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Jake Paul enters this fight with a 1-0 record that includes a knockout. Paul will fight for the second time this year and wins against Ali Eson Gib in January. Paul is 23 years old, stands at 6’1  » with a 76-inch reach and an Orthodox stance. Paul is a popular Youtuber and internet personality just getting into the boxing scene. Paul obviously has a lot to do from a technical standpoint as he was sloppy at times, inaccurate with his shots, and really took advantage of an equally bad opponent who fought a lot in a crouched position resulting in him falling a lot. Paul deserves credit for the win, especially for lack of experience, but he is by no means ready to quit his job and box full-time. With that said, Paul lets go of his hands and puts something behind his shots. For a celebrity, you can certainly do a lot worse than what Paul showed on his debut.

Nate Robinson enters this fight with a 0-0 record that contains zero knockouts. Robinson will be making his boxing debut in this fight and he stands at 5’9  » with an orthodox stance. Robinson is a 36-year-old basketball player who played for eight different teams, most of whom were with the New York Knicks for five years. Robinson is a three-time NBA slam dunk champion and was a two-time All-Pac-10 first-team selection for the Washington Huskies in college. Robinson obviously has no boxing experience, but he’s a stalky muscular-framed athlete and played soccer in high school. Robinson may be small, but he’s well built and has a certain tenacity. Let’s not forget that Robinson used to have an argument with JR Smith, someone who is nine inches and forty pounds on him. It takes tenacity to start a long NBA career as a little guy. Robinson is someone who likely would have been successful in any sport he chose.

I understand Paul is the better known name and has the boxing experience, but that line doesn’t make sense to me. Paul wasn’t impressive on his debut and is not someone to juice up with. Robinson is a top athlete with much more muscle building and will likely look better in the ring with no experience. I’m sure Robinson can put his lofts together more cleanly, and I’m sure he’ll also pack more lofts. You have to be really high on Paul to put these awards against an athlete like Robinson. This will have nothing to do with the fight against Eson Gib.

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World News – CA – Nate Robinson vs.. . Jake Paul Boxing Picks, Odds, Predictions – Nov.. 11. 20th
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Nate Robinson vs.. . Jake Paul Boxing Picks, Odds, Predictions – Nov.. 11. 20

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