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ST. JOHN’S, N. . L.. . – Prince Edward Island, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador, announced on Monday that they are withdrawing temporarily from the Atlantic bubble as COVID-19 cases rise in the region.

« After careful consideration and consultation, I made the difficult decision to introduce an interruption, » Premier Andrew Furey told reporters in St. . Johns, N. . L.. . « Implementing this change for a period of two weeks is an attempt to avoid a complete lockdown. « 

In Charlottetown, P.. . E.. . I. Prime Minister Dennis King announced that it was a preventive step « that will hopefully allow us to maintain the level of almost ordinary life we ​​have enjoyed in this province. « King said all non-essential travel to and from the island would be suspended until December. 7th. At that point the situation would be reassessed. The changes will take effect at 12:01 p.m.. m. Tuesday he said. In Newfoundland and Labrador, all visitors to the province from the Atlantic provinces must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival, just like visitors from other parts of Canada, although they do not need to apply for a travel exemption. These changes begin at 12:01 p.m.. m. Wednesday and will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

The Council of Atlantic Premiers issued a statement Monday in which Nova Scotia Prime Minister Stephen McNeil and New Brunswick Prime Minister Blaine Higgs, along with Furey and King, « should be careful about non-essential travel within the Atlantic Provinces recommended « . « Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have not yet introduced any new travel restrictions.

The four Atlantic provinces formed their so-called bubble in July to allow residents to move freely around the region, while those who came from outside had to isolate for 14 days.

Monday’s changes come after a weekend in which New Brunswick set a record for one-day case numbers on Saturday with 23 cases announced, and Nova Scotia indicated potential risk in nearly 40 locations in Halifax amid the expansion of the community. Last week, Newfoundland and Labrador announced a new case involving someone who had returned to the province from Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, the Halifax area and neighboring Hants County went into effect tougher public health regulations to limit gatherings on Monday after the province detected 19 new COVID-19 infections on Friday and Saturday. Prince Edward reported a new case of COVID-19 on Monday – a woman in her forties who traveled to the island from outside the Atlantic. The province has recorded a total of 69 cases since the pandemic began, all of which are travel-related. Newfoundland and Labrador reported two new cases on Monday, both in the western region of the province. The first is a man between 20 and 39 years old who returned to the province after a trip to Manitoba. The second is the first provincial case in a school, a girl attending an elementary school in Deer Lake, where a group of related cases was first identified last week.

LANSING, me. – President Donald Trump has not asked Michigan Republican lawmakers to “break the law” or “disrupt elections” during a White House meeting, a lawmaker said Sunday, a day before the canvassers were due to meet Joe Bidens to certify 154. 000 votes victory in the battlefield state. House spokesman Lee Chatfield was one of seven GOP lawmakers who met with Trump for about an hour on Friday to block Biden’s victory. « There was this outrage that the president was asking us to break the law, he was asking us to interfere, and that just didn’t happen, » he told Fox News of the highly unusual meeting. He did not elaborate on what was being discussed other than that the delegation asked for additional government assistance to aid Michigan’s coronavirus response. The Michigan Electoral Board has recommended that Nov.. . 3 results – including Bidens 2. 8 Percent Point Victory – To be certified by the Board of State Canvassers with two Democrats and two Republicans. The Republican National Committee and State Republican Party would like the board to adjourn for 14 days to investigate suspected irregularities in Wayne County, the largest state and home of Detroit. State Election Bureau officials said alleged irregularities, even if checked, would not materially affect the outcome. The Michigan Democratic Party said the total number of votes in Detroit caused by unbalanced counties – with the number of ballots not matching the number of names in the ballot – is 450 or « 0 » or less. 029% of the margin « between Biden and Trump. “The certification process must not be manipulated to serve as a kind of retrospective referendum on the express will of voters. Democracy just doesn’t work that way, ”Chairwoman Lavora Barnes wrote to the board on Sunday. If the board does not confirm the results, and the Michigan Supreme Court does not later order it, Chatfield said, “Now we have a constitutional crisis. « However, he and other Republicans have indicated that they would not undermine the will of the electorate. « Michigan’s electoral law clearly requires that state voters be those nominated by the party that received the most votes – not the legislature, » said a share email sent by Republicans of the house in response to people contacting their offices. Michigan franchise experts have stated that the state board’s powers are limited and that the results must be confirmed now that all 83 counties report their results to the state. There are concerns, however, because Trump personally called the two Republicans on Wayne County’s board of directors last week and they said a day later that they would withdraw their previous vote – after an earlier deadlock – but it was too late. Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, a Republican who had met with Trump, suggested in a Sunday tweet that state recruiters « may take the time allowed by law to do their jobs » instead of Monday to vote, saying: « It is not inappropriate for anyone to exert pressure.  » on them. « The deadline is December. 13, but that’s five days after the federal « safe haven » date – if Congress cannot challenge voters named after that date under state law. There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. Indeed, election officials from both political parties have publicly stated that the elections went well and international observers have confirmed that there were no serious irregularities. The issues that Trump’s campaign and his allies have pointed out are typical of any election. Republicans U. . S.. . Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan’s longest-serving member of Congress, told CNN on Sunday that « the voters have spoken » and the state has not had a paper-thin presidential race. « Nobody has found evidence of fraud or abuse, » he said. He called the request to postpone certification “out of bounds. The trip to the White House has been scrutinized. Legislators stayed at the luxurious Trump International Hotel, and two of them were photographed having expensive drinks at the hotel bar after meeting. Shirkey and Chatfield spokespersons said lawmakers covered their expenses and did not use tax money. However, they did not say whether the men paid for the trip themselves or whether it was paid for in some other way, such as by accessing their non-profit « manager accounts », which could accept contributions from companies or other donors. Finding out who runs such legislature-affiliated organizations, who is donating for them, and what the money is being spent on can be extremely difficult, according to a joint research by MLive and the Michigan Campaign Finance Network in 2016. Such accounts can be used to reimburse the legislature for travel expenses. ___Follow David Eggert: https: // twitter. com / DavidEggert00David Eggert, The Associated Press

EDMONTON – A member of Jason Kenney’s cabinet goes back to a comment suggesting Alberta waited for hospitals to reach their limits before tightening COVID-19 restrictions.
The move comes amid increasing calls from the Prime Minister for stricter public health measures.
Jason Luan, the associate minister for mental health and addiction, says he has wrongly claimed that someone is waiting for the system to reach capacity.
In an online town hall on Friday, he said the province is waiting to see where hospital capacity and intensive care units are « reaching our limits » and then gradually reducing more activity in this way. «  »
In a social media post on Sunday, he said the government is making « evidence-based decisions » based on expert advice from the top doctor « in order not to get to that point. «  »
COVID-19 cases have been rising alarmingly in Alberta for weeks, but there is still no mandatory mask policy and bars and restaurants remain open for personal service.
Luan said Sunday that he is not a spokesperson or involved in making decisions about introducing new restrictions or increasing hospital capacity.
« I really regret any confusion my statement has caused. During this pandemic, I was responsible for providing mental health and addiction services to all Albertans, « Luan wrote.
« I encourage all Albertans to adhere to public health restrictions. Wear a mask. Avoid unnecessary contacts. We can get through this together. «  »
Opposition NDP health critic David Shepherd replied that if Luan’s statements on Friday were not true, Kenney would have to provide actual thresholds for action.
Shepherd also denied Luan’s claim that he was not a spokesman.
« This is an unforgivable attempt to assume the responsibility of a cabinet minister, » said Shepherd. “As the Deputy Minister of Health, Luan is absolutely a spokesperson and decision maker, and he has given the Albertans false information about the government’s response to COVID-19. ”
Another member of Kenney’s United Conservative Caucus has also been criticized in the past few days for a flyer mailed to voters last week claiming the worst pandemic was over.
Alberta reported on Sunday Jan.. 584 new COVID-19 cases, the fourth straight day the province announced a record number of new cases, and more than 12. 000 cases were active.
In a statement on her Facebook page on Saturday, Miranda Rosin said the newsletter was printed in early fall, when active cases in Alberta were still below Jan.. 000 layers.
This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 22, 2020.

The Canadian press

Alberta’s deputy minister for mental health and addiction said he misrepresented government policy in a town hall when he said the province was waiting for hospital capacity to reach its limits before announcing further restrictions to the spread of Reduce COVID-19. « Our criteria are measured by our hospital capacity to treat intensive care units and hospital stays. So we wait to see where that threshold reaches our limits and then gradually reduce more activity in this way, « Jason Luan said during the virtual town hall for his Calgary-Foothills constituency in a video posted on social media has been. However, in a statement posted on Twitter on Sunday, Luan said his comments were inaccurate. « Yes, hospital capacity is an important consideration in any COVID-19 response . . . but I was wrong to suggest that someone wait until we push the limits, « he wrote. Luan said the government is making evidence-based decisions based on recommendations from public health officials to avoid getting to that point. He regretted any confusion his testimony had caused and said he was not involved in decisions about new restrictions or hospital capacity. Luan’s comments come as Alberta hits new record numbers of COVID-19 cases, with some of the lowest restrictions but the highest infection rates in the country. DR. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief health officer, announced on Friday that the effects of the province’s most recent restrictions, which were introduced last Friday, will be visible this weekend. Instead, the cases have continued to increase dramatically. On Sunday, 1. 584 other people tested positive, making a total of 12. 195 active cases (both new records). . That’s more new cases than were reported on Sunday in Ontario, where more than three times the population of Alberta lives. The Toronto and Peel regions will put in place additional restrictions on Monday, including restricting retail to roadside pickup or delivery, closing indoor and outdoor restaurants and banning indoor gatherings. Alberta also had record hospitals with 319 people in hospital and 60 in intensive care (the province has 70 intensive care beds for COVID-19 patients). . A total of 471 Albertans died. Opposition to Emergency Debate The conspicuous cases and lack of new restrictions resulted in a trending Twitter hashtag – WhereIsKenney – which drew attention to the fact that self-isolating Prime Minister Jason Kenney has not appeared publicly over the phone or video call in days. CBC News reached out to both the Prime Minister’s Office and the Minister of Health’s Office for comment on Sunday and received no response. Alberta Health said Dr. . Hinshaw would be available Monday afternoon to answer questions from the media. Kenney posted on social media on Saturday asking the Albertans to do their part and stay home if sick, wash their hands and wear a mask. « As Dr. . Hinshaw says COVID-19 is dead serious. Albertans, we can slow the spread and protect one another, but only if we all do the right things together, « he wrote. The opposition said in a press release emailed Sunday that it would seek an emergency debate on Monday to call for measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. « This is the greatest public health threat we have faced in our lives, » Rachel Notley, Alberta NDP chairwoman, said in the press release. « We have seen in the past few days that prime ministers across the country have reached out to the public, providing modeling and other information that makes it clear the magnitude of the threat to COVID-19. We haven’t seen anything like it in Alberta. « Opposition health critic David Shepherd said if Luan’s statements on Friday were not true, Kenney would have to tell what the real thresholds for action are. Shepherd also denied Luan’s claim that he was not a spokesman. « This is an unforgivable attempt to assume the responsibility of a cabinet minister, » said Shepherd. « As an Associate Health Minister, Luan is absolutely a spokesperson and a decision maker, and he gave false information to Albertans about the government’s response to COVID-19. « 

VANCOUVER – A hearing continues today in the extradition case of Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested at Vancouver Airport in 2018 at the request of American officials.
B.. . C.. . The Supreme Court heard last week that the border officer who ran Meng’s immigration review prior to her arrest doesn’t believe the RCMP asked him to collect the passwords for their phones.
Sowmith Katragadda related to a hearing at which he couldn’t remember where the idea came from.
The court heard that the passwords were collected during the border review process and inadvertently passed on to the Mounties along with Meng’s electronic devices.
Meng is charged with fraud in the U.S. based on allegations of U.S. sanctions against Iran that both she and Chinese tech giant Huawei deny.
Her attorneys are gathering information that they hope will support their allegation that Canadian officials improperly gathered evidence under the guise of a routine border inspection.
This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 23, 2020.

The Canadian press

The Dukling, a traditional Chinese junk boat often spotted in Hong Kong’s picturesque Victoria Harbor, has adjusted its itineraries to weather the coronavirus pandemic, which is now mostly reserved for locals. The 12 employees mainly serve foreign tourists who want to see the glittering Hong Kong skyline from a different angle. « This disease is having a massive impact on the entire planet and Hong Kong is really dependent on trade and tourism, » said Li, who was in the wooden boat.

PHILADELPHIA – As they desperately sought ways to save President Donald Trump’s failed re-election bid, his campaign ran a dizzying game of legal hopscotch in six states that focused on the greatest prize of all: Pennsylvania. The strategy may have worked on television cameras and on talk radio with Trump’s supporters. But it turned out to be a disaster in court when the judges consistently rejected their allegations of electoral fraud and found the campaign’s legal work to be amateurish. In a damning verdict late Saturday, U. . S.. . District Judge Matthew Brann – a member of the Republican and Federal Society in central Pennsylvania – compared the campaign’s legal arguments to « Frankenstein’s monster » and concluded that Trump’s team only made « speculative allegations », not evidence of rampant corruption. The campaign on Sunday submitted that they would oppose the decision at 3. U would appeal. S.. . The appeals court, one day before the state’s 67 counties are due to certify their results and send them to state officials. And they asked for an expedited hearing on Wednesday Sunday night as they attempt to amend the Pennsylvania lawsuit that Brann had dismissed. Trump’s efforts in Pennsylvania show how ready he is to advance unsubstantiated theories about widespread electoral fraud, even as the legal doors close to his attempts to make courts do what voters wouldn’t on election day and give him a second Term of office. The effort is led by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, who was relegated to the state on the Saturday after November. 3 elections when the count dragged on and the president played golf. Summoning reporters to an unkempt, far-off corner of Philadelphia in November. 7 it stopped in a place that would soon become legendary: Four Seasons Total Landscaping. The 11:30 a. m. Press conference was doomed from the start. Just minutes earlier, news agencies had started calling the presidential contest for Democrat Joe Biden. The race was over. Trump’s plan was to undermine the elections with litigation and howls of fraud – the same tactics he used to ward off losses in the business world. And it would soon spread well beyond Pennsylvania. « Some of the ballots looked suspicious, » said 76-year-old Giuliani of the Philadelphia vote as he stood behind a chain link fence next to a sex shop. He slandered the city as being run by a « rundown democratic machine ». « Those postal ballot papers could have been written the day before by the Democratic Party hacks who were all over the convention center, » said Giuliani. He promised to file a new round of lawsuits. He wandered. « This is a very, very strong case, » he said. Justin Levitt, a Loyola Law School professor who specializes in suffrage, described the Trump lawsuits as dangerous. « It’s a sideshow, but it’s a harmful sideshow, » Levitt said. « It’s a toxic sideline. The persistent unsubstantiated, evidence-free claims of alternative facts are actually affecting a significant number of Americans. They create the conditions so that elections no longer work in the future. ___Not a single court took merit in the core legal claims, but that didn’t stop Trump’s team from fending off nearly two dozen legal challenges to Biden’s win in Pennsylvania, including an election day early morning lawsuit filed by a once imprisoned attorney. The president’s lawyers fought for the three-day grace period for postal ballot papers to arrive. They complained that they were not allowed in to watch the number of votes. They said democratic counties wrongly let voters correct mistakes on their ballot papers. Everywhere they turned they sniffed fraud. « I felt insidiously betrayed, » said Philadelphia election observer Lisette Tarragano when Giuliani called her to the landscaping firm’s microphone. In fact, one Republican runs the city’s electoral board and said his office received death threats as Trump’s ranting about the elections increased. No judge has ever found evidence of electoral fraud in Pennsylvania or any other campaign suing state – not Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada or Georgia. Instead, Trump attorneys have been sidelined when pushed to court on admissible evidence or accused of contributing to derailing the democratic process. “I ask you, as a member of the bar association of this court, whether these are persons who represent the Donald J.. Trump for the President (campaign) … in this room? “U. . S.. . District Judge Paul Diamond asked at an off-hours hearing on November. 5 when Republicans asked him to stop the Philadelphia vote count because of their alleged banishment. « There are a non-zero number of people in the room, » replied attorney Jerome Marcus. The census continued in Philadelphia. The Trump losses continued. Until Friday, Nov.. . 6 when a state appeals court dismissed a Republican preliminary ballot complaint and a Philadelphia judge refused, Jan.. Throwing away 300 postal ballot papers challenged by them was Biden by about 27. 000 votes increased. The race had not yet been scheduled nationally. However, it became clear that a Biden win in Pennsylvania with his 20 votes was imminent. When it did so, Trump quickly turned to litigation. It didn’t go well. A U. . S.. . The appeals court found Pennsylvania’s three-day extension for postal ballots commendable given the interruptions and mail delays caused by the pandemic. Michigan and Arizona judges who found no evidence of fraud declined to block certification of votes from the county. Law firms representing the campaign came under fire and withdrew. Giuliani, who had not discussed a case in court in three decades, was responsible for the efforts to overturn the election. « You can say a lot in a driveway (press conference). . . . If you go to court, you can’t, ”said attorney Mark Aronchick, who represented election officials in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and elsewhere in multiple suits in Pennsylvania. « I don’t really pay attention to the chatter until I see a legal mandate. Giuliani stepped into the courtroom on Tuesday. He was a late addition after Porter Wright Morris & Arthur’s election lawyers left last weekend. He had an entourage in tow, a show of force that was anything but a compelling legal argument. Giuliani asked Brann to suspend State 6 certification. 8 million ballots for two Republican voters whose postal ballots were thrown due to technical errors. « I sat and listened in amazement, » said Aronchick, a seasoned trial attorney. “We were ready to argue about the one count. Instead, he offered us an expanded version of his press conference on Total Landscaping, ”said Aronchick. « It had no relation to the actual case. « Giuliani, admired by some for his tough talk as Manhattan’s chief prosecutor and leadership as Mayor of New York City in September. 11 terrorist attacks struggled to answer even basic legal questions. But he was concerned about an alleged conspiracy to manipulate the state elections. « The best description of this situation is widespread national election fraud, » argued Giuliani. However, when questioned, he admitted that her complaint no longer contained a fraud complaint. And then, just like with Four Seasons, reality fell upon him when word came in the courtroom that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had dismissed the campaign’s appeal over admittance to Philadelphia. It was one of the last remaining claims of the campaign. Even the dissent was overwhelming. “The notion that suspected valid ballots cast by Pennsylvania voters would be ignored because of isolated procedural irregularities that have been fixed . . . is misdirected ”, said Chief Justice Thomas G. . Saylor wrote for the minority in the 5-2 decision. Brann, who is based in Williamsport, left the federal court hearing past mealtime and gave both sides time to file additional motions. The campaign submissions were rife with typos, misspellings, and even an incorrect reference to a « second amendment complaint » instead of a second amended complaint. The campaign took the opportunity to answer one of the more puzzling questions that arose from his electoral challenge: he just wanted the results of the presidential elections to be put aside, not the votes for the same offices for other offices. The pleadings were filed by Giuliani and Co-Counsel Marc Scaringi, a local Conservative talk radio host who, prior to his hiring, questioned the point of the Trump lawsuit, saying, « This election will not be rolled back. Aronchick contradicted the core campaign premise that local election workers – perhaps working for the Mafia, as Giuliani suggested – planned to spoil Trump’s victory. « You are going to suggest that part of you are in a conspiracy? How does that work? » Asked Aronchick. « Who? Where? When? How? » Brann said in his decision that he expects massive evidence of rampant corruption from the campaign as it aimed to destroy millions of votes. Instead, the campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative allegations. The 3rd. Philadelphia-based Circuit may already have tipped its hand. In his Nov. . In its decision, the appeals court called it « indisputable in our democratic process: that every citizen’s rightly cast vote must count. Biden’s lead in the state has increased to more than 80. 000 votes expanded. “Our system depends on the possibility that you will lose a fair competition. If you don’t have that option, you don’t have democracy, ”said Levitt, the law professor. “There are countries that do this. It just doesn’t describe America. ___Follow Maryclaire Dale on Twitter at https: // twitter. com / MaryclairedaleMaryclaire Dale, The Associated Press

JANESVILLE, Wis. – U. . S.. . Rep. Bryan Steil tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, according to a statement from Republican lawmaker, Wisconsins 1. Represents congressional district. The congressman said he experienced mild symptoms over the weekend and reached out to his doctor at home in Janesville, Wisconsin. Steil said he worked in Washington, D, all of last week. C.. . « I am immediately under quarantine under CDC guidelines and will continue to serve the people of Southeast Wisconsin from my Janesville home, » he said. Steep was first elected in 2018 and moved to his seat for Wisconsins 1 in November. Congressional District, which includes Kenosha and Racine counties and parts of Milwaukee, Rock, Walworth and Waukesha counties. The Associated Press

More than 2. 000 people have signed an online petition demanding that Dawson College students not be forced to take personal exams at the end of the semester. Most end-of-year tests are done online, but a handful of science programs have chosen to schedule on-site exams. The student union has spoken out against the plan, saying it endangers students, especially as COVID-19 cases in Montreal continue to rise. « It’s in a red zone, we can’t possibly go to school in the center of this pandemic, » said Kevin Contant-Holowatyj, chairman of the Dawson Student Union. The union issued a statement that the health of students should come first. « The Finale is already a stressful time for the students, and we believe that the need to be in the same room with other students can add to the stress for many students. While we understand that some students and faculties may be concerned with academic integrity, it in no way outweighs the risk of contracting the virus, « the statement said. The petition with a goal of 2. 500 had more than 2 on Sunday evening. 100 virtual signatures. Dawson students also handed out a petition asking for online exams in the summer semester that only earned 500 signatures. For his part, Dawson said the decision to hold some exams in person was made to protect academic integrity and was made in consultation with public health experts. The decision could be re-examined if new health concerns emerge.

BAIE-COMEAU, Que. – Brandon Frattaroli scored two goals while Nathael Roy scored when Baie-Comeau Drakkar beat Val-d’Or Foreurs 3-2 in Baie-Comeau on Sunday afternoon. Frattaroli scored his first goal in the second half before scoring the deciding 10:01 goal to play in the third round. Jacob Gaucher and Marshall Lessard scored for the Foreurs. Roy and Julien Hebert scored a goal for Baie-Comeau in the shootout. Justin Ducharme scored in the shootout for Val-d’Or. Olivier Ciarlo turned 31 shots aside for Baie-Comeau. William Blackburn saved 16 shots for Val-d’Or. Val-d’Or overtook Baie-Comeau 33-18. The Drakkar (4-8-0) went 1: 2 in the power game. The Foreurs (7-1-4) went with the man advantage 0: 3. ARMADA 4 VOLTIGEURS 1BOISBRIAND – The Blainville-Boisbriand Armada defeated the Drummondville Voltigeurs 4-1 on Sunday evening in Blainville-Boisbriand. Luke Henman, Alexis Gendron, Jaroslaw Lichatschow and Zachary Roy also scored goals for the Armada. HUSKIES 3 OCÉANIC 2RIMOUSKI – The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies defeated the Rimouski Océanic 3-2 on Sunday afternoon in Rimouski. Xavier Bouchard scored the winning goal for the Huskies at 1:26 pm in the third half. OLYMPIQUES 3 SAGUENÉENS 2 (OT) CHICOUTIMI – The Gatineau Olympiques defeated the Chicoutimi Saguenéens 3-2 in extra time in Chicoutimi on Sunday afternoon. Samuel Savoie scored the winning goal for the Olympics at 2:44 a.m. in extra time. This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 22, 2020. The Canadian press

The Archbishop of Vancouver says he is « stunned » by the province’s recent decision to suspend personal worship while keeping restaurants and gyms open. J. . Michael Miller said in a sermon on Sunday morning that « the restrictions on banning churches, even if limited, from banning mass from attending Holy Mass, are of course of great concern to us as Catholics and as citizens of British Columbia. « On Thursday, the provincial health officer, Dr. . Bonnie suspended all faith-related personal meetings to limit the spread of COVID-19. Worshipers were instructed not to attend services in their gurdwara, synagogue, church, mosque, or temple. The churches remain open to prayer, worship and individual confession. Church basements can also be used for other purposes, such as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, for which Miller is grateful in his address. But he called it « puzzling » that even limited prayer services are exposed when he said none of B. . C.. . The 78 parishes were the source of an outbreak in the parish. « Of course, we must pray that the situation will change soon so that we can return to Mass with a church, even if the number is reduced, » he said. « We all want to protect the health of British Columbians, but this burden should – must not – fall unjustifiably or unequally on the faith communities. « Health officials in B. . C.. . confirmed another 516 cases of COVID-19 and 10 more deaths on Friday. Masks are now mandatory in retail and public spaces. This includes shopping malls, grocery stores, liquor stores, community centers, city buildings, libraries, public areas in hotels and restaurants, and bars when they’re not at a table.

CALGARY – The Alberta Liberal Party says its leader, David Khan, is stepping down. A press release from the party on Sunday evening said that Khan is getting a new job in the law. The party’s executive committee will meet shortly to decide on the next steps. Khan failed to win a seat in Calgary Mountain-View in the April 2019 vote, an election in which the Liberals failed to win seats. Khan, a lawyer who specializes in indigenous rights and land litigation, won the party’s leadership in 2017. The Liberals were once the province’s official opposition, but after peaking 32 seats in 1993, the party suffered ups and downs until it was given third-party status in the legislature in 2012 and only elected one member in 2015. « During my tenure as the liberal leader in Alberta, we have been strong advocates on key issues including regulating political action committees, cleaning up orphan wells, removing school segregation rooms and tackling the ‘red warning’ crisis with EMS, » Khan said in the Press release. « We have urged the provincial government to take action on these Albertan issues. We have also raised awareness and support for the Universal Basic Income and the need for sales tax. I took pride in advancing these forward-thinking ideas to improve the lives of Albertans. « The party thanked Khan and stated in the press release that he » has developed bold new policies, modernized party operations and recruited a new generation of young Albertans into the Alberta Liberal Party. « This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 22, 2020. The Canadian press

Leslie Labobe said he had a bit of a cough a few weeks ago, so he was relieved on Saturday when he called the Lennox Island Health Center and got his COVID-19 test result – negative. The center hosted a one-day testing clinic on Friday. Its Facebook page said there are no known cases of COVID-19 on Lennox Island, but encouraged residents to get a precautionary test. « It’s a comfort, » said Labobe. He said he left « only for security reasons » because of the « devastation across the country » and around the world. 77 active cases in N. . B.. . New Brunswick reported 23 new cases on Saturday and six more on Sunday, bringing the total active to 77. Nova Scotia reported eight Saturday and now has 33 active cases. P. . E.. . I. has a known active case. CBC P. . E.. . I. Contact the Lennox Island Health Center to find out how many people were tested on Friday and if there were positive results but have not yet received a response. Labobe said there was a line-up when he was tested. He said the people in the community were diligent in wearing masks and following other health measures P required. E.. . I. Chief Public Health Office. Mental health concern He said he was however concerned about the mental health impact of the pandemic, especially as Christmas approaches and people are unable to socialize as usual. « I have a lot of friends who have a lot of psychological problems with anxiety and depression, » he said. « And . . . we are social people and isolated, especially if you live alone you don’t get any interaction with friends, family or the public. « More from CBC P. . E.. . I.

Ottawa public health officials confirmed another 33 cases of COVID-19 cases on Sunday, but the number of active cases continues to decline. The number of active cases in the city has dropped 34 to 365 since yesterday. The number of active cases also fell by 13 in the Ottawa Public Health (OPH) report on Saturday. . There are now 160 fewer confirmed active cases in the country’s capital than there was at this time last week. Sunday’s OPH report brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa since the pandemic started to 8. 172. Of these, 7 apply. 441 cases resolved. Most of the cases on Sunday are people over 30. No new deaths have been recorded in the country’s capital, bringing the death toll in the city to 366. There are 29 people who have been hospitalized with the virus, two of them in intensive care. There are also 28 active outbreaks in urban settings such as long-term care facilities and daycare centers. OPH’s reports don’t necessarily reflect how many people tested positive for COVID-19 on the day the statistics were released. Rather, they indicate the number of new cases about which OPH from 2 p is informed. m. The day before, Outaouais reported 1 new death. Across the river in western Quebec, health officials reported a new Sunday of death and confirmed 47 new cases. In the Outaouais, since the beginning of the pandemic, 3. 287 cases of COVID-19 and 71 deaths confirmed. Meanwhile, Ontario reported on Sunday 1. 534 new COVID-19 cases and 14 new deaths. The death toll in the province is now 3. 486.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Tim Melia stopped all three San Jose shooting attempts and Sporting Kansas City implemented any attempts to beat Sunday’s earthquake after finishing overtime 3-3 in the Western Conference semifinals. Top-Seed Sporting advanced to the No.. 4 Minnesota or No.. 5 Colorado. Gianluca Busio put Sporting Kansas City 3-2 ahead in the first minute of stoppage time, but Chris Wondolowski scored about six minutes later when Cristian Espinoza scored a high cross at the far post to force extra time. It was only the second career playoff goal for Wondolowski, who scored an MLS record of 166 goals in the regular season. In the shootout, Johnny Russell opened the tiebreaker with a goal, Melia stopped Oswaldo Alanís and Ilie Sánchez switched to Sporting. Jackson Yueill was stopped, Khiry Shelton scored and Melia stopped Espinoza to end it. Melia is 6-0 in shootouts. The 34-year-old goalkeeper went into the game, allowing goals in just 54% (14 of 26) of the penalties he faced, the lowest percentage in MLS history. Kansas City’s Roger Espinoza scored the first goal in the fourth minute. Carlos Fierro answered on the 22nd. Minute and Shea Salinas scored in the 34. Minute to put the earthquakes 2-1 ahead. Sánchez turned 47. Minute, a corner from Busio. It was the 10th. Goal after a corner kick from Sporting Kansas City this season, most of it in the MLS. The Associated Press

HALIFAX – About 150 people came to the Dome nightclub in Halifax on Saturday night, but it wasn’t for dancing or drinking. They were there to do a rapid COVID-19 test as part of a pilot screening program for bar staff and guests in downtown Halifax. The Nova Scotia government launched the project amid growing concerns about transmission by the Halifax community, particularly among young people. « We have a problem with 18- to 35-year-olds, » Prime Minister Stephen McNeil said at a press conference on Friday afternoon. « They go out when they feel sick, they go out in large groups and quite frankly they go out in different groups and they don’t distance themselves. They live as if COVID doesn’t exist. Of the roughly 150 rapid tests performed on Saturday night, one customer test was positive, according to a Sunday notice from the provincial health ministry. That positive test was not included in the 11 new cases announced in the province on Sunday. Instead, officials are waiting for the results of the person’s regular COVID-19 test, which they think is much more accurate. Nova Scotia reported 19 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend, bringing the total number of active infections in the province to 44. The case increases on Saturday and Sunday were the largest the province has seen in several months. « Most of the new cases involve social interactions – people who may or may not be symptomatic go downtown with friends and stay for several hours, » said Dr. . Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer for health, upon release on Sunday. « Last night’s pilot gives us more information as our testing and screening strategy evolves. « Dalhousie University also confirmed Sunday that two of its off-campus students are among the most recent cases in the province. In a press release, the school said that students are self-isolating and virtually learning and that they “are not affiliated with our shared apartment. Starting Monday, anyone in the province who eats at a restaurant will be required to provide their name and phone number for contract tracking and close social gatherings in most parts of the Halifax Regional Municipality. The number of people is limited to five people. Nova Scotia has had since pandemic 1. 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 65 deaths. This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 22, 2020. The Canadian press

Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs. Tristan Kennedy, 5, shared this joke and more than 100 other knee thugs outside his Pitt Meadows, B home. . C.. . This spring to brighten its neighbors’ days during the pandemic. Kennedy and his mother Naya Kohout searched for jokes for 155 days starting April and shared them at the end of their driveway with the setup on one side and the punch line on the other. « The idea was that when you walked past our house you would see the preparation for the joke and then you would have the 30 feet by the time you got to the answer to think about, » Kohout said. What became a fixture in the neighborhood was supposed to happen only once, but when their postman caught Kennedy setting up the first and asked what he was doing, the boy suggested it was a daily offer. « I wanted to make everyone smile, » said Kennedy. Kohout said they heard people make a point to walk past their house and see what the daily joke would be. « If we were just in our house and playing Lego or something in the living room, we could hear people reading the joke out loud and then laughing, » Kohout said. Tristan’s Joke Book Despite some moans from those lamenting the father’s jokes, the response was so positive that they asked passers-by if they’d be interested in a joke book. Kohout says the demand was there, so they put together an offer. To date, they have sold more than 120 books and more than 1. Raised US $ 200, which they will donate equally to the Ridge Meadows Senior Society and Friends in Need Food Bank. « It only made sense that we could donate the proceeds of the book to charity to keep people smiling and keep trying to make a positive impact with all the negative things that were going on, » said Kohout. Kennedy is off school on Monday, so Kohout takes him to any organization to leave the checks. It turned out that the news of the daily jokes had already reached the Executive Director of the Ridge Meadows Seniors Society by the time Kohout reached out to them about a donation. « I knew immediately what she was talking about, » said Maria Perretta, whose daycare teachers often took the children for a walk to see the joke of the day. « Every day a different child had to read the riddle and everyone tried to guess the answer. I would hear all about it when I got home from work, « said Perretta. « I’m also sure that it warmed the hearts of many other local residents as well and gave them something to look forward to on their daily walks for fresh air. « Although the family stopped posting the jokes when Kennedy started kindergarten, they hope to keep selling the books and raise more money for the two local charities. The books can be requested from tristansjokebook @ shaw for $ 20 plus $ 5 shipping for out of town orders. approx. .

A COVID-19 lockdown begins Monday for Toronto and the Peel Region and lasts for a minimum of 28 days.

Dozens of activists built green « foam domes » for the indigenous people during a demonstration outside Mayor John Tory’s home on Sunday to warn of a housing crisis in Toronto. The event, which is part of National Housing Day, was held to raise awareness of the plight of people living in camps. Snow fell as activists put together the isolated foam structures that will be distributed to people homeless across the city. Organizers said the volunteers built 14 insulated foam structures on Sunday. The event on Bedford Road near Bloor Street West also drew a handful of uniformed police from the 53rd Division. Lesley Wood, a member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, told activists that there is a city-wide movement in Toronto to help the undocumented, but that the city now needs to do more to prevent deaths this winter. « It’s cold here today and it’s only getting colder. It’s National Housing Day and it’s the start of a second lockdown with this pandemic, « Wood said outside the apartment at 1 Bedford Rd. « People are going to die and there is no need for it. This is a rich city, these are rich buildings, this is a rich mayor. And people have a right to housing and they also have a right to survive. « Wood said Toronto residents need to look out for each other as the pandemic continues. « We have to make sure that people survive together in the way that makes sense for them in this city, » she said. « This city needs to strengthen. Wood urged the city to meet the requirements of the Encampment Support Network, which is made up of groups of volunteers who provide essential supplies to the people in camps. The network wants the city to invest in « permanent, safe, dignified and affordable » housing, put in place an eviction moratorium, stop criminalization of camps, impose a moratorium on eviction from camps, and ensure that all accommodation and supporting housing are user-friendly and have overdose prevention and harm reduction services. « People trying to survive are not a crime. People who help people to survive are not a crime. No one should be charged or harassed by the police or security for life in a park, « she said. After speaking, Wood told CBC Toronto that the event was held outside of the mayor’s home because activists believe he is not listening. Street pastor Doug Johnson Hatlem poked fun at the mayor and read a passage from A Christmas Carol, a novella by Charles Dickens, to suggest that « Mayor Ebenezer John Scrooge McTory » have a change of heart and make poverty a priority. « This mayor, who lives in this posh apartment, has not used his emergency services to stop evictions, » Hatlem said. Tory spokesman Don Peat said in a statement on Sunday that the mayor and the city worked « non-stop » during the pandemic to help the homeless and provide safe housing. « Since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, the city and community organizations have more than 1. Helped 100 people move from camps to safe indoor spaces. This work on safe living continues and will continue as we are committed to moving people from being homeless to indoor safe living, « Peat said. « This comes to the more than 6. 000 people protecting the city every night in a system that has expanded dramatically in recent years and expanded across Toronto to respect physical distancing and other public health requirements and to keep people safe.  » he added. Estimated 1. 000 people live outside in Toronto. According to the city, the foam domes are made of « rigid » polystyrene, a material that is considered to be highly flammable. The city said it was dangerous to use the foam domes near flames or sources of heat. « Our Toronto fire officials were absolutely certain that these temporary structures that were unveiled at the protest today were not safe. Long-standing laws focused on public safety also prevent such temporary structures from being in public parks, « Peat continued. « The Mayor and the City Council recognized that all governments must work together to create safer housing, especially supportive housing, to combat homelessness. « According to the activists, the foam-based sleeping structures are equipped with LED lights, air vents and a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The activists said the foam domes are fire retardant and safer than flammable and freezing tents. Homeless advocates estimate that around 1. 000 people live outside, while the city estimates the number is closer to 400 to 500 people.

PROVIDENCE, R. . I. – Millions of Americans bought tickets to fly anywhere for Thanksgiving before the country’s top health authority told them not to go on vacation. So what are you doing now? In many cases, they are still crowding airports and planes. This is despite the relatively mild cancellation policies that major airlines have put in place since the coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year. More than 2 million people were screened at U, according to the Transportation Security Administration. S.. . Airports on Friday and Saturday. While that’s far less than the same time last year, Friday was only the second time since mid-March that daily airport screenings exceeded 1 million. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated Americans should skip Thanksgiving trips and not spend vacations with people outside their household. ___ HERE YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE VIRUS OUTBREAK: – Russia’s health system is under strain from the backflow of the virus. – Many ignore the virus precautions at the funeral of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej, who died after contracting the coronavirus. – Madrid’s iconic Rastro flea market reopened on Sunday after a controversial eight-month shutdown due to the pandemic. Fear of infection while serving on juries has derailed plans to resume trials in many courthouses for the first time since the pandemic began. ___Follow AP coverage at https: // apnews. com / hub / coronavirus-pandemic and https: // apnews. com / UnderstandingtheOutbreak ___ WHAT ELSE HAPPENS HERE: NEW YORK – Hundreds of bodies are still being stored in freezer trucks in a morgue during the coronavirus surge in New York City, according to the city’s Chief Medical Examiner Office of Chief Medical Examiner was set up in the spring. Many of the 650 bodies in the Brooklyn waterfront morgue are from people whose families cannot be found or who cannot afford a proper burial, officials told the Wall Street Journal. Ordinarily the deceased would have been buried within a few weeks at a burial site for the needy on Hart Island in Long Island Sound. When COVID-19 deaths increased in New York in April, with up to 800 deaths in a day, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised that no mass burials would take place in makeshift graves. The doctor’s office has problems finding relatives of around 230 deceased. When close relatives were contacted, many bodies were not collected because families did not arrange a funeral for financial reasons, nor did they request a free funeral on Hart Island. The city is slowly reducing the number of bodies being stored, with the number falling from 698 to 650 since mid-September, according to Dina Maniotis, the chief physician’s deputy commissioner. New York state has at least 34, according to John Hopkins University. 187 deaths reported from COVID-19. ___ATHENS, Greece – Police interrupted a Sunday mass in a northern Greek village and fined a priest of Jan.. 500 euros because two people were allowed to attend the service. They also arrested the priest’s 30-year-old son and one of the two worshipers who they said attacked the police. The priest had urged parishioners to attend despite a ban, saying, « You are either with Christ or with the coronavirus. The two participants came from a neighboring village. Following a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, authorities are strictly enforcing a lockdown and night curfew. In the northern city of Thessaloniki, where most of the cases have occurred, an 18-year-old university student was given a 6-month suspended sentence and a fine of 3. 000 euros because she held her birthday party, which the police searched with 1. Saturday 30 p.m.. The six guests were fined EUR 300 each. The health authorities announced on Sunday 1. 498 new coronavirus cases, along with 103 deaths, five fewer than the daily record set on Saturday. The number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began is 91. 619 with 1. 630 deaths. ___SANTIAGO, Chile – Chile announced that it will open its main border crossing and main airport to foreign visitors on Monday after an eight-month shutdown from the pandemic. Arrivals must show evidence of a recent negative test for the new coronavirus as well as health insurance. They must also report their whereabouts and health status for a two-week observation period. People from high risk countries must be quarantined for 14 days. President Sebastián Piñera on Sunday urged people to take precautionary measures to prevent another wave of COVID-19: “The coronavirus is still among us and we cannot be carefree. Officials plan to gradually reopen other airports and border posts as the South American nation attempts to re-activate the tourism industry. Chile closed its borders on Dec.. March, two weeks after his first new coronavirus infection was reported. Since then, the nation has registered 540 of around 18 million people. 640 infections and more than 15. 000 deaths. ___WASHINGTON – The foremost infectious disease expert in the US says he was concerned that U could crowd. S.. . Thanksgiving travel airports could create a dangerous situation as COVID-19 cases rise. DR. Anthony Fauci told CBS ‘Face the Nation on Sunday that despite federal instructions to avoid travel, the « people at airports » will get us into even more trouble than we are right now. « He noted that new COVID-19 cases weren’t showing up until weeks later from Thanksgiving, making it » very difficult « as the virus spiraled out of control and into colder weather and the December holiday season. According to Fauci, a significant proportion of people hospitalized for the virus are between 40 and 59 years old, as well as elderly and vulnerable people. He stressed that vaccines should be available in the coming months, but said that in the meantime, Americans need to « hold on » by taking precautions to contain the spread. This includes, if possible, restricting holiday gatherings to people in the same household, wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands. ___ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey has had a record number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 for the second day in a row on Sunday since Aug.. 017 new symptomatic patients were documented, said the Ministry of Health. The number of new daily cases has surpassed the previous high of the April outbreak. For the first time since June, lockdowns were introduced on weekend evenings and businesses such as restaurants and bars were forced to close. According to the ministry, there have been 446 cases since the country’s first recorded case in March. 882 patients identified with symptoms. Turkey is not publicly reporting confirmed coronavirus cases in people without symptoms of COVID-19, a policy criticized for masking the true scope of the national outbreak. Turkey recorded 139 COVID-19 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the country’s number to 12. 358 increased, the Ministry of Health reported. ___ROME – Italy’s daily new number of confirmed COVID-19 cases fell by several thousand on Sunday, but the health ministry said it dropped to nearly 50. 000 fewer swab tests performed to detect the virus than the day before. Italy added 28. 337 confirmed cases added and increased to 1. 408. 868, the total number of pandemics in the country. The number of tests performed usually decreases on weekends. In the past 24 hours, 562 deaths of people with COVID-19 have been recorded, up to 49. 823 known fatalities in Italy rose. In the autonomous Alpine province of Bolzano, more than 320. 000 residents had registered for voluntary COVID-19 mass screening, of which around 3. 000 tested positive. Local officials consider the high turnout for screening among their 520. 000 inhabitants and the small percentage of positive results for a better positioning of the province ready to be ready again for tourism, a mainstay of the local economy. ___CAIRO – A Sudanese minister tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday, the prime minister’s office said. This is the latest finding from a number of senior officials infected as the country has seen an increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19. Cabinet Affairs Minister Omar Bashir Manis was in good health after testing positive for the virus, the prime minister’s office said in a statement. Last month, incumbent finance and health ministers, the central bank governor and two employees of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok tested positive. Sadiq al-Mahdi, chairman of the National Umma Party, Sudan’s largest party, tested positive for the virus last month and was taken to the United Arab Emirates, where he is still being treated. Sudan has more than 15. 830 confirmed cases reported, including 1. 193 deaths. The real COVID-19 number is believed to be higher given the country’s limited testing. ___WASHINGTON – The head of the U. . S.. . Efforts to make a coronavirus vaccine say the first vaccinations could happen in December. 12th. An advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration will meet in December. 10 to Pfizer Inc. . Application for Emergency Authorization to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine. Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech recently announced in a large, ongoing study that the vaccine is 95% effective against mild to severe COVID-19 illnesses. DR. Moncef Slaoui, head of Operation Warp Speed, the coronavirus vaccination program, says it plans to ship vaccines to states within 24 hours of expected FDA approval. Slaoui told CNN he expected vaccinations to start on the second day after approval, December. 12th. ___PARIS – The French authorities ordered the culling of all mink on a farm after analysis showed that a mutated version of the coronavirus was circulating among the animals. The French government said in a statement on Sunday that around 1. 000 minks were killed and all animal products were removed. France has four mink farms on its territory. The authorities are still waiting for results for two of them. No virus was found in the last one, the government said. The move follows virus development in mink farms in Denmark and other countries including the Netherlands, Sweden and Greece. In Denmark, according to the government, which ordered the culling of all 15 million mink, a mutation of the virus was found in several people infected with mink. So far, French farmers who come into contact with mink have been tested for the virus, the French government said. ___SEOUL, South Korea __ South Korea says it will impose stricter social distancing rules in the greater Seoul area to combat a coronavirus resurgence as the country registered more than 300 new virus patients for a fifth straight day. Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said Sunday the ongoing outbreak was « extremely severe and severe » because the routes of infection were too different. He says authorities found 62 clusters of infections in the past two weeks. He says the tightened guidelines start on Tuesday and will last for two weeks. Below this, nightclubs and other high-risk entertainment venues must be closed and late dining in restaurants will be banned. Customers are not allowed to drink or eat in coffee shops, internet cafés or fitness centers, while participation in sports is limited to 10% of the stadium capacity. South Korea has seen a surge in new infections since easing coronavirus restrictions last month. On the previous Sunday, South Korea added 330 new coronavirus cases, bringing the national number to 30. 733 increased with 505 deaths. ___COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Authorities announced on Sunday that more than 600 cases of COVID-19 had been discovered in overcrowded prisons in Sri Lanka. A total of 652 cases were found in five prisons in different parts of the Indian Ocean island nation. Of them, 609 are inmates and 43 are prison officials. The prisons in Sri Lanka are heavily overloaded. More than 26. 000 inmates are in facilities for 10. 000 people. Sri Lanka has seen a renewed outbreak of the disease since last month when two clusters – one in a clothing factory and one in a fish market – emerged in the capital, Colombo, and its suburbs. Confirmed cases from the two clusters are on 16. 251 increased. – ISLAMABAD – Amid the policy to wear masks and avoid large public gatherings, Pakistan reported 59 more deaths and 2 more on Sunday. 665 new cases of COVID-19. The total number in the country reached 374. 173 confirmed cases. Among those treated for the virus are 1. 653 critical. On Saturday tens of thousands attended the funeral of a radical cleric in the eastern city of Lahore, and on Sunday an alliance of opposition parties held a rally in the northwestern city of Peshawar. Both events ignore instructions from the military-backed National Command and Operations Center, a body charged with controlling the spread of the virus so people can wear masks, maintain physical distance and avoid large gatherings. ___BEIJING – Authorities are running mass tests and closing schools after China reported three new domestic cases in the past 24 hours – two in the northern province of Inner Mongolia and one in Shanghai. The city of Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, will begin testing all residents for COVID-19 on Sunday, one day after the two cases are discovered. The city has suspended classes and closed public venues to tell residents not to gather for dinner. Local authorities in Shanghai found another case on Saturday after breaking 15. 416 people had tested after recently locally transmitted cases. The city is not closing its schools but has closed certain facilities such as a hospital. It also tests all residents of the Pudong New Area district. China is already running mass tests on up to 3 million residents in the northern city of Tianjin after five cases were found there earlier this week. The total number of confirmed cases in China is 86. 431. ___TOKYO – The daily list of reported COVID-19 cases in Japan hit a record for the fourth day in a row. 2. 508 people have been confirmed as infected, the Ministry of Health said on Sunday. Japan has less than 2. 000 coronavirus-related deaths recorded to avoid number of hardest-hit nations. But fears of a further increase are growing. A spate of criticism has erupted from opposition lawmakers and the general public that the government has deemed too slow to halt its “GoTo” campaign, which encouraged discounted travel and dining. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced the decision on Saturday. But many people had already made travel reservations for this three-day Thanksgiving weekend in Japan. Airports and restaurants were packed. Some said the government should have offered to pay for cancellations or instead bet more on PCR testing if the goal is to keep the economy going amid a pandemic. Tutorials are distributed online on the proper ways to eat and drink in restaurants using masks. The Associated Press

Four Canadian runners won an official 10. Personal bests were achieved in the 000-meter race on a cool Saturday evening in Burnaby, B. C.. . , led by Luc Bruchet, who fell 49½ seconds short of qualifying standards for the Tokyo Olympics. Vancouver resident’s time is 28 minutes 17. 33 seconds in Swangard Stadium are the fastest 10. 000 on Canadian soil since Jeff Schiebler ran 28:07. 06 at the 2001 World Championships at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium. « There is still a long way to go to standard, but I know I can give the 28-minute barrier a good jump in a bigger race, » said Bruchet, who made his 2016 Olympic debut at Rio 37. under the 5. 000 was. « It’s still possible to get into the ranking system [on the Canadian team]. I will try to get through the 5th as soon as possible. 000 and 10. 000 to run. « Bruchet, 29, was 62nd ahead of Saturday’s event. and 123. Place in the world on these tracks, second in the Saturday Night Lights Endurance Series organized by B.. C.. . athletics. His season best in 2019 is 13:30. 36 in the 5th. 000 is just over 16 seconds above 13:13. 50 Olympic standard. « Nostalgic place to race » Behind Bruchet was Vancouver’s Kieran Lumb on Saturday (28:17). 55), John Gay of Kelowna, B.. . C.. . (28:18. 10) and 2016 Olympic champion Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, who led early and drove at 28:45. 42, three seconds ahead of Alain Bordeleau’s record in Quebec. « There were a few coaches but no other soul in the stands, » said Bruchet, three-time Canadian cross-country champion. « It felt pretty weird to be in a large venue like Swangard [with a capacity of 5. 000 to 7. 500]. It was cool, we had 20 to 25 fans on the back straight. « For me it’s a nostalgic place to go as a B.. C.. . High school championships were always held there. With all the craziness in the world lately, it felt great to drive a real race. « Lumb, Gay and Bruchet are confirmed for a third SNL race amid a coronavirus pandemic on December. 5 in Swangard, complete with a timing crew and officials. Justin Kent, who qualified to represent Canada at the World Half Marathon Championships in Poland before Athletics Canada retired days before the October race, failed to run on Saturday. He is focused on preparing for his marathon debut in Arizona next month. Former University of British Columbia runner Theo Hunt ran the 3k time trial while Burnaby’s Cam Proceviat finished the foursome over 3rd. 000 meters step.

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