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An idol of millions has disappeared. Diego Armando Maradona died at the age of 60 and left his mark everywhere. One of them was Mexico. Our country saw an unforgettable performance by « Fluff » and had a bipolar relationship with him.

The last taste of the Mexico-Maradona relationship that you will remember, perhaps it is that of his passage through the Dorados of Sinaloa. One year was enough to get him promoted to the finals and although he lost both, he was more than many coaches who have spent more time at a club.

« I’m a fan of Mexico, » he said at the time when the world that would become champions was being played on Mexican territory. It is part of the legacy that he left Maradona in the world.

The bipolar relationship we are saying is because Mexico was also the victim of some declarations from Maradona. And of course there was one Mexican who deserved the hatred of ‘Pelusa’ over everyone else: Edgardo Codesal, with whom he worked as a piper. Also the elimination of El Tri by the Albiceleste, which Diego led in 2010 in South Africa.

The most iconic picture in Maradona’s career, perhaps the one you wrote at the 1986 World Cup. You hardly remember the final against Germany, except that it meant winning the World Cup for the « Fluff » and the Albiceleste.

What nobody forgets is the afternoon of the 22nd. June 1986, when Argentina played the quarter-finals against England. They drew in the second half, but after 51 minutes Maradona got up more than anyone, even the goalkeeper, and he used his hand to send the ball off the back of the nets. That both would be remembered as “The Hand of God”.

That wasn’t the only thing Diego Armando Maradona would do at the Colossus of Santa Ursula. An image that could be remembered as a trap was not enough.

Four minutes later, Maradona dropped four Englishmen, always with the ball taped to their feet so that it landed in the nets. Another memorable piece that would end up being called « The Goal of the Century » that hardly anyone can achieve.

Something he never hid from Diego Armando Maradona was his fanaticism for Roberto Gómez Bolaño’s ‘Chespirito’ and all the characters the famous writer, actor and comedian created.

Maradona He had his stage as a television presenter and took part in « The Night of Ten », where he conducted interviews with great characters. In one of the programs he interviewed Roberto Gómez Bolaños. “You are my idol, teacher. You are my real idol, ”she said when she saw him. « And mine is Maradona », « Chespirito » replied.

It was a dream night for Diego Armando Maradona. He told Chespirito everything he ever wanted to tell him, including what the brilliant Mexican comedian’s shows provoked him.

« I cry with laughter with his sense of humor and it makes me very good to see him. That’s why I asked you to be by my side and talk to you, ”he said.

The character of Maradona has always been one of the stamps that set him apart from the rest. A spirited Diego had an encounter with Edgardo Codesal that they both remember. At the time, the umpire didn’t expel him for what he represented, but the relationship between the two was marked.

In the 1990 World Cup final, Edgardo Codesal scored a penalty for Germany in the last minutes. Andres Brehme converted and would mean defeat for Argentina. A decision that would mark the hatred between them.

« If he can’t digest a sports defeat in 30 years, there are a lot of mental illnesses and I’m not willing to put up with so much stupidity, » he said. Codesal at the time.

An example of how eternal this rivalry was was that when Golden visited the Queretaro and found out that Codesal lived there, he said, “I didn’t know there were so many thieves living here. ”

Maybe the last picture of Maradona in Mexico wasn’t the best. Frustrated to lose the Ascenso MX final to Athletic San Luis again, Diego almost admitted defeat to an amateur.

When I left the Alfonso Lastras and went through the boxing area, several fans began to insult him. Maradona couldn’t stand that and competed against some fans. He was arrested by the people who accompanied him, but shouted that they should leave him to beat those who offended him.

Diego Armando Maradona’s reaction after losing the final of the promotion tournament against Atlético San Luis🇲🇽

The coach of Dorados de Sinaloa🇲🇽 was provoked by the San Luis fans🇲🇽 and the Argentinean reacted as expected. image. Twitter. com / dwjtEPBIvI

Maradona brought to Mexico in his heart. Mexico will wear it forever. Diego Armando Maradona will be forever in the minds and hearts of those who love football.

Diego Maradona, El Chavo del Ocho, Chespirito, Argentina National Football Team

World News – CA – NFL: NFL: Mexico and Maradona’s relationship will last forever
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