in its launch application with the U at 41. Changed 000 feet. S.. . Federal Aviation Administration last week, according to someone familiar with the filing.

SpaceX, whose launch schedule is expected to change, will offer launch opportunities all Wednesday and Thursday if the attempt on Tuesday is delayed, the FAA said.

Ranga Reddy (Telangana) [India], 8. December (ANI): As farmer protests continue to gain momentum, the TRS Labor President and Telangana’s Minister of City and Development (MA&UD), KT Rama Rao, participated in Rasta Roko. Protest against the call by the farmers of ‘Bharat Bandh’ on Tuesday.

France will build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier by 2038 to replace its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday. Macron formulated the decision to use nuclear reactors to advance the future warship as part of the French climate strategy, emphasizing the lower emissions compared to diesel fuel. At a nuclear facility in the Burgundian town of Le Creusot, he described the French nuclear weapons and nuclear energy industries as « the cornerstone of our strategic autonomy » and said the nuclear sector played a role in France’s « status as a great power ». ”

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A group of independent consultants from U. . S.. . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will meet on Sunday to review data on Pfizer Inc and partner BioNTech SE’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, according to the Health Department’s agenda on Tuesday. The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will vote on https: // www. CDC. Government / vaccines / acip / meetings / downloads / agenda archive / agenda-2020-12-11. pdf on whether to recommend the vaccine for public distribution and who should receive it, based on available data on its effectiveness and safety. The meeting on Sunday follows a meeting of external experts at the U. . S.. . Food and Drug Administration on Dec.. . 10, discussing whether to allow Pfizer’s emergency shot.

It has already been announced that Queen Elizabeth has canceled her regular trip to Sandringham for Christmas

DHL Supply Chain employees in Liverpool have announced strikes in their warehouse over allegations of victimization and poor pay.

A 4-year-old boy cried on Jan.. December after a Santa at the Harlem Irving Plaza shopping mall in Norridge, Illinois told him he couldn’t bring a Nerf gun for Christmas and said, “No guns. Sabella DeCarlo, the boy’s mother, originally posted the video on Facebook. The video shows Michael, DeCarlo’s son, sitting at a table across from the Santa Mall. Michael tells Santa he would like a nerf gun. Santa Claus answers and says, “No, no guns. Telling Storyful that she thought Santa Claus might not have heard her son properly, DeCarlo said aloud, “Nerf gun. « Santa Claus replies, ‘No, not even a Nerf gun, » and adds, « If your dad wants it for you, that’s fine. But I can’t bring it to you. Michael is visibly upset and DeCarlo holds her other child in hand and walks over to comfort him. « I had to fight tears directly with him, » she said. The mall later sent another Santa Claus to the DeCarlo home to deliver a Nerf gun directly to Michael. DeCarlo edited her original Facebook post to say the mall was quick to respond with « kindness and understanding ». « We thought it was very nice and we appreciate your quick response to restore my son’s confidence in Santa, » said DeCarlo. Photo credit: Sabella DeCarlo via Storyful

Four European national railway companies promised new thresholds on Tuesday, connecting 13 major cities in the largest expansion of the European night network in many years. The investment of 500 million euros ($ 605 million) announced by the state railways of Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland comes a year after the federal government declares the railways to be crucial in its plans to reduce CO2 emissions from air travel Has. Night trains are still widespread in Eastern Europe, where routes like St. . Petersburg to Moscow are served by fleets of sleepers, but they have been in decline in Western Europe for decades and seem to have struck a death knell from cheap aviation.

LONDON – Britain and the European Union resolved a sensitive issue with their divorce on Tuesday, Northern Ireland’s status, but warned that the chances of a post-Brexit trade deal waning by the end of the year. Great Britain is expected to open on Jan.. January left the economic structures of the EU. This could lead to upheaval for companies on both sides of the English Channel in the absence of a trade deal. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will meet in Brussels over the next few days to find a way forward. But both sides have downplayed the chances of a breakthrough. Johnson said, “The situation is very difficult right now. « But hope remains forever. « . I’ll do my best to sort this out if we can, ”he said. Federal Minister for European Affairs Michael Roth said: “We are really in a very difficult situation. «  » We are talking about negotiating the future relationship between the U. . K. . and the European Union. It is not a comedy, it is not a tragedy, it is negotiation about people and about future relationships and we take them extremely seriously, « said Roth, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency. The U. K. . left the EU on Jan. . 31 after 47 years of membership, but remains in the duty-free internal market and in the bloc’s customs union until the end of the year. Reaching a trade deal by then would ensure that there were no tariffs and quotas on goods trading in January. 1, although there would still be new costs and red tape for businesses. Failure to reach a trade deal would mean tariffs and other barriers that would hurt both sides, although most economists believe the UK economy would take a bigger blow because the U. . K. . makes almost half of its trade with the block. There was a breakthrough in one area when the two sides announced they had reached an agreement on how trade with Northern Ireland, the only part of the United States, will work. K. . that shares a land border with the EU. The Brexit divorce agreement that both sides signed last year contains specific provisions for Northern Ireland to ensure that there are no customs controls or other trade barriers at the border with EU member state Ireland. Not all the details were worked out before the U. K. . left the bloc in January, and when trade talks broke down, the UK government passed legislation in September giving itself the power to break the legally binding withdrawal agreement. Britain claimed that its Single Market Act was required as an « insurance policy » to protect the flow of goods within the US. K. . in the event of a no-deal Brexit. But the move enraged the EU and saw it as an evil will that could jeopardize the peace settlement in Northern Ireland. On Tuesday, UK Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove and European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic said they had reached an agreement on how trade to and from Northern Ireland would work, whether there is an overarching U or not. K. . -EU trade agreement. As a result, the UK said it would get rid of its illegal actions, and Sefcovic hoped the deal would « create positive momentum for the free trade agreement. Johnson and von der Leyen, heads of the EU executive, spoke by phone on Monday, then said « significant differences » remain on three main issues – fishing rights, rules of fair competition and the management of future disputes. The two leaders said they wanted to discuss the remaining differences face-to-face in Brussels in the coming days. No date was given for the meeting. The heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries are holding a two-day summit in Brussels from Thursday and do not want it to be overshadowed by Brexit. EU officials suggested negotiations could resume after January. 1, even when the two sides got into a no-deal trading relationship. But the U. . K. . insists that the talks must end this year. While both sides want a deal, they have fundamentally different views on what it entails. The EU fears that the UK will lower social and environmental standards and pump government money into the US. K. . Industries that are becoming economically regulated rivals with little regulation on the bloc’s doorstep – hence the guarantee of a strict « level playing field » requirement in exchange for access to its markets. The U. K. . The government sees Brexit as sovereignty and the « withdrawal of control » over the country’s laws, borders and waters. She claims the EU is making demands that it has not made of other countries and is trying to keep Britain bound by the bloc’s rules indefinitely. With both sides apparently anchored in their positions, it was unclear what Johnson’s trip to Brussels could achieve. Fabian Zuleeg, managing director of the European Policy Center, said it was a piece of political theater. « However, we don’t know whether it is positive or negative theater, » he said. “Does it come to Brussels and then claim to have won a deal, perhaps with some symbolism? … Or the other possibility is that he comes here to politically point out that no agreement is possible. “Right now we just don’t know which theater Boris Johnson is going to play. ___Lorne Cook reported from Brussels. Sylvain Plazy and Samuel Petrequin in Brussels contributed to this story. ___Follow all AP stories about Brexit and UK politics at https: // apnews. com / BrexitJill Lawless and Lorne Cook, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration on Tuesday escalated steps to curb Iranian activities in the Middle East and North Korea’s efforts to evade international sanctions with new penalties against nations and proxies. At the end of their term in office, the government announced that it had imposed sanctions on the Iranian envoy against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hasan Irlu and Al-Mustafa International University for recruiting fighters for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Promote instability in Yemen and Syria. In a separate statement, the Treasury Department said it also imposed sanctions on six Chinese and Vietnamese companies and four ships used to sell and transport North Korean coal in violation of U.. . N. . Sanctions. The steps come as the government seeks to increase pressure on the governments it opposes in different parts of the world before President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January. The penalties freeze any assets that the objectives may already have in U or enter U.. S.. . Preventing jurisdictions and Americans from doing business with them. Some of the individuals identified for the North Korean violations are already subject to U. . S.. . Sanctions. The measures can also U subject companies and individuals from third countries. S.. . Penalties if they are found to be transacting with them. Matthew Lee, The Associated Press

New results on a potential COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford University and drug maker AstraZeneca suggest it is safe and about 70 percent effective. Some experts say this is likely to win approval. However, questions remain as to how well this can help protect those over 55. This is a key concern for a vaccine that health officials around the world can rely on for its low cost, availability and ease of use. Partial results were published Tuesday by the medical journal Lancet. Marilynn Marchione, The Associated Press

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The scorching hot planet WASP-12b is blacker than asphalt and absorbs at least 94% of the visible starlight falling on it.

New Delhi [India], 8. December (ANI): A Delhi court on Tuesday granted suspended sentence to a man arrested in connection with the violence case in northeast Delhi, to appear on the Delhi Police Constable’s trial in December 9.

Amaravati / West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh) [India], 8. December (ANI): Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy instructed officials on Tuesday to be vigilant and do all sorts of tests after large numbers of people fell ill due to an unknown disease, one and 77 patients died are still being treated at the hospital in Eluru.

Congress is rushing to pass a proposed COVID-19 relief bill. Here’s what’s in the package and what it means to you.

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World News – CA – Musks SpaceX will conduct premier spacecraft test at high altitude
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